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All free codes and how to redeem

All free codes and how to redeem

Want to expand your Roblox Anime Adventures collection? In Anime Adventures, Roblox players collect anime devices and distribute them around their base in hopes of keeping intruders out. Redeem these Roblox Anime Adventure codes to unlock free Gems and Summon tickets to roll on anime devices and upgrade your crew.

Roblox Anime Adventures explained


Roblox Anime Adventures is a tower defense game developed by Gonu. The goal is to collect different anime characters from different anime universes such as Demon butcher, Dragon Ball Zand Naruto, and use them to defend your base and complete missions. Along the way, players earn various currencies that they can swap for new anime devices and powerful items to upgrade their existing list.

check out Roblox Anime Adventures here: [RELEASE] Anime Adventures – Roblox.

Roblox Anime Adventures Code July 2022


Latest codes


CHALLENGE – Gemstones

GINYUFIX – Gemstones

RELEASE – 50 gems

SubToKelvingts – One notice ticket

SubToBlamspot – One notice ticket

TOADBOIGAMING – One notice ticket

KingLuffy – One notice ticket

noclypso – One notice ticket

subtosnowrbx – One notice ticket

Cxrsed – One notice ticket

FictionNTheFirst – One notice ticket

Expired codes

No Anime Adventures codes have expired yet!

How to redeem tags in Roblox Anime Adventures


The process of redemption Roblox Codes can vary from game to game. With that in mind, here’s how to redeem Anime Adventures tags Roblox:

  • Look for the CODE sign in the main node area of ​​Neo-Tokyo
  • Enter the glowing circle
  • Enter the code and press “redeem”
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If the code does not work, you have either entered it incorrectly or it has expired. Try copying and pasting the code directly from the list above to make sure it is accurate.

Roblox Anime Adventures: Gems And Summon Tickets Explained


You get one free anime device when you open Roblox Anime Adventures for the first time. After that, use Gems and Summon Tickets to unlock new devices. Redeem all Roblox Anime Adventures codes to upload free Gems and Summon tickets to build your anime character collection.

In addition, gems can be exchanged in the Traveling Merchant Shop for upgrades and ingredients to develop your current list of anime devices.

That concludes our guide Roblox Anime adventure. Come by regularly, as we will update this guide when it is new Roblox Anime Adventures codes appear!

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