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Anime’s best pair of pages that deserved more time in the spotlight

Anime’s best pair of pages that deserved more time in the spotlight

The anime community has a pretty big thing for romance and the main couple who are happy all their days. Shojo is one of the most popular anime demographics of all time, with countless romantic anime coming out almost every month. Since the audience always cheers for love to flourish, they also want every relationship in the show to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes anime side characters are so heavily written that they can’t stop stealing the spotlight at some point. In the same way, side characters who develop love interests are sometimes so refreshing and captivating that they deserve the same attention as the main couple.

While many side couples have gotten the end they deserved, some did not get as much attention as they deserved. So, here are some of the cutest anime page pairs that should have gotten more attention.

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Satoshi and Mayaka – Hyouka

Hyouka is a popular shojo anime that immediately won the hearts of viewers. The show is about the adventures of a High School Classic Literature Club consisting of four members. While the main story is about the slowly budding romance of Hotaro and Eru, another romance takes place on the sidelines. Satoshi and Mayaka went to the same middle school, and it is suggested that the couple seems to be on good terms.

Their interaction is incredibly refreshing to watch, considering that the main character in the program is a bit boring. Surprisingly, Mayaka is vocal about her feelings towards Satoshi, but he rejects her all the time. It’s a slow-burning romance, but it was so healthy that it deserved more screen time. Finally, Satoshi admits her feelings and starts dating her.

Kureno and Arisa – Fruit Basket

Fruit basket is one of those anime where each character found his better half and luckily ended up together. The show linked almost all of the zodiac’s love story to a satisfying ending, but the one that did not get the spotlight it deserved was Kureno and Arisa’s love story. Arisa met Kureno very late in the series, and their meeting immediately ignites the fire of love between them.

Their meeting is short, and Kureno even admits that even if he only met Arisa twice, he will see her again. After that, they meet briefly at the hospital, and suddenly it is revealed that Arisa will soon move with Kureno. The story felt a bit hasty, considering how every other character got a significant part in the spotlight. Kureno and Arisa could easily have become the second best couple in the show, next to Tohru and Kyo.

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Ryu and Chizuru – Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke is an extremely healthy rom-com that is sweet from beginning to end. Shouta and Sawako are the leaders, but another couple takes the points for being unapologetically refreshing and teasing. Ryu Sanada and Chizuru Yoshida are childhood friends and neighbors. The two have completely opposite personalities, which makes their relationship stronger and applaudable.

Chizuru is not confident in expressing his feelings for Ryu and is easily confused around him. Their interaction on and off finally finds a foothold at the end when Chizuru admits his feelings for Ryu, and they kiss. While the couple had some time in the spotlight, the audience wanted more, because when a couple finally gets together, it is all the more fun to see how they take the relationship afterwards.

Asako and Sohei – My little monster

My little monster is simply fun and a wonderful watch. Besides the main couple, Asako and Sohei are actually very funny throughout the series. They are not like a typical couple because they have trouble communicating their feelings to each other. This continues to reflect one of the most common barriers in young love – communication.

Asako is popular with boys and is often bullied because of it. This makes her feel detached and indifferent to romantic interests. However, she does not realize that her close friend Sohei has developed feelings for her, which starts a dynamic that the audience wants to give their full attention.

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