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8 Fantastic Shonen Anime ruined by a single scene

8 Fantastic Shonen Anime ruined by a single scene

There are many great anime, and some of the most recognizable and popular are part of the shonen category. Whether they are action-based, comic or even horror, shonen anime has given fans many great characters, settings and stories that have become some of the most reputable anime of all time.

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Unfortunately, while some shonen anime has a great start, not everyone is lucky enough to go the full length without any problems. Some are even unlucky enough to have a single scene or moment that weakens their impeccable reputation. Sometimes such scenes even ruin their respective series forever, whether they completely derail the anime or not.

8 Goku fights Beerus again, but it was very poorly animated (Dragon Ball Super)

When Dragon Ball came back with Battle between gods the film, it was received with open arms, not a small part thanks to its dynamic animation in the action scenes. But when Dragon Ball Super came around and this saga was remade, the animation was depressingly bad.

While this is to be expected when jumping from film to TV animation, Super‘sthe version of Goku and Beerus’ first match looked incredibly hasty and sloppy. While Dragon Ball Super eventually wanted to soar to greater heights, this scene killed the enthusiasm of many viewers.

7 Sebastian returning Ciel’s soul was the first of season 2’s many missteps (Black Butler)

While the first season of Black Butler did not fully follow the source material in the last half, it is remembered with joy among fans and its anime-original ending on Sebastian that took Ciel’s soul seemed appropriate enough. But after getting a second season, the story was kind of backed up in a corner.

Season two begins with Sebastian being forced to find and return Ciel’s soul after it has been swept away from him. This made the viewers scratch their heads, as this continuation of the story seemed forced and ruined the end of last season. This season would later go out of control to the point where the series now completely ignores the original plot.

6 The introduction of Rin & Yuki’s grandfather was the beginning of the end (Blue Exorcist)

First, Blue exorcist managed to adapt the source material quite well, it gradually began to deviate from course. Although this did not start badly, the point was without return when Yukio ended up meeting his and Rin’s grandfather and anime-only character Ernst Frederik Egin, who will basically be the main antagonist for the rest of the season. That’s where things started to unravel.

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After Ernst became the main antagonist, the anime began to suffer from predictable story beats, tons of plot holes and a rather messy finale that included trying to give Satan a sympathetic backstory. While next season tried to pretend that none of this happened, the damage had already been done.

5 L’s Death marked a major and divisive turning point (Death Note)

Too many, Obituary‘s The biggest dynamic was its cat-and-mouse-style battle between Light and L. This gimmick provided some interesting and tense moments while Light continued the killings while Kira and L wanted to put him on trial. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, including L’s life when Light managed to get the last laugh.

Many fans considered this a point where Obituary began to lose steam, when Light became too overconfident. In addition, L was replaced by Near, who eventually brought Light down, but seemed more like an L copycat. Although it was not completely despised by all viewers, L’s death was quite divisive.

4 Maka defeated Asura with bravery and it destroyed the whole Anime (Soul Eater)

Drips of style, action and humor, Soul Eater left a big impression. While the anime is still fondly remembered even now, the latest episode left a sour taste in the mouths of fans. With Maka and Soul as the only ones left to fight Asura, the two throw everything they can against Asura with little success. Just when everything seems lost, Maka gets his second wind with a speech about “bravery”.

Somehow this speech ends up as Asura’s weakness. With a single slap in the face, he is devastated. Not only does this moment the shark jumps, but the theme of bravery comes out of nowhere and feels undeserved as a result. Asura’s defeat ended up being the black mark on Soul Eater‘sreputation.

3 The first minutes of season three came with censorship and a huge downgrade in animation (Seven Deadly Sins)

With a tough group of maladapted elite knights tasked with defending their empire against evil, The seven deadly sins started strong with compelling characters and fantastic animation. Unfortunately, anime could not keep the momentum up forever. At the beginning of season three, the animation studio changed from A-1 Pictures to Studio Deen, and began a downhill spiral.

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The first minutes of the season’s first episode saw Meliodas and Ban save the day, although the animation was much rougher and the violence was greatly toned down. Censorship included making it completely blood white and continued for most of the rest of the series. Seven deadly sins stumbled hard here and never fully recovered.

2 Aizen’s defeat was far from satisfactory (bleach)

Aizen’s betrayal during the end of the Soul Society arc of Bleach set up what would be the main conflict for most of the anime’s long episode count, and led Ichigo and his friends down a difficult path on their way to stop him and everyone who allied with him. There was a lot of hype for the last match between Ichigo and Aizen, but the payout was less than satisfactory.

Ichigo’s fight with Aizen was quite short and seemed almost too easy for such a powerful villain as Aizen. To make matters worse, Urahara steals the victory from under Ichigo as he quickly and unpretentiously seals Aizen away. After over 240 episodes of buildup, Aizen’s defeat should have felt greater than it did.

1 The Grace Field Kids finds the secret bunker and everything goes down from there (The Promised Neverland)

The first season of The Promised Neverland was like catching lightning in a bottle. It was astonishingly animated, exuding tense horror and suspense, filled with sympathetic protagonists and scary antagonists, and a strong tale of making an almost impossible escape. What was once a must-see anime eventually became one of the most infamous declines in a great anime.

As soon as the Grace Field kids found the secret bunker with a new message scraped in and Yugo missed, it went downhill from there. Season 2 continued to condense over 100 chapters of the manga’s material. It completely skipped story arcs and characters in the process as it rushed to a random end. As a result, this once beloved anime became a hollow shell of what it used to be.

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