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Best Kimonos in Anime

Best Kimonos in Anime

Anime creators always pay attention to details, and it is the same when it comes to the kimonos of the anime world. The most popular anime shows gave fans iconic anime cafes, some of the strongest characters, epic battles, and even memorable clothing items that became internationally recognizable like the superhero costumes of Marvel and DC movies.

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Fans can find beautiful kimonos in anime in both modern and historical anime. It’s not particularly difficult to spot a kimono in an anime, but there have only been a few characters that have made a lasting impression. These imaginative characters are iconic anime demons, warriors and ordinary people whose kimonos can be found even in real life thanks to dedicated fans who wear them to conventions and special occasions.

8 Kenshin Himura – Rurouni Kenshin

Kenshin Himura’s bright kimono is one of the most famous. His humble yet brave personality touched anime fans who love to wear Kenshin’s kimono when cosplaying. While Kenshin had a gentle personality, he was also a skilled fighter who always protected his loved ones.

Kenshin’s character not only had an iconic kimono, but also one of the best swords in anime that he always bravely used to protect those in need. Rurouni Kenshin was about his adventures when he found a martial arts school in a small village during his journey through Japan.

7 Ichihara Yuko – xxxHolic

While xxxHolic may not be one of the most famous anime series, but it is certainly an anime with a unique art style that made Ichihara Yuko and her kimono one of the most memorable and recognizable in the anime world.

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Yuko always wears something absolutely gorgeous to match her remarkable personality and her supernatural job as a witch. She granted wishes mostly to supernatural creatures. xxxHolic follows her and Watanuki’s story, who can see ghosts. Yuko decides to offer her help to the young boy if in exchange he works in her magical little shop.

6 Shinguji Sakura – Sakura Wars

Shinguji Sakura’s beautiful kimono is a fan favorite and is one of the most popular cosplay items anime fans love to wear. Sakura’s cheerful personality and brave heart made fans fall in love with her.

The Sakura Wars‘ goofy wars is a beautiful story about a military unit whose job is to fight supernatural threats and is set in a fictional version of Tokyo. Thanks to Sakura’s lovable character and the series’ fun storylines, this show became one of the most beloved romance anime that influences fans’ choice of cosplay to this day.

5 Ai Enma – Hell Girl

Ai Enma is one of the darkest and most magical anime girls and her black kimono is one of the most beautiful and beloved. Her kimono became iconic thanks to Hell girlits unique story and great visual elements that created a relaxing atmosphere in the show

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Hell girl is an exciting psychological horror anime that focuses on Enma and her followers who drag human souls to hell. In this dark and strange world where the supernatural exists, people can take revenge on others by posting their wishes on a mysterious website. Enma’s schoolgirl uniform and kimono are two anime costumes most anime fans will instantly recognize even if they didn’t watch the show.

4 Yune – Croisée in an alien labyrinth

Yune is easily the cutest and most beloved anime character whose kimonos are not only iconic, but some of the most accurate when it comes to style and design as well. Yune’s beautiful kimonos and her kind and hardworking personality made her character and the series a heartwarming and unforgettable experience.

Croisée in an alien labyrinth is a charming anime set in 19th century France and follows Yune’s story as she joins Oscar on his journey back to his homeland. Eventually, Yune offers to help out at Oscar’s ironworks shop in Paris run by his family, and together they try to overcome life’s daily challenges.

3 Shiki Ryougi – Garden of Sinners

Shiki Ryougi’s white kimono is as iconic and beloved as Garden of sinners‘ creative and relaxing story. Shiki Ryougi’s split personality made the show a thrilling ride, and her kind female personality was perfectly matched by her sophisticated kimono. However, what made the show terrifying is her male persona SHIKI, the lost killer who took over her body.

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Garden of sinners is an exciting mystery-horror and is set in Japan and follows her adventures as a demon hunter with mysterious eyes. Through Shiki Ryougi’s supernatural story, the anime deals with many important themes such as depression and murder in a unique way that made this anime and Ryougi’s character iconic.

2 Gintoki Sakata – Gintama

Gintoki Sakata is one of the most beloved and funniest anime characters ever created. He is also one of the most powerful characters in Gintama with a kimono any anime fan can recognize. While Gintoki is a skilled warrior, he is actually quite lazy and spends most of his time annoying others. Thanks to his clumsy but honorable personality and unique appearance, Gintoki became one of the most beloved anime characters.

Gintama is one of the funniest anime series and it follows Gintoki’s adventures. The handyman/samurai and his group love to get into all kinds of mischief as well as epic battles. Gintoki’s iconic kimono is certainly one of the most worn cosplays of all time.

1 Nezuko Kamado – Demon Slayer

Nezuko Kamado’s pink kimono quickly became not only the most iconic kimono in the anime world, but in the world in general. Demon Slaughterits international success helped the characters to be easily recognized by not only anime fans, but most everyone. Nezuko’s kimono can be seen not only during anime or cosplay conventions, but during all costume and Halloween parties.

Demon Slaughter has a heartbreaking yet motivating story and stars one of the most lovable anime brothers who goes up against the most terrifying demons to save his little sister, Nezuko. The story follows the lives of Tanjiro and Nezuko after their family is attacked by demons. While most of Tanjiro’s family died, the kind-hearted Nezuko was transformed into a demon. Tanjiro embarks on an epic adventure to become the greatest demon slayer and find a cure for his sister.

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