Anime That Twist The Vampire Mythos

Anime That Twist The Vampire Mythos

Vampires are a common element in stories about the occult and supernatural. Nocturnal creatures that feed on blood, vampires are known for their strange, numerous powers and are often used as villains and as protagonists.

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The vampire mythos has grown out of a variety of stories and histories, and modern versions of the vampire have made their own changes. Vampires often appear in anime as well, and while they can often be quite faithful to the traditional vampire, many of them put their own spin on the classic monster. Here are some of the best anime that put their unique spin on vampires.


10/10 Actually, I am…

Not all vampire anime are necessarily dark and brooding, like Actually, I am…demonstrates. The series is a rom-com centered around Asahi Kuromine, a young man whose intentions are easy to read. When he tries to confess to his crush Yoko Shiragami, he is surprised to learn that she is actually a vampire, and must help her keep her secret.

The vampires in Actually, I am…have the same characteristics as classic vampires, but to a much milder degree. Instead of turning to ash in the sun, Yoko simply gets sunburned. Kryss makes her feel grumpy, and garlic is just too pungent for her to eat. While Yoko is also a half-vampire, it is clear that the normal vampire traits are not as strong in this series.

9/10 Rosario + Vampire

Unable to get into any high schools near his home, Tsukune Aono is forced to transfer out to Yokai Academy, a private school that accepted his admission. He soon discovers that the school is really for monsters, but stays for the sake of Moka Akashiya, a vampire he quickly befriends.

Moka is unique in that she has two personalities: a docile outer personality and a ravenous inner one. The inner Moka is the one who manifests her vampiric traits, with enhanced strength and speed. However, Moka shows none of the usual vampire weaknesses in either form, except for her hunger for blood.

8/10 Vampire Knight

In a world where humans and vampires try to co-exist, Yuki Cross works as a guardian at Cross Academy, making sure that the human Day Class and vampire Night Class do not cause trouble for each other. While Yuki believes that humans and vampires can live together in peace, it is unclear if the vampires truly believe that themselves.

Vampires in this series are incredibly powerful, and they vary in strength depending on how pure their origins are. Despite their nocturnal preference, vampires are only mildly vulnerable in the sun and have incredibly powerful regenerative powers.

7/10 Call Of The Night

Ko Yamori, suffering from insomnia, decides to sneak out and see the city at night. By chance, he meets a young woman named Nazuna Nanakusa, who takes him out for a night on the town. In the end, Nazuna ends up revealing to Ko that she is a vampire when she sucks his blood. Nazuna gives Ko the chance to become a vampire himself, but he has to fall in love with her to do so.

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Vampires enter Call of the Night very similar to classic vampires, with a few differences. Their main focus is to attract the love of their targets, so proven that the only way for them to make more thralls is to suck the blood of someone who is in love with them. Vampires are also incredibly powerful, but they also have various weaknesses, some unique to this series.

6/10 Blood boy

Fuyumi Yanagi accidentally wanders into the demon world where she meets Staz Charlie Blood, a vampire who rules over part of the demon world’s territory. Staz is initially excited to meet a human as he is interested in the human world, but when Fuyumi is killed under his watch and turned into a ghost, he takes it upon himself to restore her to life.

As a vampire, Staz has a number of unique powers, including regeneration. Despite being a vampire, he lacks many of the traditional weaknesses, nor does he seem to need to drink blood as often. However, he is weak to silver, which can dampen his magical powers.

5/10 Dance In The Vampire Bund

Mina Tepes, the princess-ruler of all vampires, has lived in secret with her kind for many centuries. But after giving permission to create “The Bund”, a special vampire-only district, Mina tries to reconcile the humans’ fear of vampires while trying to protect her kind from attackers.

The vampires in Dance in the Vampire Bund are very close to traditional vampires, with classic weaknesses such as sunlight and wooden staffs. Much of what makes this series’ vampires unique is the ecosystem: vampires work alongside werewolves as their protectors and use technology to deal with their weaknesses.

4/10 Tsukihime

Shiki Tohno has Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, eyes that allow him to see the lines of death. A freak encounter causes him to cross paths with Arcueid Brunestud, a vampire who immediately recruits Shiki to hunt vampires.

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Vampires enter Tsukihime and greater Nasuverse are incredibly unique. There are several types: Dead Apostles are most similar to vampires, with their need to suck blood and weakness to the sun, while True Ancestors are incredibly powerful beings that lack most weaknesses. Nasuverse vampires put a unique spin on the myth, as can be expected from a Type-Moon work.

3/10 Hellsing

Hellsing is an organization created to combat supernatural threats to the world, created by the legendary Van Helsing. The Hellsing use a variety of resources to combat such threats, but their most powerful weapon is the mysterious Alucard, a vampire of incredible strength and skill.

Vampires enter Hellsing often vary in strength and ability depending on how powerful a vampire they are. As one of the strongest vampires, Alucard possesses incredible magical powers, such as the ability to change shape, immense strength and speed, and hypnosis. Alucard is also unaffected by the sun when lesser vampires would be unable to avoid damage.

2/10 The case study of Vanitas

Noe Archiviste is a vampire, sent by his master to seek out The Book of Vanitas. On his travels, he meets the mysterious Vanitas, who claims to be a doctor who can heal vampires who have been cursed. The two team up to heal cursed vampires and find the reason behind who causes vampires to become cursed.

Vampires in this series are very different from the regular vampires. Vampires exist due to a change in the formula of the world and have a variety of different powers. Most vampires can control the urge to drink blood, but a curse bearer is unable to control that urge, making them a problem.

1/10 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

It’s hard to remember after so long, though JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure used to be about vampires. In the first two installments of the long-running series, vampires served as the main antagonists of the story, with Jonathan and Joseph having to use the power of sunlight to destroy their terrifying enemies.

Vampires enter JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is created by wearing the stone mask and exposing it to blood, which causes it to puncture and trigger certain parts of the brain. Vampires are monstrously powerful, with the ability to manipulate any part of their body in deadly ways, such as shooting eye fluid like lasers or lowering the temperature of their own body parts to freeze their opponents.

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