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Best Anime villains in the spring season 2022

Best Anime villains in the spring season 2022

Villains are an important part of any story. A villain is what challenges the hero and pushes them to greater heights, and their conflict forms the action in the story. Without a villain, most stories would end up falling flat pretty quickly.

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Anime villains play a big role in most anime series, and the spring of 2022 is no different. Although there were not too many villains in the anime that premiered this season, there were still more than enough who terrorized the viewers while colliding with the main characters. Here are the best villains from the anime season in the spring of 2022.

8 Supreme Leader Bosslar – Love After World Domination

Unlike many of the other entries on this list, the leader of Gekko is not quite as cruel and villainous. While he has the design to rule the world, since Love for world domination is mostly a parody of the Super Sentai show, his role as a villain is clumsier than most.

Yet, even as a parody, Bosslar’s influence is not to be underestimated. He commands a massive army full of animal-human hybrids, and they are all quite powerful. While Gekko is often played for laughter, they have some reason to be feared.

7 Brad Watt & Ghost – AMAIM Warrior At The Borderline

While Amo Shiiba and the members of Yatagarasu have to fight against a number of enemies throughout the series, Brad Watt and Ghost manage to position themselves as the main foil. The two first begin as separate threats that Amo and his allies are forced to face, but when Brad Watt gets hold of Ghost AI, they become an even bigger threat.

The battle between Brad and Amo finally arises during the establishment of New Japan. Brad Watt first plays out as a ruthless villain, but in truth his motives are a little more complex.

6 Karasawa – Ya Boy Kongming!

Not all villains are evil masterminds who are eager for world domination. Karasawa may not be a criminal, but he is the biggest obstacle for Eiko and Kongming when they try to get 100,000 likes to go to Summer Sonia.

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However, Karasawa is also an indulgent producer that forces Azalea to give up its indie rock roots and become an idol group for cakes, all for the sake of popularity. Although his philosophy is not evil, it is contrary to what Eiko and Kongming believe is the core of creativity and being a musician, which makes him a perfect foil for the duo.

5 Nagisa Akutsu – Aoashi

Between not being in sync with his teammates and not following their experiences, Ashito Aoi has many roadblocks to get on the road to becoming a professional football player. Still, most of his teammates want him to get better, even if it’s just to advance their own careers.

Nagisa Akutsu, however, is completely different. Although he has only appeared a few times so far, he has made it clear that he wants nothing more than for Ashito to fail and be kicked out of the youth team. Disgusting and malicious, Akutsu enjoys watching Ashito fail even though he has nothing to do with it.

4 Yuri Briar – Spy x Family

Yor Briar’s younger brother is a polite and handsome young man – and a member of Ostania’s secret police, who are hunting for spies from Westania. His main priority is Twilight, but he is unaware that the man he is looking for has married his own sister.

Although Yuri Briar is not evil, his loyalties and goals point him towards Twilight, whose goals and motives are unknown to him. In addition, his methods are vicious and even cruel, but only out of necessity rather than out of desire. Yuri Briar may not have gotten in the way of Twilight yet, but it’s almost certainly a matter of time.

3 The Shadows – Summer Time Rendering

The Shadows are mysterious supernatural creatures that are only talked about in urban legend on the island Ajiro Shinpei and Ushio Kofune call home. However, they are genuinely real and are the reason behind Ushio Kofune’s tragic death.

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Shadows have the power to copy another person’s appearance, so they can take their place when killed. In addition, they can transform their bodies into different shapes, making them quite versatile and dangerous to fight. Their true motives have not yet been revealed, but it is clear that they are planning a great evil.

2 High Priest Bezewanst – Ascendance Of A Bookworm season 3

For most of the series, High Priest Bezewanst existed mostly as a minor antagonist. He does not like Myne as a result of their first meeting at the end of season 1, but often did little to harass her, for the most part he kept an eye on her using Delia.

However, in season 3, Bezewanst becomes part of a conspiracy to contract Myne to another nobleman and get her out of the cathedral. He shows his true colors as a selfish and cowardly man who only cares about his own comfort. Bezewanst is a slightly hateful villain who is incredibly outrageous to see taken down.

1 Pandaemonium – The executioner and her lifestyle

When Lost Ones appear in the world, they gain strange powers that break the rules of the world. To prevent them from harming the world, executioners of the church are tasked with killing those lost.

Nevertheless, some Lost Ones have managed to cause major disasters, including Pandaemonium, a little girl who has lived for hundreds of years. Her ability allows her to control monsters, and she is almost impossible to kill. Even a talented veteran executioner like Menou has a hard time taking this monster down.

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