Anime: Characters who are part robots

Anime: Characters who are part robots

Anime characters always trying to improve his strength to defeat his opponents. Each battle shonen anime has a different type of power system, and by mastering this system, a character can gain an enormous amount of power. However, there are other characters who do not limit themselves by focusing on just a single method.

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These characters try to improve their physical strength using science. Depending on the scientific advances in the respective series, the bodily modifications can range from minor limb transplants to completely changing the body’s chemistry. For the most part, the characters don’t tamper with their natural limbs unless they’re in a pinch, and while they lose their human parts, the mechanical additions more than make up for them. They help these characters in battles as well as in their daily lives. With that in mind, here is most iconic anime characters that have undergone body modifications.


7/7 Franky (One Piece)

Franky is one of the main characters in One Piece. He joined the Straw Hat Pirates before they left Water 7. Franky used to have a normal body, but after nearly being crushed by a large train, he had no other option but to modify his body.

He used the parts from his battleships to enhance his own body, and these parts made his body much more durable, allowing him to withstand more attacks than a normal person. Franky was also able to put several weapons inside his body, such as lasers, cannons, etc. During the time jump, Franky further modified his body and is currently one of the strongest characters in the crew.

6/7 Genos (One Punch Man)

Genos is a very popular character from ONE’s superhero manga, One Punch Man. He sacrificed his normal body for a noble cause, which was to take down a notorious villain. Unfortunately, Genos’ bodily enhancements were not enough to help him find the monster, although they have helped him become an S-rank hero.

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Genos’ entire body is protected by durable material, allowing him to fight ruthlessly. Dr. Kusano has made other modifications to his body and they have helped Genos a lot as he fights evil monsters all the time.

5/7 Stroheim (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Originally, Von Stroheim was the enemy of Joseph Joestar. He was a German officer who wanted to make sure his country was at the very top. Stroheim and his group researched Santana, one of the Pillars, and before they knew it, he managed to escape from confinement.

Stroheim tried everything in his power to stop Santana from escaping into the world and wreaking havoc, sustaining many injuries in the process. Fortunately, Germany had made great advances in science, which allowed the doctor to save him from the brink of death. He also received a number of enhancements that aided him in his battles against humans and the Pillar Men.

4/7 Jet Black (Cowboy Bebop)

Before becoming a bounty hunter, Jet Black used to work for the Inter-Solar System Police. He worked tirelessly to eradicate all criminals, but a betrayal by his partner made him look at things in a new light. Jet lost his left arm, and he chose to have it replaced by a mechanical arm.

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Although he could have used the cell regeneration technique to get a brand new arm, Jet chose the mechanical arm as he wanted something to remind him of life’s tragedies. After leaving the police force, Jet became a bounty hunter and gained quite a formidable reputation.

Edward Elric is the eldest of the Elric brothers. Both Edward and his brother, Alphonse, took an interest in alchemy at an early age. They wanted to read the books that their father had left behind. The boys were happy with their mother, but after she died of illness, their world came crashing down.

In a last ditch effort to resurrect their mother, Edward and Alphonse tried to indulge in the most forbidden practice of alchemy – human transmutation. Not only was the experiment a complete disaster, but both brothers lost parts of their bodies. Edward lost his arm and leg, while Alphonse lost his entire body. Edward replaced his lost limbs with automail.

2/7 Jeremiah Gottwald (Code Geass)

Jeremiah Gottwald is a confident man, who considers himself to be better than the others around him. Jeremiah was humiliated by Lelouch on several occasions, and his attempts to get back at the latter failed miserably, leaving him in a terrible state.

Fortunately for him, the scientific advances of the era managed to save him. In addition to the other enhancements, he gained a special eye, known as the Geass Canceller, which allowed him to cancel the effects of any Geass. Surprisingly, after gaining this power, Jeremiah became much more grounded and actually became a supporting protagonist.

1/7 Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)

Motoko Kusanagi is among the most famous anime characters in the world. She is the main character in Ghost in the shell. Motoko is a very complicated character, who is part robot and part human. For a long time she served loyally in the armed forces.

At one point in her life, she had an existential crisis that made her question her entire life and all the choices she had made so far. As the protagonist of a futuristic anime, her body has been equipped with some incredibly powerful equipment.

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