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5 great free anime to watch online

5 great free anime to watch online

Funimation sent shockwaves throughout the anime world when the news came that the company had acquired Crunchyroll in late 2021. Since then, much has changed – the two companies have merged as Crunchyroll, LLC, and the landscape for anime streaming has changed dramatically.

There’s no need to pay for a Funimation subscription anymore, let alone the service discontinuing simulcast anime premieres (which will debut on Crunchyroll from now on), while the back catalog of older Funimation-licensed anime has slowly but surely begun to roll over to Crunchyroll’s library. Emphasis on “slow”.

While a majority of the service’s popular titles, such as Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakushoand Trigun has taken the road over to Crunchyroll since the merger was announced in March, not to mention English dubs of anime, including Dr. Stone, Hunter x hunterand Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, there are still a handful of gems in the Funimation library that have not yet taken the plunge. Several of these anime can even be streamed for free with ads on the Funimation page, which means you can still enjoy them even if you do not have a subscription.

If you’re looking for an older, excellent anime to watch, from The vision of Escaflowne to Ping Pong animationthese are just some of the best anime you can stream for free on Funimation right now.

The vision of Escaflowne

Van Fanel stands in front of a giant white mech with a red cloak in Visions of Escaflowne.

Image: Sunrise / Funimation

The idea of ​​Macross co-creator Shōji Kawamori, The vision of Escaflowne is a fantasy-romance isekai set in an alternative dimension where feudal kingdoms pilot giant mechanized armor and the power of love can change the shape of fate itself. The series follows Hitomi, a Japanese high school student who is transported to the magical world of Gaea after being rescued from a dragon by Van Fanel, the heir to the kingdom of Fanelia and the pilot of the white dragon Guymelef (see: mecha) known as Escaflowne.

Don’t be fooled by the series’ emphasis on action in the first couple of episodes; Escaflowne gradually transforms into an intensely involved romantic drama involving a love pentagon between Hitomi, Van, the gallant knight Allen Schezar, a headstrong princess, and Van’s childhood nanny. Also, the main antagonist in the series is strongly suggested to be an immortal Isaac Newton who uses something called “Fate Alteration Machine” to interfere in Hitomi’s love life. If you like big mechanisms, intense fights and big emotions, The vision of Escaflowne is a must-see.

Lupine the third: the woman called the Fujiko mine

Still images of Fujiko posing in black and white and in silhouette from the opening of The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

Image: TMS / Po10tial / Funimation

Produced to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first Lupine the third anime (and manga 45), Lupine the third: the woman called the Fujiko mine is a depressing and sparkling origin story for the iconic femme fatale from the franchise. Directed by Sayo Yamamoto (Michiko and Hatchin, Yuri on the ice), follows the series Fujiko’s career as seductive and thief when she meets the likes of Lupine III, Daisuke Jigen, Goemon Ishikawa and Inspector Zenigata for the first time, all while being drawn into a gruesome conspiracy orchestrated by an owl-obsessed mad scientist with suspected ties to her past.

With character design by Takeshi Koike (Red line) and a fantastic jazzy score overseen by Cowboy Bebop director Shinichirō Watanabe, The woman called the Fujiko mine is a dazzling, cerebral and beautifully animated crime drama with more than enough twists to satisfy the most believers Lupine both fans and newcomers.

Record of the Lodoss War

The warrior Parn with his companion in the Record of Lodoss War.

Photo: Madhouse / Funimation

For The legend of Vox Machinait was Record of the Lodoss War. Based on a series of light novels by author and game designer Ryo Mizuno, which in itself is based on transcripts of a series of Dungeons & Dragons campaigns he participated in, both the 13-episode 1990 OVA (original video animation) and the 27th – anime from 1998 Chronicle of the Heroic Knight is highly regarded not only for its role as groundbreaking touchstones in the genre of fantasy RPG anime, but significant groundbreaking titles in the early popularity of anime in the West.

The series follows a young warrior named Parn, along with his companion (a wizard, a thief, an elf and a dwarf), as they cross the cursed island of Lodoss, wandering from one battle to another in which the fate of the world hangs. a thin thread. While several fantasy anime has since repeated and improved the foundation laid by the series, both have Record of the Lodoss War OVA and anime series are thoroughly entertaining and are guaranteed to delight any avid fantasy fan.

Series experiments are located

Lain from Serial Experiments Lain.

Image: Triangle Staff / Funimation

Ryūtarō Nakamura and Chiaki J. Konakas 1998 Series experiments are located is a cult masterpiece, a psychological drama that follows a strange young girl who comes of age at the beginning of the information age. After the death of one of her classmates, Lain ends up in a cryptic conspiracy as she delves deeper into the world of online hacking and computers in search of answers not only to her classmate’s suicide, but to her own mysterious nature. Known for its avant-garde animation and themes such as consciousness, perception, identity and reality, Series experiments are located is the closest anime equivalent to a Kiyoshi Kurosawa horror film: cerebral, cool and devastating in its ignorance.

Ping Pong animation


Image: Science Saru / Funimation

Based on Taiyo Matsumoto’s manga of the same name, Masaaki Yuasa’s anime from 2014 Table tennis is a captivating sports drama run by interesting protagonists, an emotional story of personal growth in defiance of failure, and a beautiful expressionist art style that feels unique and timeless in its appeal. The story follows two childhood friends and table tennis prodigies who are pushed beyond their respective limits when they mature not only into formidable players, but into emotionally mature young men. If you are a fan of sports anime à la Haikyuu !! and looking for something more stylistically eccentric and psychologically driven, you can not go wrong with Table tennis.

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