8 Anime Characters Who Are Really Bad At Their Jobs

8 Anime Characters Who Are Really Bad At Their Jobs

Some anime characters are just not suited to work in their chosen field. Whether they work in a supermarket or make ends meet like a ninja, some of them just don’t have what it takes to succeed.

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Some of these characters have terribly short fuses and are simply not suited to working with the public, while others don’t really care about their jobs outside of getting a paycheck. Others have a track record full of constant mistakes and shortcomings. Whatever the case may be, these characters would be better off finding a new line of work, for their sake and everyone else’s

8/8 Rin Okumura was too clumsy to work in a supermarket

Blue Exorcist

Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist is pictured

In the beginning of Blue Exorcist, Rin Okumura tried working part-time at a supermarket. Unfortunately, he was far too clumsy for the job and his manager reprimanded him all the time. He was also too hot headed for most of his other jobs and has a track record of getting fired.

Unfortunately for Rin, just when things were starting to get better for him at the supermarket, he ended up chasing a goblin through the store. He made a mess and a fool of himself, setting off a series of hilariously unfortunate events.

7/8 Mai Zenin is just not a good jujutsu wizard

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen's Mai Zenin frowns.

Unlike her sister Maki, Mai went into jujutsu sorcery for all the wrong reasons Jujutsu Kaisen. driven by jealousy and resentment for Maki, Mai became a wizard because she had no choice due to her sister’s rebellion.

Her techniques are nothing to write home about, plus her terrible attitude towards the profession proves that she doesn’t have what it takes. Mai tends to act much tougher than she actually is, and even hangs around Todo to seem more intimidating, but everyone can see right through her.

6/8 Hiruzen was the worst Hokage


Hiruzen Sarutobi, Third Hokage, smiles in Hokage uniform

IN Naruto, Hiruzen allowed too many atrocities to happen. He allowed the Uchiha clan to become a black sheep in society, leading to Itachi’s massacre. He also refused to kill Orochimaru and end his reign of terror.

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The decision led to the destruction of the Hidden Leaf Village, which he was responsible for protecting. He may have acted like a good leader, but he wasn’t really anything special since all his careless decisions led to the downfall of Hidden Leaf Village.

5/8 Mitsuru cannot work under pressure

Fruit basket

Mitsuru and Shigure in fruit basket.

Working with Shigure is definitely not easy, but Mitsuru can’t work under pressure to begin with. IN Fruit basket, Mitsuru is Shigure’s editor, so she constantly nags him about his deadlines and gets frustrated when he blows her off. She does not function well under pressure, and her anxiety tends to get the better of her.

Highly neurotic and unable to deal with minor inconveniences, if Mitsuru can’t handle dealing with Shigure, she might not be suited for her chosen profession. She works hard, but some of her outbursts and overreactions show that she would do better in another industry.

4/8 Team Rocket should have quit while they were behind


Pokemon's Team Rocket.

Pokemons Team Rocket are notoriously terrible at fulfilling their villain role. With a hysterically awful track record and nothing to show for their many years of villainous antics, it’s safe to say that Team Rocket should just blow themselves up for good.

They are focused on catching Pikachu but never reached their goal. In fact, any victories they may achieve are always temporary as Ash and his friends always catch them back. Additionally, Team Rocket never escapes without being forced to take responsibility for their actions.

3/8 Miki never delivers on time

Ramen Fighter Miki

Noodle Fighter Miki hates her job

IN Ramen Fighter Miki, the titular protagonist serves as the delivery girl and de-facto mascot for the family’s restaurant. However, she does not care about her job and relaxes whenever possible. Even when she decides to do her job, Miki still delivers late and doesn’t think anything positive about her role in the company.

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Miki doesn’t really have a work ethic either. It’s hard to say whether moving to another profession would be best for her or not, as she doesn’t seem to care about work in general.

2/8 Yamada is a clumsy waiter


Aoi Yamada from Working!!.

Yamada from Working!! isn’t exactly graceful, but she can’t be fired from her job since she’s homeless and Kyoko would feel bad about firing her because then she wouldn’t be able to support herself. Yamada’s blunt way of communicating is unintentionally offensive and spoils the restaurant’s image.

In addition, Yamada is very clumsy and constantly breaks the restaurant’s dinner noise. She also eats food meant for customers. Yamada also admitted that she did not do well in school and had to take many more exams than the rest of her peers.

1/8 Daybreak is a lousy spy

Spy X family

Dawn from Spy X Family.

IN Spy X family, Daybreak is an Eastern Danish amateur spy who believes he has what it takes to become Twilight’s rival. While Twilight is creative, cunning, deceptive and a master of her craft, the same cannot be said of Daybreak. Daybreak is clumsy, impulsive and terrible at hiding his true intentions.

He was hired by George Glooman to change the Desmonds’ test scores since they were failing their exams quite badly. Although he’s hilariously terrible at his job, he’s uncannily lucky, and some of his weaknesses lead to minor victories.

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