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Best summer anime premieres from Extreme Hearts to Bucchigire

Best summer anime premieres from Extreme Hearts to Bucchigire

Summer is a time for so many fun things: swimming, being outdoors and making memories with friends. That’s until you have to run and stay indoors because it’s insanely, unbearably hot outside. Fortunately, it does not have to be boring to turn up the heat indoors! This summer’s anime season often produces some of the best premieres of the year, and it is always packed with exciting titles. However, it is also usually the season when the latest titles come out. Swimming through that ocean of content can be confusing and exhausting, but don’t worry! Make building your summer watch list a little less stressful by taking a look at these promising anime titles.

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Kami Kuzu Idol

Music, ghosts and possessions: Kami Kazu Idol (or Phantom of the Idol) is a series that tells the story of the lazy and stinging idol Yuuya, who makes up half of ZINGS, a pop duo that would have been far more popular without him. After a particularly shiny show, Yuuya meets a girl, Asahi, behind the scenes which is all he is not. She is full of life, dressed in the perfect image of an idol, and eager to give a good show. The problem is just that she can not; she is dead. However, perhaps the hopeless Yuuya can make her dreams come true! A musical comedy with a lot of stupidity and wild twists and turns, that’s just the thing to light up your Saturdays this summer.

Extreme hearts

Is it even summer without a good sports anime in the series? Extreme hearts have stepped up to fill that track. In a world where Hyper Sports, a competition that includes a number of different sports, has become incredibly popular, singer and songwriter Hiyori does not feel that she has anything to do with the hobby. It is until a chance encounter draws her into a new world of sports and friendship. The specifications of this anime have been quite hushy, but the previews have shown beautiful animation and a mysterious and exciting premise. Fans of sports anime and women-led series should try to tune in to the first episode when it premieres on July 10.

Yurei Deco

In a world where the amount of love you get can be seen on a screen, what length would you go to to get more? This is the situation of Berry, an average girl who wants more love to make her life exciting. When she meets a mysterious girl named Hack, she is drawn into a secret group of detectives who search for the secrets of the technology-obsessed community they live in on Tom Sawyer Island. While working with the group, she learns about Zero, an individual who makes it impossible for love to exist around them. Will Berry be able to discover the truth about Zero and Tom Sawyer? With a bright art style and an interesting plot, Yurei Deco can be the anime that makes you look forward to Sundays this summer.


Someone, somewhere, made the world a hell. This is the mantra of Ichibanboshi, a man sentenced to death but saved from this fate by a mysterious person named Heisuke. Along with six other people rescued from execution, he is asked to be a stand-in for Shinsengumi. Although Ichibanboshi detests the idea of ​​becoming a samurai, he agrees, desperate for a way to avenge the family. Will these criminals be able to cooperate and find their way? Previews of this series promise a lot of action and a plot perfect for shounen fans. If it’s your cup of tea, be sure to check it out on July 8th.

Hoshi no Samidare

Also known as Lucifer and the biscuit hammer, Hoshi no Samidare focuses on the university student, Yuuhi Amamiya, who is told a bigger story than the life of a man named Animus who plans to destroy the world with his biscuit hammer by a talking lizard. Although Yuuhi is skeptical and denies the title of Lizard Beast Knight imposed on him, he soon realizes that he can not escape his fate when he meets Princess Asahina Samidare. Comic, action-packed and dramatic, this series has something for everyone and premieres on July 9th.

Yakuza’s babysitter guide

Did you like last season Spy x Family and need to fill the void it left behind? Do you love Husmannens vei and want more of a big, bad yakuza that is domestic? We will, Yakuza’s babysitter guide can only be anime for you! This series follows Tooru Kirishima, a man so violent that he has been called the Demon of Sakuragi. As the boss’s right hand man, he has never had to hold on to his evil … until he gets an assignment that says he will be responsible for taking care of the boss’s daughter! Will Tooru learn to be a tender caregiver, or is this too far beyond his job description? This lively anime is full of humor, heartfelt moments and just enough anxiety; Remember to keep an eye on this series when it premieres July 7th.

Fuuto Tantei

Everyone loves a good mystery, right? Fuuto Tantei is just that. The series takes place in the city of Fuuto, where criminals known as Dopants run wild thanks to their use of Gaia Memories, which gives them superhuman abilities. The hardened detective Shoutaro Hidari and his partner Philip also use Gaia Memories so that they fight on an equal footing with the dopants. Even with the production of Gaia Memories stalled, the duo must still hunt for those currently circulating in underground memories. Along the way, they find themselves entangled in a web that is far more elaborate than they ever thought. Fans of real crime, mystery and superheroes may find this title particularly interesting. If these are your genres, you should check out this series starting August 1st.

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