10 Unforgettable Anime Scrooges Out To Ruin Christmas

10 Unforgettable Anime Scrooges Out To Ruin Christmas

Not everyone embraces the holiday spirit, and anime characters are no exception. Just like the Grinch or Ebenezer Scrooge, there are some anime characters who are known to be grumpy, greedy and just despise happiness. If you get the chance, Christmas will be in serious danger with these characters around.

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With their selfish attitudes and general toughness, these cold-hearted anime characters embody some of the qualities of the famous protagonist Ebenezer Scrooge. But maybe just like Ebenezer, with some holiday cheer, these anime Scrooges won’t completely ruin Christmas after all.

10/10 The mercenary Kakuzu

Naruto Shippuden

Kakuzu throws a jutsu

An antagonist i Naruto franchise and member of the Akatsuki, Kakuzu is a Scrooge through and through. A miserly ninja, Kakuzu was known for his bounty hunting as well as his violent temper. For Kakuzu, money is the only reliable thing in the world.

If the ninja he came across didn’t have a high enough bounty on their head, then they weren’t worth his time. This Scrooge shinobi would definitely be an enemy of Christmas and if the price is right he might try to destroy it.

9/10 The Greedy Pirate Wagon

One Piece

One Piece Theory: How Buggy could be a great cooldown villain for the Straw Hats

An evil pirate, One Piece‘s Buggy The Clown is known for his obsession with all things flashy. This nasty pirate also has a love for all things treasure, especially the treasure promised on a treasure map. With his Devil Fruit powers and his crew, not a treasure is safe from his greedy detachable hands.

A total Scrooge through and through, Buggy has no problem with his actions hurting others if it means he gets what he wants. Christmas will be in danger if it gets in the way of this selfish pirate and the treasure that has caught his eye.

8/10 The Pokémon Kidnappers Team Rocket


Team Rocket announces their arrival in Pokemon The Series

Every fan of Pokémon know that Team Rocket is known for tormenting Ash and his friends, as well as their mastermind schemes to steal other people’s Pokemon. Team Rocket is a whole group of Scrooges.

With the promise of luxury and praise from their boss, Jesse, James and Meowth will do whatever it takes to steal powerful or unique Pokémon. Always looking to cause trouble, Team Rocket will no doubt try to ruin the twerps’ Christmas if it means they could finally catch Pikachu. That is, unless they find themselves blowing up again before they can even try.

7/10 The self-serving Naraku


Naraku and shikon jewel

A powerful antagonist i Inuyasha, Naraku is a creature consumed by his greed. From lusting after the powerful and beautiful priestess, Kikyo, to becoming a powerful drunk demon, Naraku will do whatever it takes to achieve his interests.

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This Scrooge is not afraid to use extreme means to either get what he wants or prevent others from having it. Naraku would have no problem ruining Christmas if it meant hurting Inuyasha and Kagome, or if it would bring him one step closer to becoming the most powerful demon in the world.

6/10 The scammer Deishuu Kaiki


Kaiki from the Monogatari series

An extremely gloomy man, Monogatari’s Deishuu Kaiki is a Scrooge at heart. With a passionate love for money and all that it can buy, Deishuu’s entire world revolves around how he can deepen his pockets.

A swindler through and through, Deishuu is a swindler and an impressive swindler. Not a single wallet is safe when Deishuu is in the middle of one of his impressive plans. If Christmas ever came into the crosshairs of one of Deishuu’s cons, it would definitely be in danger of this man’s greed.

5/10 The manipulative Akito Sohma

Fruit basket

Akito messes with her hair

Fans of Fruit basket already know that Akito Sohma is the head of the Sohma household and is someone that no member of the Sohma family wants to cross. In order to get what she wants, Akito has no problem manipulating her fellow members of the zodiac or even harming them.

This Scrooge would definitely ruin Christmas for the other zodiac members if it meant she could still keep their bonds intact. Even if she ends up causing them more harm than good, it will still be a good Christmas for her.

4/10 The greedy greed

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Greed smiling on the Elric brothers

As the physical embodiment of the sin of greed, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood‘s Greed is a perfect Scrooge. With a love of luxury, there is very little greed won’t do to have it all. But with a desire to have everything the world has to offer, this homunculus’ greed also extends beyond monetary desires.

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Greedy and selfish, it’s not hard to imagine this homunculus ruining Christmas for his own gain. But instead of ruining Christmas for everyone, greed might just try to steal all the Christmas joy for itself.

3/10 The horrifying anti-hero Naofumi

The Rising of The Shield Hero

Naofumi Medal

The Rising Of The Shield Hero‘s Naofumi Iwatani is known for his gruesome and seemingly cruel behavior. Naofumi, even with the title of hero, will use any means at his disposal to make money and grow stronger.

At first glance, Naofumi looks like a typical Scrooge with his irritable and hard to approach attitude. But despite his gruff demeanor and actions, Naofumi is actually kind at heart. While it may look like Shield Hero is out to ruin Christmas, it’s more likely that this misunderstood hero is there to save it.

2/10 The Schemer Nabiki Tendo

Ranma 1/2

Nabiki tendo from Ranma 1/2

Fans of Ranma 1/2 already know that Akane’s older sister, Nabiki, is incredibly gifted at serving her own interests. With a cool and collected attitude and little conscience, Nabiki would swindle her own family without batting an eye.

Nabiki’s ability to manipulate, torment and impoverish others for either her own greed or petty pride makes her a perfect Scrooge. With little to no remorse for her underhanded tricks to get what she wants, Nabiki would have no problem ruining Christmas if it serves her own agenda.

1/10 The cruel wizard Gajeel Redfox


As a member of the Phantom Lord guild, Fairytale‘s Black Steel Gajeel is a cruel wizard who doesn’t care who he hurts if it means he can complete a job. Phantom Lord’s Gajeel is a true Scrooge who will waste no time in ruining Christmas.

However, just like the classic Ebenezer, Gajeel was also able to turn over a new leaf. As a member of Fairy Tail, Gajeel’s embrace of kindness and friendship has made him someone who will protect the season of giving instead of destroying it.

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