Bayonetta Origins reminds fans of the seminal anime Madoka Magica

Bayonetta Origins reminds fans of the seminal anime Madoka Magica

The trailer for the upcoming game Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon has fans excited to delve into the backstory of their high-heeled, double-wielding witch, and they’ve already started breaking down the trailer. While many fans have pointed out that the game clearly draws inspiration from children’s songs and storybooks, some fans also point to the similarities between the upcoming origin story of Bayonetta franchise and an iconic anime series that also features witches — Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Also known simply as Madoka Magica, this series follows a group of middle school-aged girls who contract with a small cat-like creature to become magical girls and encounter surreal beings called witches. The series has won various awards and was incredibly well received by fans and critics alike for its unconventional approach to the magical girl genre, complex themes and narratives and more. If Sailor Moon revived the magical girl genre in Japan, then Madoka Magica completely deconstructed it in a way that changed the genre forever.

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Bayonetta Origins’ art direction is similar to Madoka Magica

bayonetta origins cereza and the lost demon

The unusual art style of Bayonetta origin gets a lot of attention from fans. It’s a big change from the more realistic yet glamorous style that fans have come to know Bayonetta, as it seems to be more abstract and expressive. This is reminiscent of the witch’s labyrinths in Puella Magi Madoka Magicawho was known for his distinct visual styles that combined Pop Art, Dadaism and Surrealism.

The environments of the witches’ mazes in the anime did a good job of combining some of the more youthful elements with a darker side, so they were a great environment for strange otherworldly things to happen. Judging by the trailer Bayonetta originthe game might go in a similar direction.

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Cereza and the Lost Demon’s Music has a similar tone and mood

charlotte's maze from madoka magica

Madoka Magica‘s soundtrack was another part of the series that was often complimented, as it leaned into the fantasy element. Much of the soundtrack had a cool, ancient tone that seems more appropriate for a series like Ringing with power rather than an anime. The music often sounded ethereal and grandiose, bringing in western medieval fantasy influences that helped set the mood of the series.

The music in the trailer for Bayonetta origin have very similar vibes and really work to bring an atmospheric element of fantasy, combining the childish elements of the game with some darker elements that may be at work. Soundtracks are incredibly important in both anime and games, so these similarities really have fans excited about similar themes.

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Bayonetta Origins’ themes may be similar to Madoka Magica

Sayaka becomes Oktavia in Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

It might be a little too early to talk about themes, but based on the trailer, it looks like Bayonetta’s origin game will delve into themes including the dark side of magic, sacrifice, consequences, and the forbidden. These are all main topics covered Madoka Magica as the characters in the series learn about the risks they have taken by becoming magical girls. It seems like Bayonetta origin will probably use the more childish aesthetic as a way to keep things light while showing the sacrifices Bayonetta makes to become the witch she is today, which is extremely similar to what happens in Madoka Magica.

Although it’s too early to say how much inspiration this new game takes from Madoka Magica, it would make sense that the game – about a young girl who becomes a witch – would take inspiration from one of Japan’s most iconic mediums when it comes to magic. Even though Bayonetta origin was one of many new game announcements dropped during the Game Awards, fans are especially excited about it coming on the heels of Bayonetta 3its release. Hopefully, just like Puella Magi Madoka Magica became a groundbreaking series that changed the magical girl genre forever, Bayonetta origin makes its mark and impresses fans and newcomers alike.

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