Best anime set of the 18th century

Best anime set of the 18th century

Period pieces are common in the anime world, and many of them become household names, such as Black Butler, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and many more. These shows also come in different forms. For example, some period pieces may be rooted in reality, such as Ryoukan-sanwhile others may lean towards a world of fantasy, which Saint Seiya.

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While many period pieces are available to viewers who are fans of the subgenre, not many are precisely set in the 18th century. Nonetheless, viewers who are fans of the “Age of Enlightenment” and the innovations, ideas and culture borne of it have a few shows to choose from.


6/6 Ryoukan-san

This anime follows the story of a Buddhist monk and renowned poet named Ryoukan, who lived during the Edo period in Japan. Despite coming from a wealthy family in Izumozaki, Ryoukan decides to forgo the comfortable life he was supposed to inherit in favor of studying Buddhism to discover the meaning of life. He begins a period of rigorous training in his early adulthood that necessitates living alone and in poverty.

The anime successfully takes viewers through Ryoukan’s transformation from a young man raised in a wealthy home to a Buddhist monk. Ryoukan-san explores both sides of humanity—the good and the bad—and the trials and tribulations that come with self-discovery.

5/6 Fena: Pirate Princess

Fena: Pirate Princess is an anime project about a young and cheerful orphan girl named Fena Houtman who is held captive on the island of Shangri-La by British Imperial soldiers. Despite her bleak situation, Fena continues to dream that she will escape from captivity and find where she truly belongs – a place known only as Eden. After an eventual escape, she encounters a misfit group of pirates, who bring to the surface long-buried memories.

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Together with her newfound friends, Fena embarks on an adventure to find Eden and uncover the mysteries of her past. Fena: Pirate Princess is for viewers seeking an adventure story told with beautiful animation and stunning visuals. It is a short anime of 12 episodes, which is very well paced and does a good job of keeping the audience interested. Fena: Pirate Princess has a fantastic first season that will have viewers looking forward to a second.

4/6 Le Chevalier D’Eon

Le Chevalier D’Eon’s events unfold in 18th century France when a knight, D’Eon de Beaumont, decides to investigate the death of his sister, Lia de Beaumont, after she is found dead in a coffin floating along the Seine. The only clue available to D’Eon regarding his sister’s death is the word “Hymn” written in blood on the coffin she was found in. He investigates several reports of missing women in the area, along with his sister’s death. D’Eon is accompanied by three men – Robin, Durand and Teilagory – as he begins his quest to uncover these very dark and intertwined mysteries.

Fans of mystery, murder, the supernatural, and the occult would have a lot of fun watching this anime. It’s also the perfect anime for history buffs as it delves into the intricacies of pre-revolutionary France. The anime explores themes of religion, the cruelty of royalty, and the impact of the Enlightenment on French society at the time.

3/6 Onihei

Onihei is based on a series of Japanese novels of the same name, written in the 1960s by Shōtaro Ikenami. Set in 18th century Japan, it tells the story of a man named Hasegawa who is tasked with law enforcement in his village as Tōzoku Aratamekata Chōkan, general superintendent of the investigative agency that specializes in investigating theft, armed robbery and arson. . The anime is episodic in the sense that it does not follow linear continuity, and the audience gets to experience different characters from Hasegawa’s perspective.

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Viewers who are fans of the Samurai subgenre will love Onihei as it delivers fantastic sword fights enhanced by spectacular animation. The morally gray nature of the show keeps it interesting as it keeps the audience guessing as to what kind of decisions each character will make. Onihei also does a good job of representing Japan from the late Edo period by adding a frightening amount of detail to the sets, which helps bring the show to life. All this makes it a fantastic period piece for fans of Edo period Japan.

2/6 Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas is a prequel to the original Saint Seiya series, which is considered one of the most influential Shonen anime series of all time. The story takes place in the 18th century, 250 years before the events of the original Saint Seiya. It tells the story of Tenma, one of the 88 Saints of Athena, and Sasha, a reincarnation of the Greek goddess Athena, and their battle against the reincarnation of the god Hades – Alone.

Tenma and Sasha intend to stop Alone from creating the “Lost Canvas”, an expansive painting of Earth in the sky, which, when completed, would bring an end to the world.

The anime does a good job of fleshing out many characters. For example, the depiction of Alone’s transformation from an innocent young boy to the literal reincarnation of Hades. Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas is a nice watch for fans of the fantasy genre and Greek mythology.

1/6 The Rose of Versailles

Many people can relate to the story of being raised to be something you’re not, and not many anime capture this concept quite like The Rose of Versailles. The anime series is based on a manga series of the same name. The events of the anime take place in France in the 18th century before and during the French Revolution. The show tells the story of Lady Oscar, the head of the palace guards at Versailles. She was raised male from birth due to her father’s longing for a son. Both men and women admire Lady Oscar for both her beauty and noble character; however, she struggles to balance her heart’s desires with her chosen life of devotion and duty to her class and the French nation.

Despite being well exposed to the opulence that comes with nobility, her compassion and selflessness do not allow her to turn a blind eye to the suffering of the French people. The anime delves into stories of romance, particularly between Lady Oscar and Andre Grander (a commoner and grandson of Lady Oscar’s nanny). The Rose of Versailles is a great anime for romance fans and history buffs alike as it delves into the dynamics of French society in the late 18th century.

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