Best Shonen Anime Of 2022, Ranked

Best Shonen Anime Of 2022, Ranked

The shonen anime genre has evolved over the years, births with different themes, plot points and characters to match. The year 2022 was full of exciting shows, everything from the new Shonen series to sequels of classic shows such as Bleachthat fans have been waiting for.

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Highlighting the best shows within the shonen category can be quite a task, as many of these shows executed their story adaptations exquisitely. However, some stand out from the rest due to their popularity among fans and the impact they made on the anime series. In summary, these 2022 Shonen shows are compelling to watch as they all have great rewatch value.


10/10 Blue lock

Blue Lock anime

Blue lock took the fall 2022 anime season by surprise with the story’s premise revolving around advanced football training. The goal of this training is to produce Japan’s number 1 striker to have a good chance to secure the country’s victory in the World Cup.

Yoichi Isagi, the anime protagonist, along with other young, talented soccer players, aim to secure number one at the advanced soccer training school. Consequently, they each face tough battles to achieve their lofty goals, which play a major role in deciding who emerges victorious.

9/10 Summertime Rendering


Summertime Rendering didn’t get as much reception in 2022 compared to shows like Bleach, Chainsawman & Spy x Family; regardless, the 24-episode psychological mystery show took viewers on a ride. The anime featured unexpected twists, intelligent comebacks and fast-paced battles.

The anime focused on Ajiro Shinpei and his conflict with the shadows, which was linked to the death of his childhood friend, Ushio. This psychological thriller is rewarding, and can be considered one of 2022’s best shows.

8/10 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: Stone Ocean

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Most Overpowered Stand in Stone Ocean Jolyne Cujoh, Ermes, FF Weather Forecast, Anastasia, Emporio, Jotaro Kujo, Netflix

2022 was a good year for fans of Jojo franchise since it contained The Stone Sea sequel after part 1 ended on a cliffhanger. The The Stone Sea the series focuses on Jolyne, Kujo Jotaro’s daughter, another character from the Jojo family lineage.

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Part 2 of The Stone Sea mainly centered on Jolyne’s hunt for her father’s memory disks, which were stolen by White Snake, the main villain of the anime. The sequel featured many heated, extended battles, and stayed true to the classic Jojo style and narrative. Although Part 2 also ended on a cliffhanger, fans can only hope for a sequel to debut as soon as possible.

7/10 One Piece

one piece-wano

One Piece, one of the big three in the Shonen genre still deserves to be among 2022’s best anime. Although there is no indication of that One Piece is coming to an end anytime soon., that doesn’t mean the show will be any less interesting. On MyAnimelist, One Piece is still one of the highest rated anime of 2022.

One Piece in 2022, centered around Wano Arc, and the Straw Hats’ confrontation with Kaido along with the rest of Wano’s Samurai, especially Oden’s retainers. Most likely the arc will extend into 2023, which it does One Piece’s longest story arc yet.

6/10 Jujutsu Kaisen 0

JUJUTSU KAISEN 0 Poster 1800 x 900

Even though Jujutsu Kaisen 0 premiered in Japan in December 2021, it was available for streaming services until the latter part of 2022. To everyone’s surprise, the film took a different turn from the manga-anime series, with a change in main characters and story angle.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 starred Yuta Okkotsu as the main character, explaining the story behind him and the cursed special class Rika. The film also revealed key information surrounding Geto’s past, making the film worth watching for fans. The plot, pacing and character development of the film were well crafted to the satisfaction of the fans.

5/10 Demon Slaughter

Demon SLayer Entertainment District Season 2 Daki and Gyutaro

The Entertainment District Arc first debuted in 2021; However, a large portion of the arc’s episodes aired in 2022, a qualifying factor for its inclusion among 2022’s best anime. Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District Arc was action-packed, filled with intense and riveting moments, even though it was shorter than the first season of the anime.

As Hashira, Tengen Uzui led Tanjiro and his group into the entertainment district, they encountered high-ranking Upper Moon demons. Although the Demon Slayer Corps emerged victorious, it came at a great cost.

4/10 Spy x Family

the forger family

Spy x Family generated a lot of attention in the anime community shortly after its release. The wholesome anime served as the perfect break from the usual anime shows with similar tropes by giving fans something different to watch. The anime revolves around the Forger family, an unusual combination of an assassin mother, a spy father and a telepathic child.

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However, it is the structure of this fictional family that makes the story even more interesting. The first part of the show aired in the first months of 2022, while the second part premiered in the fall 2022 season, allowing fans to properly enjoy the wholesome comedy show.

3/10 Chainsawman


Next to Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Arc, Chainsawman was among 2022’s most anticipated anime even before its release. Chainsawman The anime actually lived up to the hype, with its amazing animation and grotesque battles. Although the plot of the show is rather questionable as a product of the Shonen genre, the anime deviates from popular tropes within the Shonen genre.

Chainsaw Man’s protagonist, Denji differs from the overly optimistic Shonen prototype. Even though Chainsawman apparently has sexual undertones, which is quite unusual for shows in the Shonen genre, the anime is still worth watching.

2/10 Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Arc

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Manga

Bleach, one of the Big Three in Shonen anime, went on a very long hiatus, leaving fans of fantasy anime hanging. Finally, 2022 featured the long-awaited continuation of Ichigo’s story as a hybrid Soul Reaper. The Thousand Year Blood War arc so far has been sensational to witness. The arc marked the war between the Quincy clan and the Soul Reapers.

Once again, Ichigo had to stand up to the Soul Reapers with his allies to conquer Yhwach and his Quincy army from eliminating Soul Society. The arch is solid proof of that Bleach still lives up to the hype as a member of the Big Three, and should be included on fans’ watchlists for 2022.

1/10 Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Poster

Season 4, Part 2 of Attack on Titan was a hit from start to finish. Although most fans are of the opinion that the story should have ended with Season 4, Part 2, the sequel can still be considered a masterpiece.

The sequel finally revealed Eren’s plans to destroy all of humanity using the Founding Titan’s powers. Part 2 ended on a cliffhanger regarding whether or not Eren will really succeed in his nefarious plans. Either way, Part 3 of Season 4 is definitely something fans of the franchise should look out for.

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