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Anime World Tower Defense Codes [July. 2022]

Anime World Tower Defense Codes [July. 2022]

Anime World Tower Defense uses your favorite Anime characters to defeat the wave of enemies coming at you. You will level up your characters in the game and even get new ones. This is exactly where the codes come into play. You will defeat levels of tower defense to earn coins and then use those coins to buy new towers. We have covered all Anime World Tower Defense Codes in our guide so you can use them as soon as possible.

Anime World Tower Defense Codes are an important aspect of the game, as they help you earn various free gold, materials, and puzzle pieces. You can use them to draw new characters in the game. You need to use these codes as early as possible and get the free items because most of them expire after a certain time.

Also make sure that you do not use expired codes. That’s why we’ve covered a list of active tags in Anime World Tower Defense so you can make the most of them. While you’re at it, consider reading our KIng Legacy Active Codes guide.

Anime World Tower Defense active codes

Anime World Tower Defense
Anime World Tower Defense active codes

We have listed all the active codes in Anime World Tower Defense so you can use them and enjoy free gold, puzzle pieces and other material. Use the codes now to increase your grades or get the new ones.

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By using this code you can get 50k gold and 25 puzzles. This is a new code and provides beneficial rewards.


If you use this code, you can get 25 puzzle pieces.

Game release

The code GameRelease offers free coins to players that they can use to buy various items in the game.


You can get puzzle pieces by using this code.


Use this code and get free coins to not only strengthen your character, but also get the new characters. It is very similar to the code GameRelease, since both codes offer free coins.

1M visit

Code 1Mvisit offers the same rewards offered by 10kLikes, including 50k gold and 25 puzzle pieces. The difference is that 1Mvisit is an old code, while 10kLikes is relatively a newer code.

Anime World Tower Defense expired codes

There are no expired codes in Anime World Tower Defense yet. The new codes are introduced in the game and there is a good chance that the older ones will expire. It is important for you to use these codes to claim your free rewards before they expire.

How to redeem codes

Redeem codes
Steps to redeem codes

To redeem Anime World Tower Defense Codes, follow the steps mentioned below.

Start Anime World Tower Defense

You must first start the game from Roblox. Once you are able to start the game and it starts, move on to the next step.

Menu button

The next step is to press the menu button. You will see this option at the top left of the screen.

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Settings icon

A side menu appears by clicking the menu button. You want to tap the settings icon that appears at the bottom left.

Enter code

The setting will display a code line at the bottom of the box, where you can paste the code. The code is redeemed automatically.

Rewards from redeeming Anime World Tower Defense Codes

If you redeem the codes in Anime World Tower Defense, you will receive rewards, including puzzle pieces and free gold. The use of these rewards is discussed below.

rewards from codes
Rewards from codes

Puzzle pieces

Puzzle pieces are used in the Gacha system that allow you to add more devices to your team. You have to press the menu button and then the Gacha button. You will find yourself on the Gacha screen, where you can select the banner. The last step is to press the scroll or multi-roll button to get your devices. You will find this option at the bottom of the screen.

Free gold

The gold you earn by redeeming codes can be used to upgrade the devices. Press the menu button that appears at the top left. The next step is to press the train button. When the screen appears, select the device you want to upgrade and press the upgrade button.

More Anime World Tower Defense Codes

It is extremely important for players to stay up to date on the codes in the game so that they can use them before they expire. If you also want to stay up to date on the new codes or codes that have expired, you can follow the game’s Facebook page. Another step is to join the Anime World Tower Defense Discord. These are the platforms that receive updates when the new codes are published.

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Anime World Tower Defense Codes do not work

There are different cases when players enter the code, but it does not work. If you also encounter this problem quite often, you can follow the tips mentioned below.

  • Look for spelling mistakes; Players often spell the wrong spelling without being aware of it, leading to code errors.
  • You should also check if the code is valid and exists for the game you are playing.
  • Make sure the code you are using has not expired and is still active for the game.


Codes are an important aspect of any Roblox game. Similarly, Anime World Tower Defense also has codes that help players earn various free items. These free rewards prove to be extremely beneficial for upgrading devices or adding new ones. We have covered everything you need to know about active game codes in the guide. Follow the steps to redeem your codes right now and get free rewards.

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