Awesome Forgotten Anime Zombies

Awesome Forgotten Anime Zombies

Zombie-themed anime in Japan has emerged as a result of the international and Western fascination with the undead. However, Japanese animation has yet to keep up with the abundance of zombie movies and TV shows in the West, but this is changing. Over the past ten years, there has been a flood of new zombie-themed anime, with twenty or more productions hitting the shelves. Fans probably missed quite a few of these in favor of more popular sub-genres of anime.

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Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem. While waiting for the next season or episode of their favorite zombie show, fans should check out some of these zombie-related anime. Below is a compiled list of the top ten zombie anime movies available for instant streaming online.


10/10 High School Of The Dead

Characters in Highschool of the dead

Although it may be divisive to include Highschool of the Dead, the series’ popularity guarantees that it will be included in any ranking of zombie anime. This anime depicts life in a post-apocalyptic society from the perspective of those who have survived the event. Although the subject has been killed off, especially in the zombie genre, Highschool of the Dead stands out for being surprisingly moving.

Instead of focusing only on zombies, abuse, as well as murder, Highschool of the Dead deals with concerns that affect actual individuals. Unfortunately, the Highschool of the Dead The story was never completed as a result of the main writer dying of illness and the illustrator losing interest.

9/10 Hellsing (Herushingu)

Alucard Stares menacingly at the camera

Despite all the focus on zombies, Hellsing is really more of a monster anime. The anime centers around a group called Hellsingwhose mission is to exterminate these creatures to save humanity.

There is a lot of drama in this anime, along with plenty of fighting and gore. Monsters, zombies, military drama and a series of exciting battles await. Hellsing is undoubtedly one of the greatest action anime out there, and fans of the genre will eat it up. Everything a fan could want is here, making this an absolute must-see.

8/10 Sankarea: Immortal Love

Sankarea Undying Love - Two main characters giving each other an appearance

The main character, Chihiro Furuya, in the supernatural horror anime Sankarea, falls in love with a zombie, which leads to both comical and terrifying situations. Although it is mostly a comic series, it also has some very scary and poignant sequences in it.

Chihiro is so in love with zombies that he wishes he could date one. An unfortunate young lady named Rea Sanka takes his revival. After the eastern hydrangea dies, she becomes a zombie, and Chihiro must learn to adjust to her new normal of dating a zombie.

7/10 Is this a zombie? (Kore Wa Zombi Desu Ka?)

Haruna, Ayumu and Seraphim together

This anime has two seasons plus several original video animations (OVAs). One thing that sets this anime apart from others on this series is that it is also a comedy in addition to being about zombies. The main character Ayumu is a serial killer’s next victim. Anyway, he gets killed again, only to be resurrected by a cute magical female necromancer.

Anyway, thanks to the lady’s abilities, he is able to come back as a zombie. Furthermore, a monster is looking for Ayumu, so throughout the anime he and the lady are forced to exercise extreme caution.

6/10 Tokyo Ghoul (Tōkyō Gūru)

Ken Kaneki Staring menacingly at the camera

If the definition of a zombie is flexible, Tokyo Ghoul is a must-see. It tells about the life of Ken Kaneki, a shy and average 18-year-old university freshman. After a near fatal accident, he is saved by a ghoul organ donation, which completely changes his life.

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After the transplant, he is a monstrous hybrid between humans and ghouls who must subsist on human flesh. Ken must find a way to save his humanity while keeping his new ghoul identity a secret. Unlike traditional zombies that feast on human flesh, ghouls try to blend into human civilization, earning them the viewer’s sympathy and at times support.

5/10 The Empire Of Corpses (Shisha no Teikoku)

Hadaly, John, Friday and Frederick stand together

In an alternate version of 18th century England, Dr. Victor Frankenstein figures out how to bring the dead back to life. Unfortunately, his invention is destroyed, but a new technique for reviving cadavers is found, which opens up an opportunity for the use of zombies in industrial work in the 20th century.

But unlike Victor’s approach, this modern process cannot restore the soul. Later, the English government selects graduate student John Watson to find and retrieve Frankenstein’s manuscripts about reviving a living, breathing corpse. This anime is entertaining and engaging to watch because of its original narrative and personalities, many of which are based on real people or famous literary luminaries.

4/10 Zombie Loan (Zonbi Rōn)

Bekko, Asou, Kita, Tachibana, Atasuki and Yuuta stand together.

It seems that the living dead continue to feature in a significant part of Japan’s popular culture and media. Chika and Shito, the anime’s protagonists, are zombies who can stay alive indefinitely if they kill enough other zombies.

A young woman named Michiru eventually joins them; she can tell when someone is dying by looking for a ring around their neck. Michiru’s unique talent helps Chika and Shito find more zombies so they can repay the company that gave them new lives, Zombie-Loan.

3/10 Corpse Princess (Shikabane Hime)

Corpse Princess - The main character looks angrily at the camera

Makina Hoshimura, the protagonist of Corpse Princess, is one of many people who have been infected and turned into a zombie. She is undead even if she doesn’t act like one and has no taste for guts and brains.

After being slaughtered along with her family, she is resurrected and must now dispose of 108 more undead zombies before she can finally join them in paradise. Her ultimate goal is to avenge the death of her loved ones by eliminating the zombie cult Seven Stars. Makina is a calm, collected woman with immense physical talents who uses two MAC-11 machine guns to wipe the floor with her enemies.

2/10 Sunday Without God (Kami-sama No Inai Nichiyōbi)

    Julie, Scar, Ai and Hampnie stand together.

With elements of fantasy, intrigue and the paranormal, Sunday without God is set in the future when people no longer age or reproduce. According to this anime, God abandoned his creatures, leaving grave guardians who can guide the souls of the recently deceased to their final reward.

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The “undead” in this anime are a bit unique from the standard type, but they still function in similar basic ways. All who die continue to live without evidence of degradation. The story is about a young girl named Ai who helps an eternal gunslinger, Hampnie Hambart, discover the reality of the planet and put the undead to rest.

1/10 Soul Eater

Black Star, Soul eater Evans, Tsubaki, Maka, Patricia and Death the Kid, together.

Soul Eater is a well-liked anime that doesn’t focus entirely on zombies, but includes them sometimes. The anime is adapted from the manga, which centers on a number of teams studying in the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

Each team has a weapons expert along with a weapon that can assume human form. If they want to make a death scythe and impress the Shinigami Academy headmaster, Death, they must gather 90 villains and a witch.

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