9 Most Exciting Things About The Chainsaw Man Anime Premiere

9 Most Exciting Things About The Chainsaw Man Anime Premiere

Tatsuki Fujimoto Chainsawman has been a prominent shonen manga ever since its debut in late 2018, but the level of celebration that continues to form around this fresh action series has only gotten bigger. Chainsawman is set to be this decade’s next big shonen hit, and its audience is about to seriously increase thanks to the new anime adaptation.

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The Chainsawman anime has been one of the most anticipated titles of 2022, and it has finally become a reality. The first episode of Chainsawman“Dog & Chainsaw,” doesn’t delve very deeply into the show’s history, but there’s still a lot to love in this outrageous premiere.

9/9 Denji stands out as a main character

Denji and Pochita live in poverty in Chainsaw Man Anime

An anime series will live or die based on the success of its protagonist, and it’s not easy for shonen heroes to faithfully fulfill archetypes while breaking the mold. Denji has many markings of a classic shonen protagonist, but “Dog & Chainsaw” builds a huge amount of empathy for him because of the sad lot he’s been dealt in life.

Denji has an impossible debt that he inherited from his father, and he has resigned himself to this humble, drudgery existence. All of this makes it so easy to root for Denji as his life changes forever.

8/9 Pochita stands out as an adorable companion

Denji is Pochita's best friend in Chainsaw Man.

It’s so much easier for an anime to stand out and appeal to newcomers if it has an adorable mascot that it can advertise everywhere. Chainsawman‘s Pochita is a bizarre dog-chainsaw hybrid who becomes Denji’s partner in this impossible chainsaw devil adventure.

It’s only been one episode so far, but the bond between Denji and Pochita is already such an endearing part of the series. They both need each other in different ways and Denji would undoubtedly be lost without Pochita. Their connection is the true beating heart of Chainsawman and Pochita must be protected at all costs.

7/9 Devil System & Creature Designs are uniquely designed

Denji kills Tomato Devil in Chainsaw Man Anime

One of the easiest ways shonen anime make their mark is through their various powers and energy systems. Denji and the rest of the uniquely helped individuals in Chainsawman benefit from devil powers that allow them to transform into the Chainsaw Devil, Blood Devil, Future Devil and more.

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The series premiere gives a good taste of these extreme creatures, including some of the more unusual examples, such as the Tomato Devil. This whole hierarchy system and how the chainsaw devil can erase others and change the world accordingly is a fascinating playground to explore.​​​​​​

6/9 MAPPA Studio’s animation looks incredible

Chainsaw Man is born during the fight with Zombie Devil

At the end of the day, strong characters, storytelling, and conflict are what make a good anime series and keep audiences coming back for more. However, as a visual medium, there is a certain expectation that anime should also deliver groundbreaking animation. MAPPA Studio has made an impressive name for itself through the exceptionally high quality it puts into the detailed animation.

The audience was thrilled to hear that MAPPA would be producing Chainsawman and the first episode alone is already a visual extravaganza. The gory set pieces, including Denji’s death and rebirth, are amazing sights.

5/9 Denji meets a gruesome death in the very first episode

Denji becomes a chainsaw in the anime

There’s so much that needs to be accomplished in a series premiere, and it’s hard for these opening installments not to be completely engulfed in exposition. “Dog & Chainsaw” is a patient series premiere, but it also accomplishes a lot and brings out a big surprise that becomes the centerpiece of the episode. Denji, the main character of the anime, meets a brutal death by a horde of zombies.

Denji’s horrific untimely demise is a jarring sight for the first episode of Sawmill, and it is somehow a trial that Denji is able to rise. This sets an early precedent for how far these characters can be pushed and the level of punishment Denji is set to endure.

4/9 Sawyer’s exciting opening and closing theme songs and sequences

Opening Kick Back theme in Chainsaw Man

The opening and closing numbers of anime episodes are an art form in themselves, and they are creative ways to celebrate a series’ characters and themes. Chainsawmanthe opening sequence is a chaotic burst of action and adrenaline set to Kenshi Yonezu’s “Kick Back”.

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It’s a particularly strong way to start each episode and get the audience in the right mindset. Oddly enough, every episode of Chainsawman will feature a different end credits song, but the premiere ends with Vaundy’s “Chainsaw Blood.” The revolving ending themes are a great idea, and “Chainsaw Blood” sets a high standard for subsequent endings to match.

3/9 The Chainsaw Man’s iconic manga moment is enhanced in the anime

Makima saves Denji from being a chainsaw man anime

A valid concern that fans have when their favorite manga is turned into an anime is that the adaptation will rush through the content or not do it justice. Series premieres are always difficult to gauge pacing, but it’s heartening to see Chainsawman doesn’t seem to be in any hurry with the material.

In fact, there are certain moments from the opening chapters of the manga that are gory and gorgeous, but limited in scope. Alternatively, “Dog & Chainsaw” lets these set pieces breathe properly and actively enhance what made them interesting in the first place.

2/9 The chainsaw man has already established Rich Lore

Pochita becomes Denji's heart to form the Chainsaw Man Anime

One of the main reasons why audiences love anime is that they are set in unique worlds that establish such fascinating rules. There is no shortage of anime that delights in characters with exceptional powers, but the world itself is not very different from real life.

Chainsawman makes some illuminating hints that it is set in an alternate version of history where major wars may have played out differently. Details like this that deepen the broader strokes Chainsawman help give it its personality. It is very encouraging that there have been glimpses of this as early as the anime’s first episode.

1/9 Chainsawman’s strong English dub is already in motion

Power in the chainsaw man anime.

The quality of English anime dubs has improved exponentially over the past few decades, and there are now even situations where audiences prefer the dub over the original Japanese version. English dubs also have the ability to subtly build on aspects of the original version while respecting the established canon.

The lack of an English dub can be a barrier for some audiences who don’t like subtitles, and sometimes it takes years for a series’ dub to come together. Fortunately, the overwhelming success is to Chainsawman have immediately put a dub into production and it is already gaining recognition.

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