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Black Clover Animator Inks New Art of Asta

Black Clover Animator Inks New Art of Asta

Black Clover ‘s anime may have ended its run some time ago, and the manga is in the middle of a long break, but an animator behind the series has shared a new look at Asta with some fun new art! The anime adaptation that takes on Yuki Tabata’s original manga series was limited to 170 episodes some time ago, but fans could get some new adventures from the series thanks to the manga that continued far beyond where the anime ended. But even these new contributions have been put on hold for a while as Tabata gets ready to enter the last arc of the series overall.

It’s been tough for fans of both Black Clover ‘s anime and manga releases while we all wait to see how Asta’s fight against some brand new threats shakes out. But at least fans attending the Anime Expo this year got a fresh look at the young hopeful Wizard King through some new art from series animator Itsuko Takeda as part of Crunchyroll’s stand offer this year. It’s not exactly the full return fans want to see from Asta yet, but it’s a fun way to get another glimpse of the hero in the meantime. Check it out below as seen by @DarkFoxTeam_ on Twitter:

Black clover is now a month and something is changing for the longest break so far while series creator Yuki Tabata is properly preparing for the last arc of the series overall. After the battle with Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad ended, the last cliffhanger teased before the last bow that it was a great enemy who had tricked in invisible sight. This new enemy will probably be tougher to defeat than ever before, and Asta and the others barely survived the battle against the devils as they are. This causes a rather tense arc to come.

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As for the anime series, Black Clover is preparing to return for its debut feature film. Currently scheduled for release sometime next year, there have been very few details revealed about the production staff, studio or story that fans will be able to see in the new feature film. In any case, the franchise is getting ready for a big comeback soon, so fans will see more of Asta and the others soon.

What do you think of Asta’s journey through Black Clover so far? What do you hope to see from him in the latest arc and the new movie? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even contact me directly about everything that is animated and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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