9 Anime Characters Jolyne Cujoh Can Outsmart

9 Anime Characters Jolyne Cujoh Can Outsmart

Like all Joestars before her, Jolyne Cujoh is incredibly smart and always comes up with clever solutions to any problem. No enemy is smart enough to outrun Jolyne, although many have tried. Except that Stone Free is one of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Jolyne, the most versatile of the stands, is also incredibly intelligent and creative when fighting back against her enemies.

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If given a chance to meet characters from other anime series, Jolyne would continue to prove why she shouldn’t be underestimated. Cheap tricks don’t work on her, and she will end up thwarting even the most intricate plans her enemies can devise.

9/9 Bruno’s Sticky Fingers are no match for Jolyne’s Stone Ocean

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Bruno Bucciarati greets his arrival after defeating Pesci - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Bruno’s Sticky Fingers is similar to Stone Ocean in theory. However, they are also naturally incompatible since Stone Free’s strings would easily triumph over Sticky Finger’s zippers.

Bruno could try to attack Jolyne with his zippers, but it would be a wasted effort since Jolyne could just as easily turn her body into cords and protect herself from being untied. Jolyne was able to easily hold Bruno back with Stone Free’s strings and then land the final blow. Bruno may have defeated some of the series’ most terrifying foes, but he’s no match for Jolyne.

8/9 Stone Ocean would protect Jolyne from Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration

Jujutsu Kaisen

Mahito from Jujutsu Kaisen

Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration is one of the most terrifying cursed techniques in Jujutsu Kaisen. With a single tap, Mahito can brutally transform someone. He either keeps them in an agonizing state or kills them mercilessly. It seems like a difficult cursed technique to outrun, but Jolyne would easily outwit this patchwork curse.

During the fight against Pucci, the fanatic priest tried to turn Jolyne’s heart inside out. Jolyne turned her entire torso into a Mobius strip with Stone Free to counter Pucci’s attack. She would probably achieve something similar against Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration.

7/9 Gaara’s sand doesn’t hold a candle to the stone sea


Gaara keeps his eye on Naruto.

Gaara’s sand manipulation is one of Naruto’s most terrifying jutsu techniques. He can create shields, clone himself and attack others without moving an inch. His sand would prove difficult for many to overcome, and even Jolyne might not be able to defeat it at first.

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However, Jolyne is cunning and always picks up on her enemies’ attack patterns. Gaara isn’t exactly unpredictable during a fight, so Jolyne could use that to her advantage. Like Gaara’s Sand, Stone Free works well as a long-range attack method. Additionally, if Gaara lands one on Jolyne, she can use Stone Free to undermine the attack.

6/9 Jolyne could exploit Yumeko’s theatrics as weaknesses

Cake guru

Kakegurui's Yumeko Jabami.

Like her father, Jolyne would always come out victorious against compulsive gamblers. Whether it’s Daniel J. D’Arby or Kakegurui’s Yumeko Jabami, some of anime’s biggest gamblers would have terrible luck in a match against Jolyne. Yumeko in particular would be easy for Jolyne to defeat.

She’s a bit like Gwess from the start The Stone Sea, so Jolyne might be able to exploit Yumeko’s theatrical and exaggerated reactions as a weakness to defeat her. Jolyne wouldn’t even need to break out Stone Free to take Yumeko down because she’s a bit smarter than her.

5/9 Naofumi didn’t want to stand a chance against Jolyne

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Naofumi looks stern in The Rising Of The Shield Hero.

Naofumi’s shield just wouldn’t stand a chance against Stone Free. Although he teams up with other characters from The Rising Of The Shield Hero like Filo or Raphtalia, any trick they try to pull on Jolyne would simply backfire on them.

Naofumi doesn’t have much going for him offensively, so he’s all about defense, which would give Jolyne a lot of different avenues to outsmart him. Stone Free is a versatile stand. Even if Naofumi brings his A-game and dodges most of Jolyne’s attacks, there might still be one or two waiting in his blind spot.

4/9 Jolyne wanted to see right through Karma’s schemes

Assassin’s Classroom

Karma Akabane in the Assassination Classroom.

Assassin Classroom’s Karma is one of the school’s most brilliant students, but he ended up in a class full of delinquents because he’d rather use his intelligence for anything but academics. Karma came up with some of the most creative assassination attempts against Koro-sensei.

Karma literally jumped off a cliff with a loaded gun to lure his teacher down. Still, he is no match for Jolyne. Jolyne took a lot worse from the other inmates at Green Dolphin Street Prison, so a pushy teenager with a serious attitude problem is no match for her.

3/9 Jolyne can solve any mystery Edgar Allen Poe throws his way

Bungou stray dogs

Edgar Allan Poe & Karl from Bungou Stray Dogs.

If Jolyne could escape Mew Mew’s Jailhouse Lock, she can definitely escape any Edgar Allen Poe adventure mystery from Bungou stray dogs can teleport her to. Poe’s ability, Black Cat In The Rue Morgue, transports his targets into murder mystery novels. It has to be a specific book they’re already reading, and they can only get out by breaking the case or dying.

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Jolyne would definitely outwit Edgar Allen Poe by choosing not to read the book at all. If she decides to humor him and read it anyway, she is resourceful enough that she would crack the case in no time. It would essentially be a repeat of her fight against Donatello Versus.

2/9 Misa Amane just isn’t smart enough to go against Jolyne

Death note

Misa Amane - Death Note

The death note Misa Amane was smarter than she looked, but she’s still not bright enough to face Jolyne. Misa survived Light, but she also made a nuisance of herself due to her obsession with him. Jolyne was able to exploit that as a weakness and stop Misa in her tracks before she could cause more damage with the Death Note.

Misa may have the Shinigami eyes, but Stone Free beats any arbitrary supernatural power. In addition, Jolyne would have been a prime target for Light and Misa anyway since she was an inmate. Even so, Jolyne could have pulled off a signature unpredictable Joestar move and outwitted them both.

1/9 Saiko Intelli is brilliant, but Jolyne has Street Smarts

My Hero Academia

Saiko Intelli from My Hero Academia

Saiko Intelli from My Hero Academia is proud of her high IQ, which is only enhanced by her Quirk. During the preliminary hero license exam, Saiko trapped Momo and her team inside a skyscraper. Saiko even planned intricate ways to exploit her opponent’s weaknesses, such as lowering the temperature to force Tsuyu into hibernation.

Saiko can always stay ahead of the game, but Jolyne is so unpredictable that Saiko wouldn’t know what hit her. Jolyne faced some pretty terrifying opponents in Part 6, from the very confused Gwess to the meteor-attracting Viviano Westwood. Therefore, Jolyne would easily see right through all of Saiko’s plans.

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