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Best supernatural anime like Call Of The Night

Best supernatural anime like Call Of The Night

Witches, wizards, ghosts and goblins fill the ranks of anime as heroes, villains and everything in between. The world of the supernatural is a deep well that a good deal of anime draws from to tell exciting and mysterious stories about the things that go downhill at night. Vampires are a common staple that appears throughout many series; sometimes, the love interest or the world’s only hope, vampires have a strong position in a good deal of anime and are popular characters that draw fans and hook them on the series.

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Call of the Night is a recent addition to the list and has released its first episode on Crunchyroll. There is much more supernatural anime that fans can put their teeth into while waiting for the series to continue or enjoy at the same time. Here are some supernatural anime to watch if you love Call of the Night.

8 Vampire in the garden

Vampire in the garden is a supernatural anime that debuted on Netflix recently. The story is set in a dark world where vampires and humans are in a vicious war against each other, with each side pushed to extinction.

The main characters are Fine, a vampire, and Momo, a human; the two go together to escape the gloomy cycle of struggle and bloodshed, after seeing too much. Vampire in the garden is a story-driven anime that focuses on the difficulties of war and how conflict is never a good solution.

7 Serious Jaeger

Yuliy Jirov is the last surviving member of a race of humans capable of taking advantage of the lycanthrope’s curse and becoming a werewolf. He is also a member of a specialist group trained to hunt vampires called Jaegers.

Yuliy and his team fight the vampire threat that plagues 1930s Japan and take on the secret society of noble vampires trying to control the world behind the scenes. Jaeger Sirius is a high-octane dramatic tour that measures up well to others in the genre; lots of action and bloodshed for fans of blood and gore.

6 Dance In The Vampire Bund

In a world where vampires no longer live in the shadows, the queen of vampires, Mina Tepes, fights to protect her people. Dance in the Vampire Bund follows Akira Kaburagi, a werewolf who has sworn to protect the vampire queen at all costs. Now that the vampires live in a sanctuary in the middle of Tokyo, they meet enemies on all sides.

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Akira is put to the test as the situation becomes serious. Akria and Mina try to adapt to his new life, and the bonds in their relationship are tested battle after battle.

5 Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa

Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa is a sweet and light-hearted series that follows a young boy who is in love with his vampire classmate. Asahi Kuramine is a difficult mess of a boy who can hardly muster the courage to stand up for himself. Life in high school has been a series of disappointments, with all his romantic interests rejected him.

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But things change when he gets close with Youko Shiragami, who turns out to be a vampire. A series of loud jinks and an impromptu harem develop, and Asahi’s life becomes much more interesting.

4 Blood good

Blood good is a light-hearted series that creates a journey of life and death when an unsuspecting Fuyumi Anagi stumbles into the thirteenth district of the demon world and dies. After meeting the ruler of the thirteenth district, Staz Charlie, they bond, and Staz promises to find a way to bring her back to life. The twist is that Staz does it out of an intense desire to visit the human world and see Tokyo.

In reality, Staz is not a bloodthirsty vampire as rumors suggest; The truth is that Staz is an anime-obsessed Otaku with no interest in the demon world or blood at all. Fuyumi and Staz set out together to bring Fuyumi back to life and deal with any obstacles that are thrown at them along the way.

3 Rosario vampire

Rosario vampire is a romantic harem anime in which a weary student is rejected by each school, and his only option is to enroll in a school filled with monsters. Tsukune Aono’s first day at Youkai Academy gets to meet the most beautiful girl at school, Moka Akashiya. They immediately have a connection, and Aono decides to stay at the academy to stay close to Moka.

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But while Moka has a pleasant and charming personality on the outside, beneath the surface is a much colder and dangerous persona that envelops her race like a vampire. Aono seeks to win Moka’s heart and survive at the same time.

2 Case study by Vanitas

The case study for Vanitas is an interesting series. An ancient vampire born under controversy promises to take revenge on all vampires and writes a magical book that contains all his secrets. Years later, Noe is charged with retrieving the book and is almost killed by a rival vampire, but rescued by an eccentric doctor.

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This doctor claims to be Vanitas and has the damn book that Something is looking for. However, Vanitas turns out to be an exciting person and has the power to free vampires from their madness by calling out their original names. Noe and Vanitas go on an adventure together while Noe struggles with his friendship and mission.

1 Noblesse

Noblesse follows the new chapter in the life of an ancient royal vampire who begins enrolling in a high school while trying to avoid a secret organization hunting for his blood. Rai is one of the few Noblesse vampires left alive and in great power. In an attempt not to draw attention to himself, he decides to live peacefully in a modern Japanese city.

Unfortunately, Rai’s life is constantly changing due to disturbances from vampire hunters, other vampires and curious people. Nevertheless, Rai has come to like his new life and the friends he has made, and will resort to everything to keep them safe.

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