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7 Anime girls who are ridiculously clumsy

7 Anime girls who are ridiculously clumsy

Anime is filled with exciting and interesting female characters that fans fall in love with and appreciate for their quirky eccentricities. More often than not, these lovable heroines are strong-willed, carry their hearts on their sleeves and are the clumsy characters throughout the series. Falling on your face, burning a meal and even wardrobe mistakes are just some of the mishaps that plague these characters and make them memorable to fans throughout the series.

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Even the most powerful of evil villains or interdimensional monsters are no match for the bad luck of these characters. Here are some of the most ridiculously clumsy girls in anime.

7 Nana Komatsu (Nana)

Nana is half of the main characters in the series of the same name; the show follows Nana K on her social journey to bring her life together with her romantic endeavors. Nana K is a slightly childish and selfish individual, but tries her best to take everyone’s feelings into account, but lacks the backbone to do so.

As she tries to get through life, she is exposed to happy accidents that are an obstacle for her and her friends; just when she thinks things will work out for the better, her happiness turns to the worst.

6 Mako Mankanshoku (Kill La Kill)

Mako is the lovable, hyper and casual best friend of Ryuko Matoi from the Kill La Kill series. Fans love Mako’s crazy twists and turns with her strong dedication to her friends; no task is too big for the fearless fatal, but she can chew the world along the way.

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While Mako charges herself with full force, more times than not, she ends up on her face just a few steps in. But no embarrassment is intense enough to stop her from giving everything to her friends and living up to the expectations she sets for herself.

5 Serena (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon is among one of the most famous and longest running series of all anime; the Sailor Moon franchise is an iconic IP in itself, which inspires hundreds of series and makes the magical girl troop famous which is celebrated and celebrated in anime to this day.

The anime girl who takes the clumsy crown is none other than Serena Tsukino, Sailor Moon herself; this lovable meatball fights the evil in the moonlight and falls flat on her face in broad daylight. While Serena is a great character and is as iconic as the next one, fans mostly remember the countless mishaps she has been subjected to while not acting as a protector of the universe.

4 Tomaki Kotatsu (firepower)

Tomaki Komatsu is a distinctive thing when it comes to clumsy anime girls; Tomaki is a powerful third-generation pyrokinetics who can use her powers to engulf herself in flames that give her improved abilities and the characteristics of a cat. Unfortunately, however, Tomaki suffers from a serious trait that she calls her “lucky lecher lure”.

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This “curse” manifests itself in many ways by accidentally getting Tomaki into adulterous situations through wardrobe errors and compromising positions with members of the opposite sex. This is always a problem because of the religious tones of the Fire Force anime; As a result, Tamaki usually ends up embarrassed and reacts impulsively by crushing the victim in her head.

3 Yui Hirasawa (K-on)

Yui Hirasawa is the effervescent but somewhat tough protagonist of K-on; in the series, she serves as the lead guitarist for the bad, which consists of members of the school’s music club. Yui was in the music club by chance; before, she was not interested in music, but was faintly caught by the lure of tasty sweets.

In the K-on series, Yui is as clumsy as she is kind; there is never a time she does not fall over herself, stumble over something and drop the goodies she has in her hands. Easy to tear down, the other members of the Ho-Kago Tea Time band must serve as temporary caregivers for their fragile guitarist.

2 Mirai Kuriyama (Beyond The Boundary)

Being a demon killer is a tough job in the Beyond The Boundary world, but Mirai Kuriyama does her best even if she can not help but drop the ball a few times along the way. Mirai’s clumsy is the thing of legends, as she can miss objects right in front of her face and run right into them.

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While she maintains a very strict attitude on the surface, she is actually very sensitive and prone to overthinking. Mirai is a strong fighter and uses her inherited abilities adequately, but she can be overwhelmed from time to time and end up in a compromised position.

1 Ueno (Miss Ueno is clumsy)

Miss Ueno is clumsy is a series that follows the series’ namesake on her adventures in high school as part of the science club. Ueno is a brilliant, yet unfocused and weird girl; she is the president of the science club, where she presents a new invention every day; Ueno’s inventions are unfortunately a clever way to get closer to her love interest, Tanaka. Unfortunately, Ueno’s inventions always get her in many precarious situations due to their misconstruction; when an invention strikes back, Ueno ends up being embarrassed and usually gets a tantrum.

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