Amouranth is now selling an Anime body pillow

Amouranth is now selling an Anime body pillow

Amouranth is a popular streamer known for her ability to market her good looks, and now she’s doing it by selling anime body pillows of herself.

The famous ones Jerk streamer Amouranth is now selling a body pillow of himself as an anime character. The announcement left some staring at the price. Amouranth is an attractive person and one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, so her fans are more than willing to spend money on the exclusive body pillow.

The 29-year-old streamer from Houston, Texas announced the new pillow two days before Christmas, and while it’s clear that stock is limited, they have yet to sell out as of now. As a content creator on Twitch, she is similar to others like Pink Sparkles or Belle Delphine, whose streams tend to target a male audience.


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Twitch streamer Amouranth announced the anime-style body pillow on Twitter with a link to her store. “Have you ever wanted to cuddle up next to your favorite Waifu Amouranth? Now’s your chance!” it says on the body pillow’s shop page. The body pillow itself is 1.5 meters long and 45 centimeters wide with a life-size graphic of Amouranth in her underwear against a white background. The art style is quite simple and cartoonish, making her look a bit like a green-eyed Orihime from Bleach. The streamer emphasized to fans that the pillow is “EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION”. Due to its size and apparent demand, the pad’s price is a hefty $120. The store site says not to expect any other pillows like this in the near future, as they waited almost eight months for the pillows to be delivered.

Twitch Streamer Amouranth hair in ponytail

Amouranth is a streamer who uses the platform to market herself as a model, like many others who do exactly the same, like CinCinBear or Tara Babcock. But what sets her apart is her huge audience. Amouranth has over 6 million followers, with over 400 million total views. Her career had humble beginnings back in 2016 when she streamed herself and played Pokemon or Grand Theft Autobut in 2018 she experienced a huge boost in viewership after she started doing more ASMR and “Just Chatting” streams.

Amouranth recently separated from her abusive ex-husband, who allegedly pressured her to work and who is accused of trying to control and manipulate her by having full control over her finances. Some fans were surprised that she was in a relationship, but he allegedly forced her to keep their relationship a secret so as not to hurt the business. Now that they’ve split, she can operate with autonomy, so fans know their support will indeed go to her.

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