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Anime Expo’s biggest revelations prove Manga’s continued growth in the West

Anime Expo’s biggest revelations prove Manga’s continued growth in the West

As the name of the popular convention suggests, Anime Expo focuses on the anime medium, although others are also well represented. In addition to the many massive anime announcements, Anime Expo 2022 featured its fair share of manga location revelations. While many of these were overshadowed by the flow of exciting anime news, looking at them as a whole shows that North America is in the midst of a localized manga renaissance – and it will only grow over the next few years.

America’s major manga distributors – including Yen Press, Tokyopop and Seven Seas Publishing – announced a number of new licensing agreements at Anime Expo 2022, which show that many new titles are on the way over the next year. One of the best things about these announcements is the wide range of titles on offer. Some are spin-offs or sequels of classic franchises, included K-ON! The Omnibus Collection – which brings together all the legendary K-ON! manga in one volume – and fan favorite Madoka Magica spin-off Puella Magi Oriko Magica.

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Anime Expo 2022’s Manga announcements covered a wide range of genres

However, Anime Expo 2022’s announcements included more than just large series of existing anime adaptations. Several online novels have locations on the way, including the popular ones Villains are doomed to die. More obscure series like Do not say mystery, a beloved mystery series in Japan that is currently unknown to most Americans, was also announced – and this came on top of revelations about groundbreaking titles such as The invisible man and his soon-to-be wife, which quickly gets a large and dedicated audience.

The revelations included a staggering amount of genres and sub-genres, as there really was something to offer for each palette, from fantastic romance stories such as Why do you not eat me, dear wolf? to a more grounded impression of the genre as a music theme SCRAMBLUES. Adaptations of period dramas such as were also announced The eccentric doctor in Måneblomstriket and Raven of the inner palaceand these come along with lots of more traditional action-manga series, including the extremely popular ones Tomb Raider King.

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Anime Expo 2022 showed that manga continues to grow in North America

When you look at the announcements together, it is immediately striking how fast manga is expanding in America. Several titles are located with an ever-growing selection of genres. This shows how wide the American anime market is with different demographics falling in love with different genres, from the generally accepted to the more obscure. Due to the growing American manga fandom, distributors are willing to take more risks and locate smaller or more niche brands that do not already have an established fanbase.

The revelations also show how quickly manga is located. Previously, it would take many years before a manga was translated and sold in America. Today, the whole process happens much faster – especially now that many publishers release digital versions of their localized manga a few months before physical copies hit store shelves.

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Because of this, many series are located and released about a year after their first tankobon volumes hit Japanese shelves. This is amazing as it allows American readers to share Japanese fans hype and excitement. It also makes manga stories much more popular as they have a united international fan base, instead of the American audience getting a series of years after it is finished in Japan.

Anime Expo 2022 was a fantastic event for manga fans, proving that we are in the middle of a renaissance with varied and new titles that are located at a breakneck pace. Together with the increasing availability of manga, this means that the media’s popularity will only continue to grow in the coming years as more people can access titles that appeal to their tastes – especially as they can be enjoyed shortly after their first Japanese release. If this trend continues, fans are guaranteed to see more announcements for even more varied manga at Anime Expo 2023.

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