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10 worst anime cartoon types

10 worst anime cartoon types

With here many who Chainsaw and Blue lock set to be adapted for anime in 2022, many fantastic new characters will join the ranks of classic anime archetypes such as “edgy rival” and “charismatic mentor”.

Of course, all tropics and archetypes have both good and bad implementations as well as varying depth levels among the characters. So while there are certainly some good (and even great) characters in all the overused archetypes, they just do not outweigh the bad.


10 The forgiven villain

Some of the best and worst anime characters fall under the fleeting trope of a villain who has become completely or similarly a villain with a heroic final redemption.

While it’s always exciting for villains like Hisoka to work with the heroes temporarily, a full redemption bow for a really evil villain can be terrible if not done well. The trope can be done wonderfully if the character earns his redemption like Vegeta or Zuko, but others like Dragon Ballits Androids or Orochimaru in Boruto did not receive their redemption at all.

9 The annoying talking animal

Talking animals are a pretty big part of anime, with varying degrees of success. They can be anything from a real magical creature to an obsessed ordinary animal or plush.

While some talking animals are amazing, the tropics are more often just for having a cute mascot, and often the mascot is incredibly uncomfortable. A fun implementation of the tropic is the obsessed cat from Ghost storieswith the absolute worst of the tropics is the unbearable Kon from Bleach.

8 One Trick Ponies

A One Trick Pony is a character who either only knows one technique or uses the exact same technique to get ahead in every single match they have.

When the tropics are undermined and the character grows because of it, like Naruto and his clone jutsu, the tropics can be fun and interesting. But even if they grow later, it can be a little annoying on characters like Zenitsu from Demon butcher or Yuma from Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal use the same breath or ace monster over and over for several seasons.

7 The useless love interest

Ichigo and Orihime

Regardless of the gender or genre of the main character, there are some wonderful romantic partners who more than pull the weight in the anime. However, some are almost completely useless.

Whether it’s for comedy as Izumi is Shikimoris Not just a sweet or if the character is just too weak to strike back as Orihime Bleach, fans will have a love interest that can really stand with the main character. A good undermining of this tropic is Bulma in Dragon Ballwho still contributes strongly to the team despite the fact that he is not able to fight.

6 The bland protagonist

Shinji In Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Three times at once

It’s not uncommon for side characters to be more loved than main characters in anime, and bland protagonists are a big part of that reason.

There are still fantastic main characters who are outshined by side characters, with Gon and Killua as a good example. However, there will be a problem with characters like Shinji Ikari or Touya Mochizuki who are so uninteresting compared to their side characters that the audience gets tired of them. A good undermining of this is Hitohito Tadano from Komi can not communicate.

5 The one-sided rival

Zeke and Levi in ​​Attack on Titan

There are plenty of fantastic rivalries in anime, but usually they come with even terrain between rivals. No one wants to see a mentioned rivalry where one character always loses.

A good example of this is Levi and Zeke in Attack on Titan, of which the latter are slaughtered by the former each time they fight. Takumi Aldini and Yukihira Soma are another example. A good undermining of the tropics is Asta and Yuno from Black cloverwhich starts incredibly one-sidedly before gradually growing closer as the series progressed.

4 Tsundere

Noelle from Black Clover

A tsundere is a (usually) female character who begins to be incredibly aggressive towards their love interest, usually the main character, until they become warm and loving when they accept their feelings.

Noelle Silva from Black clover is without a doubt one of the most annoying versions of this tropical. Even good characters like Tohsaka Rin and Erina Nakiri are marred by the tropics. A fun undermining of the tropics is Damian Desmond from The Spy X familymade more fun by the gender-biased twist and more realistic by their age, given that younger children are often usually naughty towards their first love.

3 The stupid protagonist

Goku's love of food turned him into a monster.

If there’s one thing that’s more annoying than a boring protagonist, it’s an incredibly stupid one. Shonen Jump protagonists in particular are guilty of this tropic, with only a few having two brain cells to rub together.

There are some amiable heads with understandable human levels of intelligence, like Itadori from Jujutsu Kaisen. However, some main characters are so stupid that it makes the audience wonder how they even function in everyday life. By far the worst example of this is Goku from Dragon Ballwho says things so stupidly that Vegeta and the audience can often just stare in disbelief.

2 The short (or older) insect

Mineta rides on Momo's back from My Hero Accademia.

A popular feature, especially in Shonen anime, is a character who obsessively chases women throughout the series. For some reason, the character is also often incredibly short or old.

The least unpleasant implementation of the tropical is Jiraiya from Naruto, but that’s the only fault of an otherwise great character. Apart from Jiraiya, the characters in this tropic are almost always unbelievably bad. Master Roshi, Mineta, Kon, Teruteru Hanamura and Yamai Ren are all examples of the terrible archetype.

1 Yandere

A Yandere is a character who may seem incredibly sweet or eager, but who becomes aggressive, violent or simply murderous when it comes to their love interest.

The Yandere tropic is so bad that there are no good Yandere characters or archetypal undermining. Shuka Karino, Lucy, Kotonoha Katsura and Yuno Gasai are among the most popular of this awful character archetype. Even worse is that yanders are often the deuteragonist, which means that the programs they are in can hardly be seen due to pure screen time.

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