10 Worst Athletes in Anime

10 Worst Athletes in Anime

Sports is one of the most popular genres in anime. Over the years, there has been a wave of anime series based on basketball, volleyball, soccer and even more unique sports such as skateboarding and skating. These series have become a classic for anime viewers of all ages.

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These series tend to feature characters who are highly skilled in the sport. They have people who are the recognized ace of their team, while highlighting a character as their secret weapon. They make the sport look fun and exciting, and they even make the activity look easy. However, not all athletes in anime are innately talented or skilled. There are some characters who are much weaker than their counterparts and show obvious weaknesses compared to their teammates.

10/10 Tetsuya Kuroko is average

Kuroko’s Basketball

To see the titular character of Kuroko’s Basketball may be shocking to many. After all, he is considered a character with a hidden ace up his sleeve. In a team, Tetsuya Kuroko shines on the field as he is a member who supports the team’s play and has the mental strength to keep his team calm.

But when he goes off the ability alone, Kuroko falls behind the other team members. He is a conventional player who does not stand out without his team. He is physically inferior to his other teammates, and his best move is when he passes the ball to members without the other team noticing. Overall, he is nowhere near the strongest player in Generation of Miracles.

9/10 Gurimu Igarashi is the weakest player

Blue lock

Gurimu Igarashi, also known as Igaguri, is the lowest ranked player in not only Team Z, but in Blue lock as a whole. His only skill is his unwavering spirit. Other than that, he is an average player in the sport and a weak one among the others Blue lock players.

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One thing Igaguri is good at is diving. This is when a player aims to create an unfair advantage by falling to the ground and feigning injury. On top of that, his speed, technique, kicking and overall physicality are average – not bad, but not great either.

8/10 Aiichiro Nitori is hindered by his limitations


Aiichiro Nitori is part of the Samezuka Swimming Club i Free! He swims both breaststroke and freestyle. Although he is a hard-working swimmer, he is seen struggling with his limits in the anime and takes a long time to show improvement.

Although not much is shown about Nitori’s swimming style, it is made clear that he is one of the weakest players in Samezuka. Nitori is frustrated with himself as he was unable to compete in his preferred event and could only place in the 100m freestyle. This shows that compared to his peers, such as Rin Matsuoka, he is not as talented as a swimmer.

Slam Dunk

Kazuma Takasago is a third-year high school student who plays center for Kainan University Affiliated High School in the Slam Dunk. With his towering height of 191 cm (6’2″), he is hard to miss on the pitch. Despite that, he is rarely the center of attention.

In real life, Takasago would be an excellent player. He is a strong center with top level physical ability. He is also a strong rebounder. However, he often falls short compared to other centers in Slam Dunk, as Shohoku’s Takenori Akagi. In addition, his technique, stamina and mental strength are average.

6/10 Takuya Nomura is the weakest vice captain

The Prince of Tennis

Takuya Nomura from The Prince of Tennis is vice-captain of the Saint Rudolph Gakuin tennis team. He is a third-year high school student. He often plays doubles instead of singles. He is regarded as the worst player on the team by their manager, Hajime Mizuki. Although not much is known about his actual playing style, this is probably true.

Mizuki played Singles 1 during the team’s matchup against Seigaku and Hyoutei in line with the manager’s plans to have the weakest players first so that the strongest players at the bottom can collect wins. The weakest players are used as victims. This is enough to tell us about Nomura’s abilities as a tennis player.

5/10 Tadashi Yamaguchi is always nervous


Tadashi Yamaguchi from Haikyuu!! plays as a middle blocker and pinch server for the Karasuno High boys volleyball team. At the beginning of the anime, viewers watch as Yamaguchi is left behind by the other, more exceptional first-years. His nerves constantly get the better of him, causing him to miss his servers entirely.

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Yamaguchi shows some improvement throughout the anime thanks to his mentor, Makoto Shimada. He is even able to master the jump float serve technique and his confidence grows more confident as the anime progresses. However, compared to other first-years such as Kageyama Tobio and Shoyo Hinata, Yamaguchi is ordinary.

4/10 Reki Kyan can only teach beginners

SFK8 The Infinity

Despite the fact that he is the main character in SK8 The Infinity, Reki Kyan is the least outstanding skater in S. Compared to the other skaters, Reki takes longer to learn tricks. Although he is passionate and has the ability to teach beginners, he is not at the same level as other skaters.

He’s not innately talented at skateboarding, and it shows. Plot armor doesn’t even save him as Reki hasn’t won a single official race in S. He loses to Shadow once and to Adam twice.

3/10 Akihiro Hirata has bad habits

Run with the wind

Akihiro Hirata, who is often called Nico-senpai by others, is a third-year science and engineering student at Kansei University in Run with the wind. He is the tallest among the Aotake Runner and has track and field experience.

Due to his unhealthy habits, Akihiro Hirata is unable to reach his full potential as a runner. He used to have an intense nicotine addiction and that’s how he got his name Nico-chan. With the smoke affecting his lungs, it is likely that he is a runner with poor stamina and endurance.

2/10 Rei Ryugazaki has a hard time staying above water


Rei Ryugazaki is a butterfly swimmer at Iwatobi High School. Although he has great physical strength and uses logic for all games, he is the weakest swimmer among the members of the team (and in Free! as a whole).

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This is because, compared to Haruka Nanase, Nagisa Hazuki, and Makoto Tachibana, he was not originally a swimmer. He was previously a runner for Baneklubben. In the anime, he was unable to do the other strokes – freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke – and often sinks in water. Although he gradually learns, he is still not as skilled as other swimmers.

1/10 Lev Haiba does not know the basics


Lev Haiba is one of Nekoma High’s middle blockers in Haikyuu!! Despite being the team’s self-proclaimed ace, he is arguably the least skilled of them all. This is because he is the most inexperienced player and his basic abilities are weaker than all the players in the anime.

Lev stands out because of its height and long limbs. However, he has trouble with teamwork and had trouble synchronizing with Kenma Kozume’s throws, leading to failed spikes. Although he is gradually improving, he is nowhere near as good as his other teammates.

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