Best ‘One Piece’ gifts for anime and manga fans

Best ‘One Piece’ gifts for anime and manga fans

Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece

Image via Toei Animation

One Piece is one of the most famous anime and manga series ever. Telling the story of Monkey D. Luffy and his friends’ adventures across the high seas, the franchise has captivated fans since 1997. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your favorite One Piece hen this holiday season, here are some ideas as awesome as pirate treasure, but much easier to find.

10. One Piece: Pirate Recipes

One Piece Pirate Recipes
Image via Viz Media

Themed cookbooks are becoming more and more common, and every major franchise is getting one. But, One Piece: Pirate Recipes makes a lot of sense as the franchise has several delicious foods. Additionally, this cookbook stands out from the pack as it is written by Sanji. He is the in-universe character who cooks for Luffy and his crew, and many of the recipes and descriptions in the book capture the character’s fun personality. It also includes fun One Piece art, which means this book is fun to read even if you don’t plan on making any of the recipes.

9. One Piece Color Walk Compendium: East Blue to Skypiea

One Piece Color Walk Compendium East Blue for Skypiea
Image via Viz Media

One Piece has always been known for its wonderful art, and the Color walk series of books celebrates this. Each of Color walk Books collect art from specific parts of the manga and never-before-seen concept art and promotional art for both the manga and the spin-off films and video games. In addition, each book contains a special interview in which creator Eiichiro Oda talks to another person in the manga or anime industry.

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Viz Media’s Color Walk Compendium books bring together several different ones Color walk books in one, which gives them even better value. Eastern Blue to Skypiea includes art from the first three volumes. Viz Media also offers One Piece Color Walk Compendium: Water Seven to Paramount War. The third compendium, One Piece Color Walk Compendium: New World to Wano, will be launched in December.

8. Bandai Hobby Going Merry model ship

One Piece Going Merry Model Kit
Image via Bandai

The Going Merry is one of the most iconic ships in fiction, and it’s easy to see why, as it has a stunning design. The first large ship Luffy and his crew used was a serial mount until the gang reached Water 7.

This model kit beautifully recreates the iconic ship and has all the details fans know. As an added bonus, it comes with miniature figures so you can recreate several of the anime’s most iconic images. This model will look good on everyone One Piece fan shelf.

7. One Piece: Ace’s Story

One Piece Ace's story
Image via Viz Media

One Piece’s spin-off content is just as good as the mainline series. And The history of essence is a fantastic example of this. This light novel series focuses on Portgaz D. Ace and Masked Deuce and how their chance meeting led to the formation of the legendary Ace’s Spade Pirates, a force that One Piece fans will be deeply familiar with. Packed with interesting characters and fantastic lore, The history of essence is the perfect novel for One Piece fans.

It consists of two volumes, both of which are available through Viz Media, making them super easy to purchase.

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6. Monkey D. Luffy Ichibansho Figure (One Piece Movie: Red)

One Piece Monkey D. Luffy Ichibansho Figure (Film Red)
Image via Bandai

There’s a ton of it One Piece figures and statues on the market, but this figure shows Luffy in the outfit he wears in the last film of the franchise, One Piece Movie: Red. It’s one of the best Luffy figures to ever hit stores. This figure perfectly captures Luffy’s fire, intensity and quirky outfit choices, and is highly detailed, making it a fantastic focal point.

5. Buster Call: One Piece Art Book 2019–2020

One Piece Bustercall Art Book
Image via Crunchyroll

One Piece Bustercall was a unique art exhibition that toured Japan, Los Angeles and Shanghai. It saw over 200 artists display artwork inspired by the characters and themes of One Piece, serves as a beautiful tribute to both One Piece and Eiichiro Oda himself.

Buster call collects all the artworks seen during the exhibition and includes exclusive interviews with the artists who created them. As an added bonus, this set also comes with a devilish NAMI figure, based on the one Saori Ishizaki displayed at the event, making this a wonderfully unique gift for lovers of One Piece.

4. DVD/Blu-ray collections

One Piece DVD Collection
Image via Crunchyroll

While One Piece is available for streaming, physical media is still popular, and DVDs and Blu-rays look amazing on the shelves. Luckily, One Piece is still being released physically, with each season getting a bundled physical release, making this the perfect gift for fans of the Straw Hat Pirates. Several compilations are offered, each bringing together many volumes in one package, so you can give friends massive chunks of this beloved show.

3. Manga Box Set

One Piece Manga Collection
Image via Viz Media

As above, physical manga is still a wonderful gift, and it looks amazing on a collector’s shelf. Fortunately, it One Piece manga is easy to find physically, with most bookstores stocking the latest volumes the second they come out in English. But if you really want to impress someone, one of Viz Media’s One Piece box sets may be the way to do it. Each box set collects entire arcs (usually around 20 volumes) in a special box decorated with original art. That makes these collections wonderful collectibles.

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2. Chopper’s hat 3D mug

One Piece Chopper Hat 3D Mug
Image via Crunchyroll

Tony Tony Chopper is one of One Piece’s most distinctive characters, and his hat is absolutely iconic. It also looks amazing in mug form, making this the perfect way to smuggle your coffee across the high seas (or from the kitchen to the sofa). This wonderfully detailed mug balances functionality with looks. While it can be used as an everyday drinking vessel, it’s also an adorable display piece that can add visual flair to any shelf.

1. New Cat Figure Set

One Piece Luffy Cats
Image via Crunchyroll

Internet love One Piece. The internet also loves cats, so why not combine the two? This set includes eight figures that turn Monkey D. Luffy, Eustass Kid, Crocodile, Smoker, Rob Lucci, Enel, Donquixote Doflamingo and Charlotte Katakuri into adorable kittens. These figures are small but instantly recognisable, and the creators capture the characters’ personalities perfectly.

These super cute figures are absolutely charming and perfect for One Piece fans who prefer non-traditional anime statues.

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