After a 27-year hiatus, The First Slam Dunk anime will get a theatrical release in Japan

After a 27-year hiatus, The First Slam Dunk anime will get a theatrical release in Japan

Takehiko Inoue’s The first Slam Dunk anime films have been announced for IMAX, Dolby Cinema and Dolby Atmos screenings around Japan. On Tuesday, November 1, 2022, the anime film’s official website confirmed the news and also announced the screening schedule, which will take off from December 3 to 8, 2022.

Apart from IMAX, Dolby Cinema and Dolby Atmos screenings, The first Slam Dunk will also be released in regular theaters as the anime film’s screening and official release fall on the same date. The film will start selling tickets with reserved seats from Saturday, November 5 until the last day of screening.

The first Slam Dunk will be released on 40 IMAX screens in Japan

劇場版SLAM DUNK’s schedule 出でてたただだで、まぁりますのでてででだだででででででで、初日のですで、でまりなた〜い🤩初日はDOLBYとさんますまで〜とか、光になりりりよ👍

The first Slam Dunk will premiere on 40 IMAX screens on the first day, and later on December 10, it will be screened in 34 Dolby Atmos and Dolby Cinema theaters across Japan. It has been proclaimed that this is the first time the anime film industry has been given the green light to allow reserved seat tickets to be purchased a month before the premiere date.

As the premiere of The first Slam Dunk is getting closer every day, fans worldwide can expect the theatrical release in their country to be announced by their respective distributors soon. The anime film was revealed to be a prequel to the original anime and manga series that will introduce the women who introduced basketball to Hanamichi Sakuragi, the protagonist of Slam Dunk.

This is how Viz Media describes the story of the film:

“Hanamichi Sakuragi has no match for girls – none at all! It doesn’t help that he’s known to throw down at a moment’s notice and always come out on top. A hopeless bruiser, he’s been rejected by 50 girls in a row! All that changes when he meets the girl of his dreams, Haruko, and she’s actually not afraid of him! When she introduces him to basketball, his life is changed forever…”

Slam Dunk became the seventh best-selling manga in history, with 170 million copies in circulation. Also, on TV Asahi’s Manga Sōsenkyo 2021 poll, Slam Dunk ranked number 3 in the top 100 manga series, only behind One Piece and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

After a 27-year hiatus, ending its 101st episode on March 23, 1996, Slam Dunk finally returns with a prequel anime film showing how Team Shohoku was formed and who was behind the King of Rebound, Hanamichi’s success. Since the series is among a list of famous cult classic Shonen anime, the hype for the prequel is intense among Slam Dunk fanatics all over the world.

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