16 Anime Characters Who Never Said a Word

16 Anime Characters Who Never Said a Word

In anime, dialogue is an extremely powerful tool. It is used to convey personality, exposition, character relationships and even motivation – while also showcasing their personality and traits. Overall, it’s indispensable to any given story. However, there are a number of characters who have never spoken a word.

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As a result, others must talk around them to help explain their rationality and decisions. By identifying such silent individuals, it becomes easier to understand the role their muteness plays in the plot and how it has affected their lives for better or worse.

Updated by Maria Remizova on October 30, 2022:OSometimes silence speaks louder than words, and anime’s quietest characters understand that better than most. While it’s more challenging for creators to create silent characters, such whimsy can actually benefit the character’s development, making them more compelling because of their quirks. Due to a physical disability, social anxiety or a magical curse, these beloved anime characters never speak on screen, but fans still recognize their unique charm.

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16/16 Tae Yamada is a mindless zombie with an adorable personality

Zombieland Saga

While most members of Zombieland Sagazombie idol group Franchouchou is indistinguishable from humans, their mysterious seventh member Tae Yamada is the only one without consciousness. As the first of the idols to come back to life, Tae acts the most zombie-like, communicating through moans and biting everything she comes across.

Still, she’s more cute than harmful, and is the group’s unorthodox mascot. Tae is slow to develop thoughts and feelings, but the progress she made throughout the series suggested that she could eventually catch up with her zombie comrades.

15/16 Saty gets her business partner to speak for her

Blood boy

Despite being employed as a socially demanding barkeep, Saty from Blood boy never spoke a word to anyone – communicated solely through his partner Mamejirou. Fortunately, Mamejirou is the total opposite of her callous partner and loves to speak for both of them.

Saty, a three-eyed humanoid demon, has a formidable presence, and her icy silence does nothing to make her seem more approachable. While her customer service skills could use some work, Saty’s intimidating stare is usually enough to solve any problems at the Third Eye bar.

14/16 I am the shadow leader of the world government

One Piece

One Piece’s Im is the head of the world government and presumably the man in charge of the Void Century. Shadowy and mysterious, he observes the open sea from the darkest recesses of the Mary Geoise.

Considering the sheer amount of organizational skill required to command the Gorosei and marines, it’s likely that Im has spoken at some point in the story. However, he has never said anything so far, and remains so anonymous that even his gender is uncertain.

13/16 The Gedo statue mindlessly obeyed its master


The Gedo Statue was a huge monument constructed from the bark of the World Tree. Unlike the Tailed Beasts, it did not speak despite clearly having a mind of its own. Through Naruto Shippuden’s Fourth Shinobi War, the Gedo statue screamed and lashed out periodically at the attackers.

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While it is possible that Madara simply forbade it to speak, it probably never had the capacity for dialogue to begin with due to its raw and primal nature. Regardless, the Gedo statue is at least somewhat intelligent since it can attack hundreds of shinobi with its offspring.

16/12 Shion Yasuoka lost her voice due to psychological trauma

The flowers of hard blood

Shion Yasuoka witnessed her family’s brutal murders when she was a child The flowers of hard blood. The resulting trauma caused her to lose the ability to speak. Still, Shion’s muteness did not stop her from becoming a professional shogi player, and finding the strength and comfort to continue living and demanding her career.

Despite having a mute protagonist, The flowers of hard blood excels at developing Shion’s multi-faceted and lovable personality. The girl’s mental strength allows her to rise in the competitive shogi world as she pieces together the mystery of her family’s murder.

16/11 Ymir’s silence indicates her oppression

Attack on Titan

From youth it seemed that Ymir’s decisions in Attack on Titan were never her own. Whether manipulated by a treacherous Eldic king or commanded by his descendants, she has remained completely silent. Her lack of dialogue is indicative of her slavery and therefore tells more about her character than speaking ever could.

Even after Eren set Ymir free and obtained the Founder for himself, Ymir remained silent. It is possible that she has gone so long without expressing that she is not able to do it anymore.

16/10 Prime Nomu didn’t say a word to all powers

My Hero Academia

Prime Nomu i My Hero Academia didn’t say anything to All Might during their extended match at UA High. Superficially, one could attribute this to its monstrous nature and general unintelligence. After all, no one seemed surprised that the creature had nothing to say.

However, based on what the audience now knows about Kurogiri, it was possible for nomu to speak even at the time. This is further substantiated through Endeavor’s battle with High-End, where the latter taunted his fiery opponent until he was reduced to smoldering ashes.

16/9 The Chopman let Kaiba speak for him


Chopman was a serial killer that Kaiba acquired to fight Yugi. Introducing the challenge, he ordered the monster to hold a screen of him so he could explain the nature of the game.

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Despite being a grown man who was allegedly able to speak, Chopman had nothing to say to Joey Wheeler during their meeting in Yu-Gi-Oh!. However, his gleefully murderous intent was evident throughout the fight, culminating in his singular and gruesome demise. Finally, Chopman’s lack of speech was likely due to his inspiration from Leatherface.

16/8 Carne was an obsessive stand user who died almost instantly

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Unlike previous opponents i Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Carne didn’t have flashy gimmicks to harangue and terrorize Giorno’s crew. He simply opened fire the second he found him, ignoring Mista’s warnings and resulting in him being shot in the head.

Carne’s Stand, the Notorious BIG, survived after his death to haunt the JoBros. Unlike most stands, it didn’t talk and couldn’t even be destroyed. Luckily, the heroes threw it into the ocean before it got out of control.

16/7 Saitou Shimaru is always mistaken for a threat due to his inability to speak


Gintama’s Third Division Commander of the Shinsengumi, Saitou Shimaru, is feared by enemies and allies alike due to his intimidating appearance, excellent swordsmanship, and stoic, quiet demeanor. Even Saitou’s comrades in the Shinsengumi admit that they never heard the swordsman speak.

Despite his deceptive appearance, Saitou is a gentle and kind individual, and the only thing that prevents him from speaking out is his extreme shyness. The only enemy Saitou has is Elizabeth, Gintama’s another mute character who communicates through board texts. Yet their rivalry is played for laughs, as Elizabeth is jealous of Saitou fir stealing his character gimmick.

16/6 Shoko Nishimiya often feels insecure because of her disability

A quiet voice

One of Kyoto Animation’s most heartfelt films, A quiet voice, focuses on the plight of Shoko Nishimiya, a clinically deaf and mute girl who was mercilessly bullied for her disability as a child. However, the cruelty of the world did not break Shoko’s spirit.

Even after everything she’s been through, the girl remains easygoing and compassionate, still willing to forgive her childhood bully Shoya. Still, growing up ostracized from society left some scars on Shoko’s heart, planting toxic guilt, fear of being useless, and self-hatred in her soul.

16/5 Oono Akira doesn’t see the point in talking loudly

Hi Score Girl

Hi Score Girl The franchise’s female protagonist, Oono Akira, is not technically mute, but she never utters a word. The heiress of the powerful and wealthy Oono family excels in everything she does, preferring to spend her time at the arcade, where she bonds with Haruo Yaguchi.

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Becoming the boy’s only legitimate gaming opponent and equal, Akira still chooses to communicate with Haruo through sounds, gestures, and the occasional punch. Nevertheless, Akira’s muteness does nothing to diminish the charm and popularity achieved through her myriad talents.

16/4 Eucliwood Hellscythe must keep quiet to keep others safe

Is this a zombie?

Unlike most non-verbal anime characters, Eucliwood Hellscythe from Is this a zombie? does not use facial expressions or animated movements to get his point across. The reserved Necromancer communicates solely by writing in her notepad.

While it’s easy to dismiss Eu’s aversion to speaking as part of her cold and emotionless attitude, she chooses to remain silent for the sake of the people around her. Eu’s uncontrollable magical powers activate with her voice, causing her extreme pain. At the same time, her abilities can put those around her in danger, so Eu keeps them at bay by not saying a word.

16/3 Prince Bojji was often mistaken for being deaf and mute

Ranking Of Kings

Ranking of KingsPrince Bojji was bullied and ostracized from court from a young age due to his disability. He was born deaf and is mute as a result. But Bojji never let his disability bother him and grew up to be a sincere, hardworking and adventurous boy.

Although it can be difficult for Prince Boji to communicate, he found his way around and let the world know his thoughts and feelings, excelling in visual language and even using pantomime to get his point across.

2/16 The evangelist has his own way of communicating

Fire strength

The evangelist was the leader of the white-robed, a mysterious entity that wanted to destroy the world Fire strength. Despite having a supernaturally high level of intelligence and power, she did not speak in the traditional sense. Instead, the evangelist communicated telepathically and in ways that her subjects could sense.

This made her a terrifying figure, especially since she existed on a different plain of reality from the mortal world. Overall, the evangelist’s sobriety and elusiveness made her one of the most compelling cult villains to date.

1/16 Celty Sturluson doesn’t let her inability to speak get in the way


Celty Sturluson from Durarara!! would love to talk openly with everyone without relying on writing as her only form of communication. Unfortunately, Celty is a headless Irish fairy known as the Dullahan, so she doesn’t have a mouth to speak like everyone else.

Despite being arguably the most abnormal character in the show’s cast of bizarre individuals, Celty’s personality is the most human and grounded. She has an adorably optimistic outlook on life and genuinely cares for her friends, although her unusual appearance makes her a bit insecure.

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