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6 cute anime characters that are pure evil

6 cute anime characters that are pure evil

Things are not always as they seem, as many plot twists have taught us, and it’s even easier to be fooled by a cute little animated face than a live action. There are many adorable characters in anime, in virtually all forms from magical girls to cuddly creatures, but not all are as vague on the inside as on the outside.

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Whether some of the following sweet but dangerous characters are pure evil or not is a matter of opinion, but all act as the antagonist at some point after they act as either an ally or a harmless spectator. The following anime characters may look cute, but the look can be deceiving.

6 Kyubey, Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Despite the high level of sweetness here, this adorable pet is the main antagonist to Puella Magi Madoka Magica, one of the most popular magic girl anime of all time. One of the reasons why this series is such a fan favorite is because of this kind of dark twists, so viewers who like horror will not be disappointed.

Kyubey sets the whole action in motion by making a pact with the main characters at the beginning to give them magical powers, but he fails to tell them the relevant details that their invincibility is not so invincible. He is an incubator, which is a race of alien beings without human emotions themselves, but who try to use emotions for their own malicious goals.

5 Misa Amane, Death Note

Pop star, aspiring model and fashion icon Misa Amane was an influencer before it was cool. Her celebrity name was Misa Misa, and she carefully cultivates a beautiful but non-threatening look using details such as hair and makeup, so even in her signature costumes in Gothic or Lolita fashion, she is still cute.

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No one would ever suspect that the eternally happy and sweet as a button Misa Misa would be the holder of the other Obituary and a ruthless supporter of Kira. Misa kills innocent people and endangers others only to find out Kira’s true identity

4 Puchuu, Excel saga

These round little teddy bears look so cute on the outside, but they are naughty, nasty little trolls on the inside. Their cute facade is designed to trick people into a false sense of security, so when they turn on the earthlings to take over, no one will suspect them until it’s too late. Maybe someone should tell them that the earth cats have already conquered the earth and would be a force to be reckoned with if challenged.

The show is a parody of the science fiction genre, so naturally Puchuu is a parody of various aliens as they appear in pop culture, but only the most evil. For example, when the Puchuu queen appears, she is a satirical image of the xenomorphic queen from Aliens franchise.

3 Sugar, One Piece

How could this cute little blue net threaten anyone? Well, by being a member of the Donquixote Pirates’ Trebol Army and having a fearsome Devil Power, first of all. Sugar is actually 22 years old, even though she seems to be eight or ten, but that’s because her powers are slowing her growth.

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Sugar is a relentless character who transforms his enemies into submissive toys using the Devil’s Fruit. Sugar subdues and also destroys the innocent. She was a driving force in Doflamingo’s conquest of Dressrosa, and she was proud of her work, only dissatisfied when her toy slaves would find a way to return to their former selves and seek revenge.

2 Alois Trancy, Black Butler

The first noble that the audience gets to know Black Butler, Alois is an example of how absolute power absolutely corrupts. When people describe a child as a monster, this is the child they are talking about; Although his past reveals more nuances in his character than just evil, he still manages to get quite close.

Alois is not just the typical dirty boy who is always nasty to help. He is mocking, vengeful, eternally angry and prone to violent tantrums. He is also craven, great at talking, but always hides behind the butler when his victims call him out if they have the power to do so at all. The one time Ciel calls him out for a proper duel, he starts it by cheating.

1 Mariko Kurama, Elven Song

Lucy is one of the main characters in Eleven Song, and she is now an iconic character in anime, but she is not the only child in the series of dangerous psychic forces. She may even be the sweetest and most helpless character to date, just a child confined to a wheelchair, a result of being locked up in a tiny little room for most of her life.

Given the brutal treatment she received growing up, it’s no wonder Mariko is bitter and prone to outbursts, but more is happening than that. She is a Silpelit, which is a nasty variant of the Diclonius tribe with a reputation for being ruthless, aggressive and visceral. In fact, as soon as someone enters the chamber for the first time, she uses her powers to literally tear them in two.

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