10 Vampire-Human Romances in Anime

10 Vampire-Human Romances in Anime

The conflict between vampires and humans always makes for a high-stakes story. Most vampire anime plots, which Vampire in the garden and Castlevania, involve a war between the two factions. Vampires can turn even the strongest humans into prey, so a relationship between a vampire and a human can be as demanding and complicated as a war.

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Depending on a vampire’s level of self-control, they risk turning their loved one into a fleeting meal or turning them into a fellow vampire. For a human, being with a vampire is somewhere between a great act of trust and self-destruction. Vampire-human relationships endure after decades of storytelling because of the compelling Romeo and Julie dynamic.

10/10 Losing his wife made Dracula a villain


The central antagonist of Castlevania, Dracula, tore the world apart for love. Dracula was a violent misanthrope until the medical scholar Lisa entered his life and demanded that he show her his wealth of scientific knowledge. He immediately admired her bravery and intelligence.

Their half-vampire son Adrian exemplifies Lisa’s noble and kind nature, and his father’s power. Being with Lisa and having their son influenced Dracula to seek out and embrace humanity more – until the clergy murdered Lisa in his absence. To avenge his beloved wife, Dracula returned to his misanthropic ways three times; but when he made war against all men, he dishonored her memory. Adrian fought against his own father for the sake of his mother’s love for humanity.

9/10 Momo and Fine were on opposite sides of a war

Vampire in the garden

Momo is a human soldier and Fine is a vampire queen Vampire in the garden. A brutal war between their two types serves as the story’s backdrop. Fine loved a human once and mourns her loss. Nor is she interested in fomenting the war between vampires and humans.

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Fine is moved when she witnesses Momo listening to a music box and praying for death as a way out of her war-torn life. An empathetic act by Fine opened the door for peace between the two natural enemies. Their union is like a rebellion against the surrounding violence.

8/10 Asahi must keep Youko’s vampirism a secret

My monster secret

IN My monster secret, Asahi is a boy who goes to a normal high school. He is in love with a girl, Youko, who he accidentally discovers is a vampire. Youko wants to attend human school, but can only do so if her true identity is kept a secret from her classmates.

The series features several other supernatural beings, but the core of the story involves Asahi’s developing relationship with Youko and all the complications that come with it. Youko’s traditional vampire traits are light-hearted; she has huge vampire wings that she can hide from, and she tans under sunlight instead of burning.

7/10 Staz wants to help his dead lover come back to life

Blood boy

Staz is a powerful vampire i Blood boy, who falls for a human girl. An already complicated love story between vampire and human is made even more difficult by the fact that the girl Yanagi is dead.

When Yanagi accidentally wandered into the demon world, she met the Territory Boss, Staz. Staz developed feelings for her quickly, drawn in by her humanity. He tries to form a relationship with Yanagi, only for her to die very suddenly and return as a ghost. Yanagi falls victim to the human frailty, death, changes Staz’s life. Bringing her back to life becomes his main goal.

Devil’s Line

The differences between vampires, or devils, and humans plague Tsukasa and Anzai’s relationship Devil’s Line. Anzai deals with a lot of self-hatred for being part devil. Determined to resist his bloodlust, he worries that vampires and humans will never mix peacefully. He is at war with himself, in many ways.

Tsukasa sees humans and devils as connected, and she falls for Anzai practically the first moment she sees him. Anzai appreciates Tsukasa’s kind and optimistic nature. He wants to make sure she never gets hurt because of his vampirism.

5/10 Lev and Irina develop feelings for each other when it is forbidden

Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut

Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut envisions a post-World War II world where vampires are launched into space as tests for future human-led exploration. The vampire Irina and the human cosmonaut Lev meet while Irina is training to be sent into space.

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Their training has a strict rule, which is that Lev and Irina remain emotionally detached while working together. Their superiors demand that the line between human and vampire be maintained at all times. Yet Irina captures Lev’s attention in a way that transcends rules and science.

4/10 Kohei’s new classmate is a vampire

Fortune Arterial

The comedy drama Fortune Arterial features a human protagonist, Kohei, while attending Shuchikan Academy. The girl he likes, Erika, tries to keep her vampirism a secret. Erika looks like she could be a normal human girl, but she has all the hallmarks of a Dracula-type vampire. She is superhumanly fast, can outrun any human, and she can fly.

Regardless of her abilities, she wants to live as a human. Erika’s mother rejected her daughter’s commitment to avoid her supernatural tendencies. This goal is complicated by Kohei, as Erika likes his personality and his blood.

3/10 A Shogun gives up his humanity to be with a vampire


No one feels the pain of time passing like an immortal vampire. Shogun Kurou traded his earthly life to be with a woman he should have found monstrous Koruzuka. Kuromitsu is a vampire woman who helps him and his allies, only to later feast on their blood. Instead of being completely repulsed, Kurou falls for Kuromitsu.

Their love was destined to be star-crossed when Kurou is betrayed and receives a fatal blow. His vampirism helps him survive being beheaded, but he arrives centuries later, missing the love of his immortal life. Koruzuka is highly symbolic, full of anguish, and explores the connection between love, death and time.

2/10 Meier would do anything to protect Charlotte

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

When Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust introduces Charlotte, it is to show that she is caught in her sleep by a supernatural entity. The man who takes her, Meier, does so because they want to be together and find a place where they can live in peace.

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Charlotte’s family sees Meier as a villain, and Meier’s vampire world is treacherous to humans. The couple braves all kinds of terror to protect each other. Ultimately, no place is safe for them; their union ends in bloodshed. Meier loses all will to remain on Earth, and he leaves in a rocket, cradling Charlotte’s body, hoping to find a place far away where they can be together, if only as calm memories.

1/10 Yuki lives as a human for his own protection

Vampire Knight

IN Vampire Knight, characters can switch from vampire to human if their vampiric nature is sealed. To protect her daughter, Yuki’s mother locked away her vampire powers as her last act before dying. Yuki lives as a human for ten years. She develops a romance with Zero and Kaname respectively, and both of these characters also alternate between being a vampire and a human.

Zero was once a human vampire hunter and then later becomes a vampire, while Kaname is a pureblood. Zero is conflicted about being a vampire as he has learned to hate them, while Kaname is determined to awaken Yuki’s vampire nature so that she can remain with him for eternity.

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