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10 Ways Stranger Things would be better as anime

10 Ways Stranger Things would be better as anime

With other volumes of Stranger Things Season four that is currently streaming on Netflix, fans are excited to jump right into it again. Supernatural devices in a small town in the 80’s show themselves when they capture a young boy. People uncover government corruption while searching for the missing boy.

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Critics expect Stranger Things to surpass Octopus games in terms of views. Stranger Things is a TV series with dark themes and cliffhangers that keep viewers engaged. The show’s creators could expand their horizons if they adapted this excellent work of fiction into an anime. Anime’s production area is second to none and can even do justice to some of the more complex shows.

10 The student’s origin history would carry more abundance

Portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown, Eleven is an important character in Stranger Things who possess psychokinetic abilities. The show provides an insight into the audience about the Student’s origins, but it leaves viewers with more questions than answers.

While the series addresses her origins in flashes and flashbacks, an anime would give her a spin-off that Jujutsu Kaisen 0 for Yuta Okkotsu. Most fans will greatly enjoy an Eleven spin-off and loved watching some of their theories proven or disproved. Creators can expand the Student’s selection if they switch to the anime genre.

9 Monsters will be more detailed

CGI has come a long way. Sometimes, however, it lacks quality and fails to show the whole picture. In a show where scary and dangerous monsters are crucial to the action, it is necessary to maintain a plausible image of such supernatural creatures. From the beasts of this world to those of the upside down, each has a unique personality and completely different appearance.

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When animated, these creatures would move more freely and exercise greater versatility. Their voices and movements will be enhanced and add to the overall look of the series.

8 Exploring the power of friendship

When Will Byers disappears, friends, family and other townspeople gather to look for him Stranger Things Season 1. Will’s closest friends, Mike, Lucas and Dustin, along with Eleven and Max, join forces to find and reunite with Will.

This wonderful display of the power of friendship is not uncommon in anime. Strong ties between friends often drive the story in shonen anime. What seems like a background concept or secondary concept in the TV series will have primary significance in the anime, much to the delight of the fans.

7 Freedom With Gore & Horror

There are always some restrictions regarding blood and blood in live-action movies and series, but that is not always the case in anime. Creators enjoy the freedom to use as much gore and explicit content as they choose to tell their story better and carry out their vision in anime.

The excitement the viewers experience in Stranger Things would increase exponentially in the anime adaptation of the series. A real horror experience would make the fans come back for more, and scare them out of their wits. Fans wanted to experience the story in its raw form.

6 Colors would become more intense and playful

When it is light, the setting off Stranger Things is quite colorful and optimistic. But more often than not, the context leans towards the darker side. From Will’s disappearance to Barbara’s death, this TV series plays with quite heavy concepts.

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An anime adaptation would allow creators to experiment with colors and moods, which is often almost impossible in live-action filming. Light colors for frightening scenes and darker for pain, suffering and torture would work on different levels of semiotics, offering a complex narrative.

5 Strangers Things would make an impressive Isekai anime

The characters are upside down, sometimes willing and in most cases reluctant. A journey into another unknown world is the rudimentary premise of isekai, and this TV series meets all its basic requirements. While isekai heroes and villains have their pros and cons, they strive to make the best of the situation they are in and go home.

Similarly, in Stranger Things, the one who is upside down tries his best to get home safely. ONE Stranger Things isekai adaptation would be an adventure of a lifetime.

4 The moral ambiguity would be limitless

These days, most series do not have a clear distinction between the good and the bad. There are protagonists, antagonists and anti-heroes who do not fit into society’s box of right and wrong. Such characters, as Attack on Titan‘s Eren Jaeger and Naruto‘s Itachi Uchiha, ends up as fan favorites with a large fan base.

Apart from the characters, the plot and context also indulge in ambiguity and increase the charm of the series. Fans love a moderate amount of unpredictability, as the anime delivers the most entertaining.

3 Romance will exceed all expectations

A room full of teens with raging hormones is the zero point for romance and drama. High school romance anime like Horimiya and Kaguya-sama: Love Is War are some of the most popular and unique members of the romance genre. In the same way, notwithstanding Stranger Things‘focus on abduction, aliens and corruption, it would provide a unique romantic anime.

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The tension between Mike and Eleven in the first season and the off-screen interviews for the lead role would make the audience’s hearts flutter with anticipation regarding the flourishing romances on and off-screen.

2 Crossover episodes would be OP

Everyone loves a good crossover. Viewers may have seen some rare in live-action TV, as in Power Rangers franchise. While TV crossovers are rare in non-superhero content, anime crossovers are unique and will make an exciting watch.

Like an anime, Stranger Things would like crossovers with other popular anime such as Demon butcher, Attack on Titanand Jujutsu Kaisen. All the characters in this series are teenagers on a mission to save friends and homes from enemies that are much more powerful than they can comprehend.

1 The Stranger Things Anime wanted to reach a broader demographic

Stranger Things is one of the most popular TV series today. This TV show has fans all over the world as it lives up to its reputation. Although the show does not lack popularity, the anime adaptation will increase the ranking. Using popular anime tropes to tell the story of upside-down and the corrupt police and authorities would turn heads.

The anime version would make fans jump out of their seats with excitement. Nail-biting sequences would enchant the audience and make them come back for more, and watch the series in its entirety several times.

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