Best Anime OPs from Fall 2022

Best Anime OPs from Fall 2022

There is nothing more important to the anime experience than a captivating opening. In fact, every TV series now has a unique opening sequence that has a strong appeal to audiences of all kinds. This is because each theme song gives viewers a hint as to the direction the series is going to take.

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But as anime’s popularity increases, the competition between the shows is getting tougher every year. The fall 2022 anime season featured various popular releases, whether it was a new season of a long-running series like My Hero Academia, Spy X Family, or upcoming releases like Chainsaw Man, Bluelock, and more.


7/7 Spy X Family Season 1 Part 2

  • Song:

  • Artist:
    Bump Of Chicken

Souvenir is a fast-paced song written and sung by Bump of Chicken after a six-month hiatus. In addition to great vocals, the band provided melodies that featured energetic chords, light guitar flows, and pleasant drumming. Although the genre is pop, the use of driving rhythms also categorizes the genre as Pop-rock and J-rock.

Bump of Chicken said they wrote Souvenir while thinking about their fans, whom they met at concerts, and wanted the lyrics to deliver the feeling of finding a path that leads to an important place. It reminds of Spy X family concept, about the Forger family finding each other through their journey.

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After the massive success of Spy X familyits first part, Spy X family part two introduces the Doggy Crisis arc (starting in chapter 18), and picks up after Anya requests a pet dog at the end of season one. Bond, the experimental spy dog, will appear in part two and embark on a journey with the Forger family to investigate and stop a bomb attack while encountering other enemies.

6/7 IDOLSKE7! Third battle part 2

  • Song:

  • Artist:

Since IDOLiSH7 anime is an adaptation of IDOLiSH7 the rhythm game, WONDER LiGHT was already available in-game before the anime opening was released. There is also an animated music video for the entire song with the seven clear idols as the main stars.

The lyrics written by Erika Masaki translate the boy’s desire to be true to himself and continue on a journey towards the future while blinking gently as they always have.

This season of IDOLiSH7, the idol group is showered with considerable success. However, they don’t seem to be happy about it as they are faced with ŹOOĻ, the new idol group that likes to bring down other idols by using all kinds of dirty tricks. Don’t want their image ruined by ŹOO that TRIGGER, IDOLiSH7 form an alliance with Re:vale to try to maintain their reputation.

5/7 Beast Tamer

  • Song:
    Change the world

  • Artist:
    Mad kid

Judged as the weakest due to his unique ability, Rein the Beast Tamer gets kicked out of the hero’s party and goes on an adventure alone, which leads him to make a contract with Kanade, the cat-eared girl from the Cat Tribe after saving her from an attack. Later, Rein will form contracts with other Strongest Races on his journey with Kanade.

Beast Tamerthe opening, Change the World, is performed by Madkid. The song combines J-pop and hip-hop, offering captivating vocals and a fast-paced beat and rap. Madkid was formerly known as J-BOYS-5 and now consists of five members, three vocalists and two rappers.

4/7 Mob Psycho 100 III

  • Song:

  • Artist:
    Mob choir

Mob Choir was a project made entirely to cover Mob Psycho 100 their songs. Following their performances in the first two seasons of the show ’99’ and ‘99.9’, Mob Choir performed the third theme song for the third season, titled ‘1’. It was released along with eight other tracks under an album of the same title.

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Kageyama Shigeo known as Mob, is a boy who longs to live a normal life by keeping his ESP suppressed. Yet the boy will lose control of his power due to his lack of emotional expression as he goes through natural and supernatural challenges. As an esper, Mob must let go of his naivety and control his emotions in order to retain his psychic powers. This season is about self-improvement and maturity, which every teenager has to go through.

3/7 Chainsawman

  • Song:
    Kick back

  • Artist:
    Kenshi Yonezu

Kick Back was one of the most anticipated theme songs this season as it is the opening of one of the most anticipated anime, Chainsawman season one. The song is performed by none other than Kenshi Yonezu, a J-pop producer, singer, songwriter and multi-platinum artist.

Chainsawman is about Denji who works for the Yakuza, killing devils to pay off his debts. One day he saves Pochita the Devil Dog with chainsaw powers. After being betrayed by the Yakuza, the young boy faces a gruesome death at the hands of a zombie devil, leaving Pochita with no choice but to team up with Denji. The Devil Dog resurrects the young man as a unique devil-human hybrid known as Chainsawman.

2/7 My Hero Academia Season 6

  • Song:

  • Artist:
    Super Beaver

Super Beaver is the performer of the tenth opening of My Hero Academiais Hitamuki. It is a rock song that starts with the strums of a prominent electric guitar and a bass guitar, followed by some drum beats, which give it its fast rhythm.

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The 6th season of My Hero Academia focuses on the most anticipated arc of the series, the Paranormal Liberation War arc, which has already been spoiled in the manga (Chapter 253). Throughout this season, fans will see how all the villains come together under Shigaraki, who plans to take Deku’s Quirk. This season will be a turning point for all characters as viewers will see if the heroes can go against this newly formed alliance or if they will be defeated and crumble in despair.

1/7 Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury

  • Song:

  • Artist:

Shukufuku is a theme song performed by YOASOBI for the mecha anime Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury. In the notes, it has a mixture of electropop and dance-pop. The song also features catchy melodies and pounding beats. Upon its release, the song peaked at number one on Japan Hot Animation (Billboard Japan), and number two on the Japan Hot 100. The opening provides an upbeat melody that can raise the listener’s energy and build enthusiasm to start the anime episodes.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury takes place on Ad Stella, where a human-machine system called Gund was created. The anime follows the main character, Suletta, who left Mercury to enroll in Asticassia, a technology school built by the Beneritt Group. The pure-hearted girl must prove her worth as a pilot alongside the Gundam Aerial, a mobile suit built with Gund the Forbidden Technology that negatively affects pilots.

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