10 Worst Cartoon Characters in Anime

10 Worst Cartoon Characters in Anime

Cartoon characters are always hit or miss in anime. Some are brilliantly written, like Power from Chainsawman or Sasha Braus from Attack on Titan. Others, however, are just annoying and can even feel out of place depending on their respective series.

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Some of these characters have running gags that overwhelm the rest of the dialogue and cheapen the story. Other comic relief personalities just don’t fit the show’s tone at all. Whatever the case may be, these comic relief characters failed miserably, disappointed audiences, and most likely annoyed their co-stars to no end.

10/10 Zenitsu never stops uttering

Demon Slaughter

Demon Slayer - Zenitsu cries and shouts

Demon Slayer’s Zenitsu Agatsuma is the most neurotic killer to ever join the Corps. Zenitsu’s official debut claimed that he was tricked into killing demons by an old man, and was defined by a crying fit that ended with him twisting his body into an uncomfortable pose.

Zenitsu is always screaming and crying about something. The only time he actually shuts up is when he is overcome with anxiety and passes out. He then sleepwalks and acts all straight up killing the demon in front of him.

9/10 Ren Yamai is just too scary

Komi cannot communicate

Ren Yamai from Komi Can't Communicate.

Ren Yamai from Komi cannot communicate is basically the female version of My Hero Academia’s Mineta Minoru, only much more obsessive and violent. Ren’s behavior is wildly inappropriate, and it’s clear that she feels entitled to Komi’s affection, despite her obnoxious behavior and lack of respect for her so-called love interest.

Ren literally kidnapped Tadano to keep him away from Komi. She has also tried to take pictures of Komi’s skirt and literally drools when she thinks about her. Ren isn’t just gross and not funny, she’s downright creepy and doesn’t respect anyone’s boundaries.

8/10 Valac Clara’s childish antics are unpleasant

Welcome to the Demon School! Iruma-Kun

Valac Clara with toys and rainbow (Iruma-Kun!).

Valac Clara from Welcome to the Demon School! Iruma-Kun knows she’s nasty but does nothing to fix the problem. It’s one thing for her to be herself, but her childish antics tend to get in the way of everyone else, so it’s understandable why no one really wants to be around her.

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From breaking out into impromptu musical numbers to throwing tantrums when Alice tries to keep her in line, Clara’s constant playfulness is just hard to keep up with sometimes—both for her classmates and viewers. Being optimistic and fun-loving are positive qualities, but too much of anything will eventually turn sour.

7/10 Chibi-Usa is ungrateful and disrespectful

Sailor Moon

Chibiusa during her transformation in Sailor Moon.

Chibi-usa from Sailor Moon fans immediately raged as soon as she opened her mouth. She is Usagi’s future daughter, but she managed to embody all of her worst traits. Forever whiny, ungrateful and disrespectful, Chibi-usa hates her mother for no real reason and doesn’t respect her as the superhero she is.

Funnily enough, Chibi-usa’s biggest criticism of Usagi is that she’s a whiny crybaby who doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Chibi-usa may need to take a long, hard look in the mirror before dishing out such painfully ironic criticism.

6/10 Fiona Frost needs to move on from Loid already

Spy X family

Spy x-family's Fiona Frost.

Fiona Frost recently debuted in Spy X Family anime. Although she looks mysterious and cool, her personality is anything but. Fiona may be quiet and composed on the outside, but her mind is full of obsessions about Loid.

Fiona always daydreams about convincing Loid that Yor really is no good and destroying their makeshift family. Since Anya can read minds, this causes her a lot of stress, especially since she doesn’t really like Fiona. Fiona’s behavior towards Yor is completely unprovoked. Fans wished she had been gone a long time ago.

5/10 Magna is a Tryhard Delinquent

Black clover

Black Clover - Magna Swing holds up a fireball

Black Clover’s Magna Swing of the Black Bulls is hilariously weak, and keeps proving why the peasant class really has no hope of moving forward. Magna tries too hard to be a cool criminal, but he tends to make a fool of himself more than anything else.

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Fans feel Magna was just wasted potential. He could be a gateway to explore the class inequalities in the world of magic. Instead, fans got a hard-hitting take on criminals whose only goal is to avoid losing to Luck.

4/10 Hercule takes credit for everyone else’s work

Dragon Ball Z

Headshot of Hercule from Dragon Ball

Hercules from Dragon Ball Z is one of the series’ many cartoon characters. Unfortunately, he is without a doubt the most disliked of the bunch. Compared to other cartoon characters in the series, Hercule feels a bit more mature and serious. But he is also much more disgusting.

Constantly taking credit for everyone else’s work, Hercule tries to convince everyone why his “real” martial art is superior to ki, and never stops talking. Considering Dragon Ball Z is full of superhumans who could blow up the planet if they wanted to, Hercules’ weird flex about his martial arts without the ki to back it up just feels out of place.

3/10 Mako lacks decor

Kill La Kill

Mako was at the forefront of Danger & The Weakest Hero of the Academy (Kill La Kill)

Kill La Kill’s Mako is one of the series’ most hated and controversial characters. Although she has many good qualities, they are often overshadowed by her more annoying quirks. She monologues constantly, talks a lot, but actually says so little.

Fans were particularly confused when she shifted from a comic relief side character to part of the main cast, arguing that she felt painfully out of place and poorly written compared to the rest. Mako just isn’t a significant character, like comic relief or anything.

2/10 The abuse’s potential was totally wasted

Fire strength

Assault from the fire brigade.

Abuse from Fire strength wasn’t always a cheap attempt at comic relief. In fact, he was introduced as one of the series’ most terrifying enemies. Unfortunately, he was reduced to a stereotypical perverted gag character whose sole purpose is to make everyone uncomfortable.

The worst part is that he didn’t need to be reduced to it. He could have been a great villain working for the Evangelist as a mercenary. Although his arc came full circle, fans could have done without the perverted jokes and nonstop fanservice.

1/10 Mineta sexually harasses her female peers

My Hero Academia

Mineta looks evil in My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia’s Mineta Minoru is the most universally hated character in the series. From his ridiculous design to his absolutely absurd behavior, Mineta feels like an unnecessary addition to the cast MHA. It is unclear how Mineta actually got into UA High, especially considering the inconvenient nature of his Quirk.

It’s also unclear how he’ll ever become a hero if he doesn’t grow up and stop being such a pervert. Mineta is also a coward unlike any other. He always runs away, cries and screams for signs of danger instead of helping his peers. He is more concerned with being a Peeping Tom than a hero.

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