Anime characters who are stronger than Goku

Anime characters who are stronger than Goku

Even outside of the anime realm, Son Goku is often compared to exceptionally powerful characters due to his immense strength. Goku is considered by many to be anime’s strongest fighter, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone capable of competing with him in strength.

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Despite this, rare as they may be, there are characters in the medium with powers more impressive than the popular Saiyan. Most of them have abilities that transcend time, space, and logic, defying natural human limitations with profiles that usually match deities. These characters can also take on many different forms while fighting battles on a massive scale, serving to highlight their incredible power.


10/10 Lain Iwakura – Serial Experiments Lain

Lain is the main character in the classic 90s anime Serial experiments are located. She started out as a shy, reserved young girl, but as the series progressed, she adopted different personas due to her connection to The Wired; a virtual environment that is basically the show’s equivalent of the internet.

However, the main difference between The Wired and the internet is that the former has much greater real-world implications than the latter. This means that when Lain gained powers that far exceeded those of ordinary people in the virtual space, she became a being similar to a god in the real world. She has complete control over the universe and can change every aspect of the world as she pleases. She is omnipresent, has time-changing abilities, can freely manipulate matter and possesses limitless amounts of knowledge.

9/10 Kami Tenchi – Tenchi Muyo!

Kami Tenchi is the completely omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent god of Tenchi Muyo! series. As a result, he is a supreme being and has no significant rival in the franchise. His appearances are limited, but compared to other powerful characters in the series, it is possible to understand the absurd level of his power.

First, he exists on a larger scale than the Chousin, a group of hyperdimensional beings credited with creating the entire world. They have powers so great that they can destroy galaxies just by existing in them, and despite that they pose no threat to the Kami. Second, there is an entity known as the Counter-Actor, a force of unimaginable power capable of defeating the Choushin. In relation to Kami, they have also been shown to be powerless, as in direct confrontation Kami handled them with a single tap.

8/10 Anos Voldigoad – The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Anos is a reincarnated being who before his rebirth was known as the Demon King of Tyranny. His strength alone is enough to leave many onlookers in awe, but he is also able to defy established concepts such as death and time. Furthermore, Anos’ magical power is so powerful that if left unchecked, it can destroy the entire world while affecting other worlds.

Surprisingly, moving the moon with his bare hands isn’t even one of Anos’ most impressive feats. He is capable of destroying a universe with his bare hands and has a seven stage ability powerful enough to decimate the world a thousand times over. By simply opening his magical eyes of chaotic destruction, he can also throw the world into ruin, destroying all order and sanity in the process.

7/10 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann is a series that features many powerful mechanics over its duration, with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann being the final form of the titular mechanic Gurren Lagann. Its size has been described as immeasurable as it exists on a plane far beyond that of the galaxy. It is also made up of various individuals’ spiral power, meaning that its true form is raw energy and not an actual mechanical entity.

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Despite its first appearance in the series’ final episodes, this mechanism played a central role in defeating the series’ primary antagonist, the Anti-Spiral. It is strong enough to absorb shocks with the force of the big bang and can fire probability-altering missiles that do significant damage. Furthermore, due to its unique constitution, it has an absurd amount of power and can be seen clearly from planets billions of light years away.

6/10 Pegasus Seiya – Saint Seiya

Within Saint Seiya series, there are powerful warriors referred to as saints whose purpose is to serve the various reincarnations of the goddess Athena in all ages. Among these Saints are Seiya, Pegasus Saints, with powers associated with the Pegasus constellation. He is also aided by his bronze cloth and the cosmo, the former being a piece of armor with special abilities, while the latter facilitates his supernatural powers.

Since many battles in the series are fought on absurdly massive scales, Seiya’s abilities are usually shown to possess extraordinary power. For example, he is able to fight beings that pose multi-level threats like Hades and can exert a level of power comparable to the big bang while not even in his final form. He is also fast enough to cross universes in minutes and can destroy the pillar, a pillar that could previously resist the destruction of the universe.

5/10 Yogiri Takatou – Instant Death

Yogiri Takatou is a laid-back high school teenager who is transported to a fantasy world with mythical creatures and a unique power system. However, Yogiri possesses his own special power to be able to kill anything with a single thought, although his power is not immediately recognized by those around him.

Despite the overt nature of this ability, it can be used in a variety of ways. For example, Yogiri can individually kill different parts of a person’s body, possibly rendering some of their limbs or senses useless. He can also sense bad intentions, which partially dictates when he chooses to use his ability. He is also capable of killing concepts such as gravity and immortality, as units affected by his abilities cannot be healed or regenerated. Furthermore, his power is strong enough to kill multiversal beings while instilling fear in others.

4/10 The Anti-Spiral – Gurren Lagann

The Anti-Spiral is a mysterious entity originating from the Anti-Spiral tribe, a group of extraterrestrial beings that greatly influenced the state of Gurren Lagann universe. His main goal was to stop the development of the spiral race and prevent an apocalyptic event that would occur as a result of the overflow of spiral power.

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Purging himself of all spiral power, he gained the opposite power known as anti-spiral power, giving him the strength to fight against spiral lifeforms. He is able to create a mech the size of a galaxy that mirrors the one created by Team Dai-Gurren, and through it fire an explosion as strong as the Big Bang. In fact, through his mecha Granzeboma, he was able to overpower the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and was only defeated after Simon and Nia detached themselves from the main body.

3/10 Grand Zeno – Dragon Ball

Grand Zeno is the short ruler of the Dragon Ball multiverse. Despite having a childlike demeanor, he oversees the 18 universes in the series, and has full jurisdiction over them. Furthermore, he is referred to by many as the strongest character in the series, as he commands the respect of the various Gods of Destruction and their accompanying angels.

Not much has been shown of his combat sense or fighting ability, but his most terrifying power is the ability to erase everything from existence with minimal effort. He simultaneously erased six universes prior to his introduction and was seen eliminating even more during the Tournament of Power. His power even surpasses that of the titular Super Dragon Balls, as he effortlessly erased Infinite Zamasu despite the being’s desire for immortality.

2/10 Akuto Sai – Demon King Daimao

Akuto Sai was originally an unassuming orphan, but after enrolling in the Constant Magick Academy, he was predicted to become a Demon King. During the early parts of the series, Akuto showed shaky magic control as his powers were yet to fully manifest. However, as the series progressed, he unlocked his power strong enough to place him among anime’s strongest.

He was able to transcend the boundary between fiction and reality, and thereby exists on a higher plane of existence than any other fictional being. He is also able to create infinite stories, which he can freely dictate, as they are essentially worlds of his own making. He also has control over the Law of Identity, an entity that transcends all histories and is capable of destroying multiple worlds as a result.

1/10 Featherine – Higurashi: When They Cry

Featherine is an all-powerful being that has existed for thousands of years in the When they cry series. She takes up the role of bystander throughout most of her existence, although at one point she has assumed the identity of Tohya Hachijo – a popular writer – in order to cross the human world.

She is responsible for all creation, including the establishment of universal laws and all the entities bound to them. So naturally she is limitless, and together with her omnipotence she is also omnipresent. Furthermore, she is capable of altering reality as if it were a script and is arguably more powerful than any other being in the series, as she has far transcended the realm of the witch; the most powerful units in the franchise.

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