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Anime that rushes through manga

Anime that rushes through manga

Anime adaptations are almost always a good thing, especially if they are based on manga series that deserve this attention. After all, there is no denying that manga sales go through the roof when their anime adaptations end up being really good in themselves. However, there are times when promising manga do not end up receiving the adaptations they deserve, which can be quite a shame.

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The following anime adaptations were taken from some really excellent source material, but ended up rushing through the plot so quickly that it lost all its potential in one go. Fans can only wonder how different things could have been if these excellent manga series were done justice to their respective anime.

10 Akame Ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill! started on a strong note with the first episode that established the dark nature of this world. However, the anime bit more than it could chew during the 24 episodes.

As a result, the pace of this anime was everywhere. It did not help that this anime ruined events in the manga, where the latter had a better pace and spread his story in a more coherent way.

9 The Promised Neverland

The first season of The Promised Neverland was an explosion to witness. Seeing the dark nature of the world and the way the orphans have to escape their distress made for a captivating clock.

The brilliance of the first season is what made the second season so awful to see in comparison. The manga is completely blown away with little finesse, with important plot points that are treated in a completely amateurish way.

8 God’s tower

Crunchyroll made the admirable decision to adapt many popular manhwa as anime. However, the implementation of all three major projects has been severely deficient.

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Perhaps the one who hurts the most is God’s tower. The Manhwa is absolutely incredible, and it’s a shame that the anime’s pace is so hasty despite the series having some fantastic animation highlights.

7 Tokyo Ghoul: re

Tokyo GhoulThe first season was absolutely brilliant and did justice to the source material. The only place it messed up was an anime original ending … and that was when all the trouble started.

Tokyo Ghoul: re is the much-maligned second season that rushed through most of the plot points in the manga with little or no finesse. What made this even worse was that Tokyo Ghoul √A contented itself with anime-original content that is simply horrible.

6 Dødmanns Eventyrland

Dødmanns Eventyrland is another anime that started with a strong tone. However, it failed to introduce a central character and became a mess at the end of the race.

As a result, any chance of a second season is quite small. The manga is the only way for fans to get the full picture of what’s going on in this truly engaging series.

5 A quiet voice

The movie of A quiet voice is pretty good and does a great job of pulling in a viewer’s emotional heartstrings. But as is the case with most film adaptations, there are some parts of the manga that have been cut out to justify the playing time of this film.

It’s not the worst example of an anime rushing through the manga on this list, but it still guarantees a place on this list. The movie is a decent watch, but people who like this story should definitely read the manga to get the full picture.

4 Domestic girlfriend

One of the funniest shows on this list, Domestic girlfriend has a rather engaging setting that will capture the attention of most people. But while the manga retains a sense of humor as it expands its captivating characters, the anime throws most of this story out the window.

Some arcs are skipped directly, and most comic moments are replaced with more gloomy scenes. As a result, this great watch becomes a rather lukewarm experience towards the end.


RELIFE also has a rather interesting premise where a 27-year-old unemployed person gets another chance to change his ways after a serum has aged him by ten years. This gives a fun and gripping story … which the anime completely ruined with its terrific pace.

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The seventeen episodes (four of which are OVAs) try to adapt almost 220 chapters! Anyone could have guessed that this was a joke, too RELIFE fails to do justice to the source material as a result.

2 God in high school

Another manhwa who was rushed through like crazy, High school god is easily one of the biggest disappointments on this list. After all, the source material does a brilliant job of contextualizing the matches to make them quite exciting and fun to watch.

For some reason, however, the anime decided to focus exclusively on its battles without giving the characters any respite in between. This results in an extremely hasty show where matches take precedence over character development, which really damages the series.

1 Noblesse

The sacred trinity of hasty manhwa adaptations is rounded off with Noblesse, which could have been a great series, but which turned out to be a huge disappointment. The plot becomes a paper-thin imitation of the source material that changes everything from the setting of the story to the characters’ personalities as well.

The fact that each bow almost blends into each other because of this repetitive storytelling is what really hurts this anime. On top of this, the animation of Noblesse is nowhere near as good as the other two online movie adaptations, which feels like a slap in the face to fans of this series.

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