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Best anime to watch if you like Genshin Impact

Best anime to watch if you like Genshin Impact

Genshin effect has a compelling history that has captivated millions of fans worldwide. Unfortunately, it is easy to run out of things to do in the game after completing the quests. Waiting for new regions to come out feels like an eternity, leaving dedicated fans who want more interesting lore to dig into.

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Fortunately, there are quite a few anime series with tons of exciting lore and lovable characters for fans of Genshin effect to immerse themselves in when they get tired of the game. These anime will satisfy fans who like to go on adventures around Teyvat, while entertaining those who appreciate well-rounded characters.

10 The Fate series has several story lines

Genshin fans who appreciate the full list of well-designed characters and weapons are guaranteed to enjoy Fate series. In addition, it has tons of lore across all of its stories that are guaranteed to keep fans glued to their screens.

The series also has a few gacha games and stories that fans of Genshin will surely appreciate. The Fate the series has visual novels, light novels, movies and anime spinoffs for new fans to immerse themselves in. It takes time to complete the series, but it’s worth it.

9 Samurai Champloo is about a journey across Japan during the Edo period

Fans who enjoyed the Inazuma Archon mission will surely enjoy Samurai Champloo. The series is about three completely different people whose paths go together and go on a journey through Japan together. Mugen is a rogue warrior, Jin is a samurai for no reason, and Fuu is a master swindler.

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The series mainly shows its main trio and rarely introduces anyone else, but it does not even need to since the three central ones are so entertaining in themselves. Samurai Champloo immersive world building and impressive animation exceed expectations, and it is no wonder that anime is seen as a classic.

8 Jujutsu Kaisen is great for Genshin fans who like matches

Jujutsu Kaisen is a battle shonen series that really deserves its own fighting game. Genshin fans who enjoy hiking across Teyvat to take out hilichurl camps and take part in challenging boss fights will enjoy it Jujutsu Kaisen brings to the table.

The series is about Yuji Itadori after he swallows a cursed finger and is thrown into the world of jujutsu magic. He joins Jujutsu High and fights many evil cursed spirits along the way. Genshin fans will appreciate action-packed fight scenes and fall in love with the series’ lovable characters.

7 Black clover takes place in a magical world

Fans of Genshin effect will definitely appreciate Black Clover’s magical world and interesting plot. The anime is about Asta and Yuno, two orphaned children who are in a rivalry to become the wizard king. Yuno is a magical prodigy, but Asta will not let it be a disadvantage for him.

ASta continues to push itself further and discovers the Black Clover grimoire and masters ancient magic. The anime has tons of lovable characters and even more exciting villains. This action-packed shone fantasy will impress viewers with its battle choreography.

6 Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? Feels just like a role-playing game

It’s easy to forget the beginning of Genshin Impact’s the story had a very isekai-like premise. The travelers were torn apart and forced into a whole new world by the unknown god.

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Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? is an isekai smash hit that is perfect for Genshin fans who want to follow a similar story. The anime is about Bell Cranel, a humble farmer with big dreams of becoming the greatest adventurer. He meets Hestia and is teleported to the city’s catacombs, where he fights many frightening monsters. It has the feel of a role-playing game, and fans of the game will definitely enjoy it.

5 The inside of the attack on Titan’s walls looks like Mondstadt’s architecture

Fans of Genshin effect who like to learn about the real cultural references of each of Teyvat’s seven regions, will like Attack on Titan. Not only is it a monster-hunting skin with tons of action and even more gore, but the frame within the walls is similar to Mondstadt.

Regions in medieval Germany inspired Mondstadt and the fortified parts of Paradise. Fans of the game will appreciate the similarity and its worldwide action. The series has tons of lore and rich world building for new viewers to immerse themselves in.

4 Bleach is a classic action-packed Shonen

Bleach is a classic action-packed shonen series that fans of Genshin Impact want to love. The series has many compelling characters with creative, stylish designs that set them apart from the rest. Ichigo is a sympathetic protagonist who raised a sword to fight the Hollows who threatened his family. The series has many references to Japanese culture and combines it with a world of mystery.

The characters also use unique swords with either a Shikai or Bankai alternate shape, making them even stronger. Since it is a longer series, it holds up Genshin fans occupied while waiting for new regions.

3 The Rising Of The Shield Hero is a dark fantasy Isekai with similar story elements

The Rising of the Shield Hero is a dark fantasy ice rink with some elements that would make fans remember Genshin sin history. As Genshin sin Traveler, Naofumi Iwatani was suddenly teleported to a whole new magical world. He discovered the Book of Four Heros and then found out that since he found the book, he is the new shield hero.

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The anime has tons of action while Naofumi adapts to this new world of magic and monsters, and it is a stark contrast to his average life as a student. Fans of Genshin will enjoy the story of this series and appreciate Naofumi as the protagonist of the story.

2 Claymore is about monster hunting

Claymore has the same name as one of Genshin sin most powerful weapon types: Claymore. This anime is about monster hunting. Youmas are deformed demons who prey on humans. Clare is a “Claymore”, a hybrid produced by a youma and a human. She is the only one who can kill them with the giant sword on her back. She saved the main character’s family, but he has nowhere else to go and decides to join her.

The Claymore anime came out in 2007, but it still holds up pretty well today. Genshin fans will appreciate its intricate character design and interesting plot developments.

1 Genshin fans will love Demon Slayer’s sibling duo of Tanjiro & Nezuko

At its core, Genshin is about a sibling’s hunt for their other sibling after being separated by the unknown god. Since it looks like the traveler is just running errands for anyone and everyone across Teyvat, fans will want more from the sibling plotline.

Demon Slayer’s the sibling duo Tanjiro and Nezuko are equally miserable and heartwarming. After Muzan attacked Kamados, Nezuko was the only survivor, but she became a demon. Tanjiro is determined to find a cure for his sister and avenge the family, so he joins the Demon Slayer Corps, picks up a nichirin leaf and begins the journey.

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