Best Anime OPs of 2022

Best Anime OPs of 2022

2022 is coming to an end soon, and with it a whole year great anime series, many of which have either adapted new hit manga or brought back long-dormant franchises. 2022 was definitely a big year for anime, and will be remembered as such for the foreseeable future.

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With the huge spread of anime that came out this year came an equally large variety of anime openings and endings. Anime songs have been a mainstay of the medium, and fans always look forward to the opening theme of their favorite series. Here is the year’s best songs used for anime openings.


10/10 “Shall we dance?” (House of Shadows Season 2)

Shadows House S2 with Kate and Emilico

After giving the ending song for the first season of House of Shadowshas ReoNa returned to perform the opening this time with “Shall We Dance?”, a song that jumps between a dark, mystical classical-influenced atmosphere to one that is more light-hearted and poppy.

While this contrast may seem off-putting at first, it perfectly represents the dual nature of the residents of the House of Shadows, with each of the Shadows living in conjunction with their personal Living Doll meant to mimic their every action.

9/10 “The Rumbling” (Attack On Titan Final Season Part 2)

Birds flying around Eren as he walks alone

Second part of the last season of Attack on Titan is accompanied by the song “The Rumbling”, performed by the metal band SiM. As the wildly popular anime series finally draws to a close, “The Rumbling” delivers an epic track filled with heavy guitars and growling vocals.

While the song is certainly hard-hitting, it also has its moments of bleak melancholy, with the chorus evoking feelings of regret and determination at the same time. “The Rumbling” is a perfect opening theme for Attack on Titanand possibly one of the very best.

8/10 “Kaze No Oto Sae Kikoenai” (Sabikui Bisco)

Sabikui Bisco Bisco and Milo ride Actagawa

Performed by pop singer JUNNA, “Kaze no Oto Sae Kikoenai” serves as the opening for Sabikui Biscoa series centered around two mushroom keepers living in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by the mysterious rust.

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The opening is an energetic hard rock tune with screeching guitars and fast drum lines. JUNNA’s vocals are also a big draw, with her strong and passionate voice carrying the energy throughout the track.

7/10 “Naked Hero” (Ranking Of Kings)

Rating of Kings Bojji looking in a broken mirror

While Ranking of Kings debuted in the fall 2021 anime season, “Naked Hero,” performed by Vaundy, debuted in the second half of the series’ run in winter 2022. That makes it technically eligible for this list, which is good because it’s easily one of the best openings of the year.

Vaundy’s vocals are easily the star of this track, going from tender and intimate to loud and anthemic at the click of a button. The instrumentation is also incredible, with soft acoustic guitar giving way to emphatic strings and booming drums during the chorus.

6/10 “The Date” (Call Of The Night)

Call of the Night with Ko Yamori and Nazuna Nanakusa

Call of the Night was one of the best series to come out of the summer of 2022, and the opening was also one of the best. “Daten”, performed by hip-hop duo Creepy Nuts, is an incredibly groovy joint that’s sure to get listeners jumping out of their seats.

With elements from jazz, swing, funk and more, the song’s mood perfectly matches the nocturnal aesthetic of the series, combining both soft and playful in a way that doesn’t let one mood overpower the other.

5/10 “Ah, My Romantic Road” (Skeleton Knight In Another World)

Skeleton Knight in another world arc

The opening to Skeleton knight in another world is a rare occurrence where a Japanese artist was not tapped to perform it. Instead, the song is performed by PelleK, a YouTuber known for his covers of anime songs. He brings an incredible performance to the song, helping to create one of the best openings of the 2022 spring season.

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The song itself is an anthemic hard rock banger, with PelleK’s soaring and angelic vocals being the highlight of the song. The opening is a pure ball of energy that is sure to get any listener pumped up for any adventure.

4/10 “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” (Ya Boy Kongming!)


Ya Boy Kongming! was a sleeper hit during the spring 2022 anime season, and as a musical anime, the opening couldn’t be weak. Fortunately, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” is a massive pop hit, and one of the biggest draws that drew people to this series.

Performed by the music group Queendom, the song evokes 80s city pop and dance pop to create a groovy vibe that will definitely get listeners moving in their seats. It’s a perfect introduction to a series about a new pop singer trying to make it in the music business.

3/10 “Kick Back” (Chainsaw Man)

Chainsaw Man cast of Chainsaw Man

With so much effort being put in Chainsawmanits anime adaptation, including ordering twelve different ending songs, it would be a shame for it to have a weak opening theme. Fortunately, “Kick Back” by Kenshi Yonezu brings out the right energy needed for this new hit series.

The song itself has a strong mid-tempo groove that echoes the show’s sometimes goofy yet quietly dark nature before blasting into an energetic chorus that gets viewers pumped up for high-intensity Chainsaw.

2/10 “GIRI GIRI” (Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Season 3)

Kaguya-sama S3 cast

Masayuki Suzuki returns again to sing the opening for the third season of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, duets with Suu from Silent Siren this time. This opening is just as good as the previous one, with Suzuki’s vocals again pulling most of the tongue.

The instrumentation is horn-heavy as always, with a bouncy groove that persists throughout the song. Suu’s vocals also provide subtle support to Suzuki’s more powerful vocal performances, making for the best opening of the Spring 2022 season.

1/10 “Aiue” (Urusei Yatsura 2022)

Urusei Yatsura Lum grabs Ataru

After more than thirty years of being off the air, Urusei Yatsura returns with a brand new series that reboots the classic Rumiko Takahashi work. The new series debuted in autumn 2022 with “Aiue” as the opening theme, performed by the music collective MAISONdes as well as singer Minami and composer SAKURAmoti.

The song is an incredibly catchy and energetic pop song that perfectly matches the chaotic and wild energy displayed by the characters in the show. Minami’s vocals are easily the highlight, going from playful to fierce in a single breath. An unexpected highlight from a series that might not get the most attention in such a stacked season.

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