10 Worst Female Anime Characters Fans can’t help but love

10 Worst Female Anime Characters Fans can’t help but love

Japanese anime fans love to daydream about the best boys and girls, the most attractive, friendliest, most inspiring and most empathetic anime characters of all. Best Girls are all over the place, from Nico Robin and Shoko Komi to Rukia Kuchiki and Marin Kitagawa, but there have to be Worst Girls too.

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Worst Girls is widely disliked in its own universe, among anime fans, or both. These short anime girls may have terrible personalities or do unforgivable things, but some of them still have their appeal. Despite their misdeeds or lousy personalities, anime fans still find something to like about these badass girls and can ironically come off as sort of ironic waifus.

10/10 Himiko Toga is a criminal, but she has also suffered

My Hero Academia

Himiko Toga watches My Hero Academia curiously.

My Hero Academia has many best girls such as Momo Yaoyorozu, the genius and healthy Ochaco Uraraka, while Himiko Toga is a rogue villain who would like to tear down the hero community with her own two hands. She is completely committed to the League’s cause and refuses to surrender or redeem herself.

Himiko is a twisted yandere-style villain, and her crimes cannot be forgiven. Then again, she’s still entertaining as a twisted genki girl, and she’s also compelling as Ochaco’s dark counterpart. She is also somewhat likable, and is labeled as a monster in girlhood due to the Quirk.

9/10 Mai Zenin needs stability in her life

Jujutsu Kaisen

Mai Zenin from Jujutsu Kaisen

IN Jujutsu KaisenMai Zenin’s first season packed a revolver and serious attitude as an antagonistic Kyoto sorcerer student. She put up a serious fight with Nobara Kugisaki and her sister, Maki, but she had understandable reasons for all of this.

Mai had a tough time when Maki forced her to run away from her family with her, becoming refugees at odds with their oppressive, tradition-bound family. Mai simply needs some stability in her personal and family life, and she will be pretty miserable until that happens.

8/10 Marie fooled up her inverted harem

Trapped in a Dating Sim

Marie annoyed at dating sim anime

Trapped in a Dating Sim had a few Best Girl contenders, mostly the pretty dandy Olivia and possibly the saucy Angelica Redgrave. Meanwhile, this otome isekai had many worst girls too, including a baron’s noxious daughter and isekai guest Marie.

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Marie was reborn in this game world as her brother, but she was even more of an anti-hero than he was. Marie irritated fans with her selfish antics and petty lies, but she entertained isekai fans with her crazy antics and constant mistakes. Marie is a pain, but she’s not brutal enough to be truly hated.

7/10 Sakura Haruno is just trying to figure herself out


Sakura Haruno poses with a kunai.

Many Naruto the fans despise the tsundere Sakura Haruno while agreeing that Hinata Hyuga is best girl, with Temari and Tsunade not far behind her. It’s true Sakura said and did a lot of unpleasant things, but she’s not a truly bad person and never has been.

Sakura is still likeable because, relatably enough, she was always struggling to figure out her own identity and purpose as a Leaf ninja. She may not get to vent her frustrations very well, but she’s still trying to be a great ninja. And Sakura made impressive progress with medical jutsu and chakra infused punches.

6/10 Misa Amane was just a victim after all

Death note

Misa Amane from Death Note.

Misa Amane was introduced in Death note to contrast with all the serious male characters with her sweet personality and gothic girl outfits, although the creators pushed it too much. Misa annoyed fans with her petty, selfish ways of thinking, and she is also guilty of many Death Note murders.

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In hindsight, however, Misa is a victim, mostly to her manipulative boyfriend, Light Yagami. Misa just wanted true love to feel safe and protected, but Light never cared about her. And at her best, Misa was truly a charming, funny person who just wanted to enjoy life.

5/10 Orihime Inoue is written awkwardly but has her moments


Bleach Orihime Inoue arrives with bread

Orihime Inoue the deredere ranks among anime’s worst girls, not because of who she is, but how she’s written in Bleach. Unfortunately, Bleach made Orihime little more than Ichigo’s personal cheerleader and token love interest, so anime fans heavily favored Rukia Kuchiki over her.

On her own, Orihime is a top girl after all, though Bleach is reluctant to prove it. She is a kind and responsible friend that everyone can trust, and she is very brave despite her meager offensive powers. She is also one of anime’s greatest healers with her Shun Shun Rikka ability.

4/10 Ren Yamai is disturbing but still fun to watch

Komi cannot communicate

Ren Yamai from Komi Can't Communicate.

Komi cannot communicate is a wholesome rom-com anime with minimal drama, but it gets surprisingly dark every time Ren Yamai the yandere shows up. Ren has a strong but selfish love for Shoko Komi, and she can antagonize or threaten anyone who gets too close.

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Ren Yamai has a lot to answer for, but in this mild anime she’s relatively tame, so fans can give her a second chance. Ren is slowly but surely becoming a real friend and has started hanging out with people she would normally make fun of, like Najimi and Nakanaka Omoharu.

3/10 Lust is a cool monster with pointy fingers

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

lust fades fullmetal alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodThe Homunculus villains are strangely compelling and even likable despite their many misdeeds. Envy committed many crimes but still had a tearful farewell scene, and the assassin Lust was cool from start to finish.

Lust is a twisted waifu who has looks that can kill, along with the Ultimate Spear to impale her enemies. Lust did serious damage to Fullmetal Alchemist’s heroes, but she was still a magnetic character who died a little too early, so anime fans miss her. It was also fun to see her date Jean Havoc while in disguise as “Solaris”.

2/10 Hayase Nagatoro is a good-hearted punk

Don’t play with me, Mrs. Nagatoro!

Miss-Nagatoro-Anime-Season-2 (1)

Sadodore Hayase Nagatoro first raised alarm bells when she tormented her male love interest, Naoto Hachioji, and it seemed Nagatoro! anime was trivializing bullying. Thankfully, the anime and its namesake cleaned up their acts and showed their healthy side before long.

Hayase Nagatoro is a troublesome punk who makes her own rules, and Naoto finds her tiresome. Underneath it all, however, Hayase is a genuinely nice person who simply has too much fun expressing her emotions with excessive force. If she tones it down, a healthy romance may soon blossom.

1/10 The power is rough, annoying, crazy and awesome


Power grins while sideways

In-universe, the horned devil Power is despicable and almost impossible to like, but Chainsawman fans absolutely adore her as a bizarre new breed of best girl. In this anime, everyone is attached to Worst Girl and Worst Boy, so their scarce positive qualities really stand out.

Makt has terrible manners and is a selfish, selfish liar. She is also rude and messy at home, and she even betrayed Denji to the Bat Devil to get her cat, Meowy, back. But all of this only adds to her twisted appeal as 2022’s best weird female anime character that no one would actually want to date.

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