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7 great anime that is as healthy as ‘Spy x Family’

7 great anime that is as healthy as ‘Spy x Family’

Since its premiere in April, Spy x Family hair dominated the anime view maps. This show is known for overtaking popular animators like Attack on Titan, and it is all credited to the healthy concept. It’s not often it’s an anime that provides both action and heartwarming moments each week, however Spy x Family delivers it weekly.

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Fans of the series want to see Forgers become a real family, and the series makes us rummage for them time and time again. So while this anime can be aired week by week, here are some other anime that will give the same heartwarming healthy feeling while you wait Spy x Family.


Kotaro lives alone (2022 -)

Four-year-old Kotaro Sato moves into an apartment next to the ruined manga artist Shin Karino. Shin does not have the means to support himself, much less his young neighbor, but they take care of each other every episode. Slowly, Shin discovers why Kotaro lives alone and why the young boy is so independent. Together with the neighbors, Kotaro and Shin learn how to live together, but separately.

Much like Anya in Spy x Family, Kotaro has its own mind. He is influenced by his favorite program and does a lot for himself. Of course, there are things a child will not quite understand, but this is where the adults come in. For an anime that is simple and cheerful, Kotaro lives aloneis the one to look at waiting again Spy x Family episodes continue.

My neighbor Totoro (1988)

Satsuki and Mei move with their father to the Japanese countryside while their mother recovers from an illness at a nearby hospital. The moment they arrive at the house, the girls discover benevolent spirits. Mei discovers a big one with whiskers and thinks the roar sounds like “Totoro”, so she gives it that name. Together with the other spirits and Totoro’s Catbus, Mei and Satsuki learn that living together in the countryside is not as bad as they thought.

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Most Studio Ghibli movies can be that classified as healthybut My neighbor Totorois one that gives hope to the whole family. In principle, Satsuki and Mei do not get along as well and eventually learn to put their differences aside when they need to be there for each other. Spy x Family has not reached this level of comfort yet, but this 1988 hit continues to provide comfort for families around the world.

HoriMiya (2021)Horimiya-Feature-Image

Shy Miyamura has become accustomed to being ostracized by her class and not having many friends. Until the nice popular girl, Hori, notices him one day. Later, he helps a young boy who stumbled upon his way home and discovers Horis’ brother. From then on, Hori and Miyamura learn the true sides of themselves, from Miyamura’s tattoos to Horis’ love of horror movies. The anime follows their journey to fall in love, while at the same time expanding their group of friends.

HoriMiya can be classified as healthy just because it’s about a group of friends trying to get to know each other, while there are romantic feelings flying around. There are fake dating, miscommunication and occasional masochistic moments (thanks to Hori), but this series never ceases to be loving.

Malm Monogatari !! (2015)

Not everyone you are in love with reciprocates these feelings, and for Takeo Goda this is especially true. He has a scary look because he is so tall and strong, but he has a heart of gold. When Takeo rescues a young woman named Rinko Yamato from a catch on the train, he finds himself in love with this little, petite girl. Takeo’s dating story, however, is terrible since every girl he likes tends to fall in love with his more attractive best friend, Makoto Sunakawa. So, assuming Rinko is like any other girl, he tries to set her up with his best friend, only to discover that she has feelings for Takeo instead.

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My love story !! Is heartwarming because it changes everyone’s perception of physical attraction. Takeo assumes that Rinko wants to be with Makoto because he did not have much confidence in himself. Fortunately, this series gives Takeo more confidence and proof that he is as attractive and lovable as the other guys around him. With such a message, it is as heartwarming as watching Anya bring her family in Spy x Family.

Husmannens vei (2021 -)

IN Husmannens vei, ex-yakuza boss Tatsu works hard to be there for his wife Miku. With her breadwinner, Tatsu does everything he can to support her. He is a master chef, makes sure the house is spotless and makes sure everything is comfortable when she comes home from a long working day. Each episode of this Netflix series is only about 15 minutes long, making it even easier to fit this series into a busy work schedule.

As the characters in Spy x Family, Tatsu also lives a double life as a former gangster and current homemaker. As Yakuza boss, he was respected and feared. Now he treats his wife with the utmost respect and fears to disappoint her. So while he may be looking for the best deals in the grocery store, Tatsu takes it as seriously as dealing with a rival gang. The whole of this series comes through in Tatsu’s twist, because he wins every time, even if he has to threaten a Roomba.

Wotakoi: Love is hard for Otaku (2018–2021)

Narumi Momose starts a new job because her ex persuaded her like an Otaku to all her colleagues. Thorumi is thoroughly embarrassed that no one at her new job will know her secret – until she encounters her former classmate, Hirotaka Nifuji. Hirotaka himself has a gambling addiction and no one else seems to understand except Narumi.

While Narumi complains that she will never find another man who will love her for who she is, Hirotaka suggests that they go together since they are so similar. Together with their friends and colleagues, Hanako Koyanagi and Tarou Kabakura, who are also a nerdy couple, Narumi and Hirotaka learn how to live their double lives as adults and otakus at the same time.

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Wotakoi: Love is hard for Otaku is a chill watch for anyone trying to figure out what to do with 5-9 after 9-5. Both Narumi and Hirotaka support each other in the smallest ways, even if it means editing Narumi’s manga until sunrise. Hanako and Tarou are the perfect example of what it means to drive each other crazy while still loving each other.

Kaguya-Sama: Love is war (2019 -)

Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane have feelings for each other, so what else is left for anime to cover? All they have to do is admit their feelings for each other, and they may have all the warm feelings of love that a romantic anime is meant to have. However, Kaguya and Miyuki are not a normal couple. Their pride gets in the way, so they go to battle to get the other to admit their feelings first. Full of intricate plans and fun mishaps, Kaguya-Sama: Love is war turns out to be healthy in the most complicated ways.

Overall, this series is about planning, and although it may not be what is defined as “healthy”, the intention is behind the planning. Every time Kaguya is not around Miyuki, she is full of frustration and excitement because she just wants him to confess. Miyuki can not help but beat himself up every time he thinks he is about to be lame around Kaguya. It’s a sweet love story, but can be frustrating for anyone who does not like a slow burn.CONTINUE READING: The best anime TV series on Netflix right now

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