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An exclusive interview with the creators of Trigun: Stampede

An exclusive interview with the creators of Trigun: Stampede

The return of Trigun. One of the biggest events leading up to and during the biggest anime convention in North America, the new details were revealed at “Trigun Stampede: Lock and load! “Panel-electrified fans both in person and online.

Now, in an exclusive interview with GameRant, mangaka Yasuhiro Nightow sat down with producers from Studio Orange and Toho Animation to discuss all the latest information and what fans can look forward to in the new series coming out next year. In a lively conversation, the discussion ranged from the techniques that bring the new animation to life, to Yasuhiro Nightow’s Hollywood inspirations, and promises a whole new side of Vash the Stampede.


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GameRant: “Lock and Load!” Panel definitely hyped the audience at Anime Expo Saturday night, to say the least. With this new series coming out next year, there is some information you can provide about the format of Trigun: Stampede?

Trigun Manufacturers: Although we still can not discuss how many episodes this new series can be, or how long the episode lengths will be, what we want people to understand is that we consciously use our limits on how we can best appeal to fans and tell this story. properly. The number of episodes and how much space we have been given is something we are very happy with.

GameRant: On the panel last night, you mentioned hoping to bring back the classic feel of 80s and 90s anime, renewed with state-of-the-art technology. What are some things we can expect from the animation, and elaborate on it a bit?

Trigun Manufacturers: Yes. Last night on the panel, we referred to the feel of a lot of classic anime, like Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the shell as reference points for the feeling of Trigun: Stampede, not only for its aesthetics, but for its storytelling. When we look at what we are able to do here at Orange, we look at ourselves less as a technology company and more on the acting and performance of the show, with the technology in service of it. On The land of the shiningwe did a lot of motion capture to get the essence of the movement, and so on BEASTARS we worked a lot with facial movement capture in CGI. Now for Trigunwe’re really pushing things to a new level on both previous fronts, and aim to capture the feel and emotions of classic anime, and how we can bring that to this new chapter for the franchise.

GameRant: Definitely. One of the most exciting things about using CGI for a project like this is the exploration of camera movements, and how its moving forces can really come out for things like action shots and vehicles and movements in a way that really helps convey a more epic scope. . We have already seen some of it in the hybrid CGI used in Trigun: Badlands Rumble function, but what can we expect from a new complete CGI production?

Trigun Manufacturers: The CGI movements enter Badlands Rumble was actually handled by Orange as well, so that definitely gave us reason for the more involved CGI processes Stampede. The freedom of the camera is something that is much more open in CGI. So much of the aesthetics of the original 2D comes from its animation of 2s and 3s for motion frames, and the details of capturing that movement style in the digital animation are something we are also passionate about.

GameRant: So this new series plans to capture the same sense of movement as in the original?

Trigun Manufacturers: Yes. The biggest new change with this animation is that we work with the potential for even more characters and an even larger scope, as well as the ability to have longer images, which in turn affects everything from editing the images together to the best way to implement sound and music. These are all things we are very aware of, and all the things that have been on our minds right down to the first story that Yasuhiro Nightow envisioned and how we can best realize it.

GameRant: Interesting. And on that, let’s take a second to learn a little more about the music of this new series. What can we expect from the soundtrack?

Yasuhiro Nightow: I think that film, classic cinema, has a very strong influence on the feeling we go for with this new series in both the visual and the sound and the music. The ability to really leave something that the audience will remember, that’s what we go for.

Trigun Manufacturers: When we developed the show, I watched [concept artist Kouji] Tajima’s concept art and felt this feeling that we needed to do something new with the music. So the new show is going to feature some new music, but new music that serves the broader goal of exploring a new side of Trigun.

GameRant: You can really get the feeling that this new series is focused on showing new sides of Trigun universe. Let’s take a second to talk about the story. From what we have seen with the character interactions between Vash, Rem and Knives, it seems that this aspect of the passage of time and growth is a strong thematic motivator for the new show. What do you think this new story will bring to the wider world and the storytelling we have seen?

Yasuhiro Nightow: We have looked at the reactions from the fans since the trailer launch last night, and we have definitely seen from the fans both the excitement and the questions about what we should do. This is not just going to be a retreading of what has already been done in manga and anime. It could be a different side of Vash, a different perspective we see. There’s more that we can not wait to reveal a little later, and I really want people to see the show and see how they feel about it.

GameRant: This idea of ​​being cinematic seems to be a goal of the new series, both from our discussion and the panel last night. The panel mentioned that Nightow had been influenced by a number of Hollywood movies and such, and told the authors and [episode director Kenji] Muto to see things and take notes and inspiration. We’re very curious – what are some of the big Hollywood influences?

Yasuhiro Nightow: Well, when I tend to suggest things, I tend to just go at a fast pace of everything, “next, next, next” that I want everyone to take a closer look at, that I sometimes fail to keep control it all. [laughs] When I make these recommendations, it’s always less about story elements and more about the atmosphere, and the structure of plotting and showing things on a technical level, with these things in mind for the director and the staff to think about. One of the big things I remember I discussed and had in mind when I said it in the panel was definitely Daredevil, TV series. Another one I keep coming back to is Spider man media. Also, Back to the Future is a really big one. Back to the Future really get the comedy and the action, that’s the kind of thing we want to make.

GameRant: Interesting. Out of it Back to the Future trilogy, which one would you call your favorite?

Yasuhiro Nightow: [laughs] I do not see it as a trilogy. I see it all as a six hour long movie.

GameRant: Very nice. Well, I think this new series sounds like something fans should look forward to, and we’re definitely looking forward to more details soon!

Yasuhiro Nightow: Yes. Believe me, we are looking forward too! The interview above was organized by Crunchyroll, distributor of the upcoming Trigun: Stampedeconducted by manga writer Yasuhiro Nightow, Studio Orange producer Kiyotaka Waki, Toho Animation producer Katsuhiro Takei, and additional notes and translation assistance from Studio Orange producer Yoshihiro Watanabe. Trigun: Stampede is set to be released in 2023.

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