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Apex Legends Season 13 Gaiden Thematic Event: Leaks, anime-themed cosmetics, more

Apex Legends Season 13 Gaiden Thematic Event: Leaks, anime-themed cosmetics, more

When Respawn Entertainment added Control LTM in season 12 of Apex Legends, few could have foreseen how popular it would be. Since the mode is limited, many players wonder when it will be available.

Apex Legends season 13 has included great new content for Battle Royale, from updates to Storm Point to big buffs for Lifeline. Despite all this, the return of control has been on the lips of all players.

9v9 mode sees teams fighting to capture three control points on the map, with respawns enabled, unlike regular Battle Royale.

Since this is a time-limited mode, it is no surprise that it comes and goes. That said, let’s go into the details of when the mode will return and whether it will become permanent.

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When will Control return to Apex Legends?

Control has officially returned to Apex Legends as part of the Awakening Collection Event June 21, 2022.

Since the Awakening Collection Event is set to be removed on July 5, this is also when Control will again be removed from the game.

LTM has been updated and given a new map that fans can enjoy, Lava Siphon from World’s Edge. Check out the complete patch notes for LTM in our guide to the control changes in season 13.

While it may be disappointing to hear that it will be removed again, it has come back, many times now and will probably be back in the future, maybe even in season 14.

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Why was Control removed from Apex Legends?

wattson and Gibraltar

Control is a time-limited mode, which means that the mode is only available for a certain time before it is removed from the game.

Control is available for two weeks during the Awakening Collection event, and it has come and gone a few times now since its introduction in season 12. This definitely means it has the potential to come back again, so don’t get too down if it is removed.

Will control become a permanent Apex Legends mode?

control of caustic treatment apex legends

Unfortunately, we just do not know the answer to that, but at the moment it seems unlikely. Respawn developers have always stated that it is a time-limited mode, and have not given any hint that it will stay on forever.

Still, if there is a large enough audience and fans continue to support the mode, there is always a chance that the developers can make it a permanent part of the game, especially since they are pretty determined to improve the mode with updates and bug fixes as in 13.1 update.

That’s all we know about the return of Control, at least for now. We will make sure to keep this article up to date with all the information we receive from Respawn.

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Image credit: Respawn Entertainment / EA

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