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7 best anime sets in gothic castles

7 best anime sets in gothic castles

Gothic architecture was in rage between the 12th and 16th centuries, and even after a few centuries of being the dominant art style, it remained popular well into the 18th century. It is not seen that often in North America, but Europe is filled with churches, mansions and castles that use the Gothic style. It also looks great on the screen, which is why animators often use it in the settings and stories they create.

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Gothic architecture was inspired by the rich and detailed Rococo that came before it, and modern interpretations also integrate the styles that came after, including the Renaissance and Victorian. Anime often uses this style, and there are many movies and programs that use a Gothic design that includes an actual building. All of the following anime takes place either in whole or in part in a kind of Gothic mansion, house or castle.

7 Soul Eater (2008–2009)

The whole world off Soul Eater is neo-Gothic with a big nod to Tim Burton, including the school students attend, the homes they live in and the general aesthetics of the surrounding city. Not so much a castle as a fortified city in the middle of a mysterious underworld depicted as an endless desert, it is an interesting design that fits perfectly with a dark comedy like this anime.

In addition to mostly taking place in a Gothic castle, many of the terms in the story, such as the title “Master” for a gunsmith, are meant to look Germanic, another nod to the show’s Gothic setting. The original manga was drawn in a similar style.

6 Castlevania (2017–2021)

There are a few Gothic castles in this series, and since it takes place in a fictional part of medieval Europe, it makes sense. Belmont Hold, or what’s left of it, is a more modest example of a Gothic mansion, with plenty of its tall, thin towers and tall arches left to show its original design.

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However, leave it to the vampires to do justice to the Gothic castle. Carmilla’s castle is as Gothic as possible, perched on top of an Austrian mountain and decorated with rose windows and rib vaults, which Dracula’s castle resembles but changed to travel and defy gravity.

5 Hellsing (2001-2002)

When we talk about vampires, the main character in this series, Integra Van Hellsing, continues the family pact that was entered into generations ago with one of the greatest vampire masters that has ever existed, Count Dracula. In the series, the character is known as Alucard, but anyone who follows can see that it is only the iconic vampire’s name spelled backwards.

Hellsing Manor is distinctly Victorian in some ways, but likes to show off the windows and the high rooftops offered by the Gothic style. After all, this is the permanent home of a vampire.

4 Black Butler (2008-2010)

Not all Black Butler takes place in Trancy Manor, but it is such an important location for the total plot that it of course comes on the list. The exterior is more gothic than the interior, decorated with many of the dizzying sprouts that are a signature feature, and also borrows a lot from Victorian design. The interior is more lavish, with the dining room as an example of where a Renaissance monarch would eat.

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The contrast to this is Phontimhive Manor, which is reminiscent of a Norman fortress, a style that would have preceded Gothic architecture in Egland with hundreds of tears. The Trancy home seems exotic and even more eerie in comparison.

3 Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (2000)

A favorite for those who love the gothic and horror genre, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is pretty much gothic in every way. The cities and places are also Gothic or Victorian, with costumes and character designs that use the genre to its fullest.

The last act of the story takes place in the castle of the vampire lord Carmilla, and this is the same historical legend that appears in Castlevania series, but the interpretation is a little different here. The inner castle is one of abundance and wealth, brightly lit and festively decorated, but the exterior looks like the facade of Notre Dame or the Duomo in Milan, two of the most infamous Gothic structures in the world.

2 Gosick (2011)

One of the most popular gothic anime series in recent years, the title Gosick is derived from the word “gothic” and this series is a deep dive into the genre. It is reminiscent of the work of Edgar Allen Poe and Arthur Conan Doyle and uses the aesthetics of Victorian England to dress and develop the characters.

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Set in a fictional European nation called Sauville, virtually all buildings and interiors are Gothic in style. It includes the school that the main characters, Academia Santa Margarita, attend, and the many mansions and mansions they visit while doing their detective work.

1 Lupine 3: Castle Of Cagliostro (1979)

It is a dreamy place designed to look like the castles in Europe that are located above the clouds and on the edge of the cliffs, and most of them are in Northern Europe and have Gothic features. The natural result of this is a castle that borrows from several styles, but the Gothic is its most obvious influence.

Cagliostros’ castle may be Gothic, but this is one of the few anime that has a Gothic castle without being classified as an anime genre. It’s a fairytale romance without any of the darkness or superstition that a real gothic anime would have, and that’s what a viewer expects from a Studio Ghibli movie.

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