10 Worst Codependent Anime Relationships

10 Worst Codependent Anime Relationships

Anime relationships come in all shapes and sizes. Some are heartwarming and romantic while others are heroic partnerships ready for battle. Still, when it comes to anime relationships, there are some bad apples — especially when it comes to codependent relationships. Partners in these pairings trust each other so much that they would fall apart if they were ever separated.

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Codependent relationships are not only distressing, but often toxic. When apart, these couples don’t know how to function. Apparently, their only purpose is to be attached to their partner at any cost. Relationships are great, but not at the expense of someone’s individuality.

10/10 Wakana Gojo and Marin Kitagawa partner to create cosplay

My boyfriend

My Dress-Up Darling's potential harem route is a bad idea

When Marin Kitagawa discovers that Wakana Gojo can sew, she enlists him to make cosplay costumes for her in My boyfriend. Eager to correct the flaws in Marin’s sewing skills, Gojo agrees to help Marin make her cosplay garments.

Throughout the show, Marin and Gojo rely on each other to create increasingly elaborate cosplay. However, the cosplays often come at Gojo’s expense, as he is asked to do more and more for Marin. It’s not the most toxic codependent relationship, but they lean on each other to get what they want.

9/10 Shoko Komi and Hitohito Tadano become friends together

Komi cannot communicate

Shoko Komi and Hitohito Tadano from Komi Can't Communicate

Shoko Komi is an ethereal high school student from Komi cannot communicate whose painful shyness prevents her from speaking. Meanwhile, Hitohito Tadano is her regular classmate who also doesn’t have many friends. When they come together, they form an unbreakable pact where Tadano teaches Komi to speak, and Komi’s effortless charm helps both her and Tadano make friends.

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This may sound good, but if one of them is not in the presence of the others, the carefully created system they have worked to build will crumble. Tadano would go back to being a nobody and Komi would stop talking to people. Komi and Tadano are too dependent on each other because neither would be good without the other.

8/10 Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda help each other feel special

Fruit basket

Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda in fruit basket.

For generations, the Cat Zodiac has been reviled in the Sohma family. Although he tries hard to overcome the stereotype, no one in Kyo Sohma’s family believes he is worth anything. Similarly, much of Tohru Honda’s existing family believes that she is a burden now that both of her parents are dead.

Kyo and Tohru prove to each other that they are worthy and deserve love in anime Fruit basket. However, they tend to lean on each other a lot. Tohru often gets into danger, leading to Kyo rushing to save her, while Kyo has such a low opinion of himself that he has to have Tohru remind him that he is wanted.

7/10 Jessie and James attempt to catch Pokemon


have pokemon jessie and james

Jessie and James are two Team Rocket operators sent out to catch Pokémon for their boss, Giovanni i Pokémon. Yet, no matter how hard they try, they never succeed in their goal. Part of this is due to human error, but much of it is their incredible ability to always be in each other’s way.

Still, not many fans can imagine James without Jessie. They trust each other so much that they are practically the same unit. It’s healthy to rely on friends and family when you need them, but Jessie and James take it to a whole new level where they would be lost without the other.

6/10 Taiga and Ryuuji are inseparable


Ryuuji and Taiga - Anime Romances

While Taiga Aisaka and Ryuuji Takasu’s relationship seems heartwarming and romantic on the surface, fresh eyes see that their relationship is quite dependent on each other. Since they both have bad reputations at school, their partnership (and eventual romance) helps each of them loosen up enough to let people in.

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However, when they are apart, Taiga reverts to his anger-filled personality, while Ryuuji retreats back into the shadows. For most people Toradora! it seems that the only way they can function normally in society is to be together. In addition, Ryuuji cooks and cleans for Taiga, which makes her dependence on him even greater.

5/10 Kirito and Asuna become one

Sword art online

Kirito and Asuna fight together in Sword Art Online

Kirito and Asuna meet first Sword art online when he gives her a loaf of bread when she’s starving at first level in Aincrad. A while later, however, they become unstoppable battle partners – making them almost unbeatable. All things considered, life in Sword Art Online seemed to be going well for them until they started falling in love.

As Kirito and Asuna begin a romantic relationship, their identities begin to die out – especially in Asuna’s case. When they are separated, their love and thoughts for each other are all-consuming and lead to bad decisions. This creates a lot of strife for the people around them, and ultimately for each other. Neither is willing to go their separate ways to reclaim their personalities.

4/10 Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba move too fast

Sailor Moon

Tuxedo mask stiffening Sailor Moon.  Sailor Moon R Movie Promise of the Rose

Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba have an interesting relationship in Sailor Moon, as they are the reincarnations of a previous couple. Although they come together without knowing this truth, the teenagers are both so enamored with each other that they shut out the rest of the world.

Even when they are in battle together as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, they regularly put their friends’ lives in danger to save each other. Sailor Moon even takes her own life at one point just to be with Tuxedo Mask when he dies in battle. Although revived, Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship is too intense for two people so young.

3/10 Yuno Gasai and Yukiteru Amano want to survive

Future diary

Yuno and Yuki hug in Future Diary

When people enter a life-or-death game to become the next Deus Ex Machina, all the players fight against each other – except for Yuno Gasai and Yukiteru Amano in Future diary. Yuno bonds with Yuki over a years-long obsession. Her bloodlust increases when she senses Yuki is in danger.

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Meanwhile, Yuki directs Yuno to continue receiving her help. The intoxication continues for too long, but leaves Yuki vulnerable to Yuno’s brutality. This couple trusts each other too much when there can only be one diary keeper left in the end.

2/10 Misa Amane & Light Yagami use each other

Death note

Light and Misa Death Note

From the beginning of their relationship in Death note, Misa Amane and Light Yagami use each other. Light needs Misa to cover for him and carry out certain Kira crimes to throw people off his scent, and Misa simply wants a partner. But as time goes on, their relationship becomes complicated.

Misa’s feelings deepen as she plots with Light, while his desire to trick everyone into thinking he’s not Kira leads him to pressure Misa into becoming a scapegoat. Their shared desire to use each other for their own gain makes them one of the worst codependent anime couples.

1/10 Shiro and Sora are inseparable

No game, no life

Sora and Shiro play some games in No Game No Life.

Although not a romantic couple, Sora and Shiro have never left each other’s side once since they met and became step-siblings. While this pairing makes for an unbeatable force in the gaming industry, their relationship begins to strain both parties over the course of No game, no life.

As a young man ready to branch out, Sora wants to put some distance between himself and Shiro so he can have a romantic relationship. On the other hand, Sora is the only person Shiro has known to be kind. Therefore, whenever he leaves, Shiro becomes catatonic until he returns. Both siblings are incredibly skilled players, but Sora’s commitment and Shiro’s addiction become obstacles for them as they try to forge separate identities.

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