10 TV Shows/Anime Like ‘Ranking of Kings’

10 TV Shows/Anime Like ‘Ranking of Kings’

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Ranking of Kings is a wholesome anime that resembles the folktales you would read to your children before bed. This anime deals with themes of friendship, sacrifice and morality and has a charming world full of wonder and enchantment.

Our story follows Prince Bojji, a first-class toddler many find incompetent and absurd. Although Bojji thinks otherwise, he later meets a shadow creature named Kage who becomes his fateful companion. Although their previous meetings go without a hitch, Kage eventually warms to Bojji’s company. Therefore, Ranking of Kings focuses on Boji’s quest to become the greatest king he can be.

Fear not if you’re having trouble finding anime similar to Ranking of Kings! We’ve discovered 10 alternative shows that will give you a similar experience to Ranking of Kings.

Plus, for every anime we’ve reviewed, we’ve included a link that lets you see our full thoughts on the series to see if it’s worth your time.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows that should whet your appetite after you finish streaming Ranking of Kings!


Similarities – growing up

Kaiba and the Ranking of Kings give off this similar adventurous energy. Both anime have a cheerful child-friendly art style. Kaiba uses its colorful art style to subvert fan expectations as it tackles unexpected mature themes. Despite Kaiba being a decade old work, the animation and action sequences hold up well by today’s standards.

Along with its mature themes, Kaiba’s plot unravels into something a little more complex, requiring viewers to re-watch it several times. Kaiba’s journey mirrors the adventures of Prince Bojji in Ranking of Kings, as he will face many trials and dangers that he must overcome. Kaiba and Prince Bojji share similar characteristics.

Kaiba suffers from amnesia and remains silent throughout the anime despite being able to speak. While some fans may find this strange, the anime manages to play out Kaiba’s desires well, giving fans a satisfying visual storytelling. If you’re looking for another creative world to explore, check out Kaiba.

Mob Psycho 100

Similarities – Distinct art styles and characters

Mob Psycho 100 is an amazing anime that will enchant you as much as Ranking of Kings did. Like Ranking of Kings, Mob Psycho 100 has a simplistic art style that helps it stand out from other shows. However, the show’s animation is far from simple.

You can expect an intense clash of explosions and colors to fill your screen every time you see the characters jump into the fray. The action and battles look impeccable and feel like a spectacle. There is little or no action scene in Mob Psycho 100 that will disappoint you.

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On the other hand, Mob Psycho 100’s Mob shares striking characteristics with Princess Bojji. For example, both characters engage in various activities in hopes of identifying what it means to feel human and to achieve personal growth. Both characters encounter people who want to ridicule them or lift their spirits.

The ranks of King fans who enjoyed the coming-of-age tale will find Mob Psycho 100’s plot and characters just as fun and exciting.

Made in the abyss

Similarities – Adventure and mystery

As with Kaiba and Ranking of Kings, Made In Abyss is another series that subverts fan expectations with its cute character designs and exploratory atmosphere. Made In Abyss is known for placing its children in death-defying circumstances as they journey towards the deeper layers of the abyss.

You’ll always find yourself on edge with this series, never knowing when or where the story will take our characters next. In that way, Made In Abyss does an excellent job of building tension. You will always have this horrible feeling in the back of your mind when it comes to their safety.

Like Prince Bojji, you will get to see our characters grow and develop into formidable individuals through their experiences. While their experiences feel more horrific and traumatic than what Prince Bojji faces in Ranking of Kings, fans will enjoy following Made In Abyss’s cast on their deadly yet joyful quest.


Similarities – Underdog story

Who doesn’t love a great underdog narrative? Dororo is an incredible story written by the late Osamu Tezuka that ended up getting the anime remake treatment in 2019. This is another story like Ranking of Kings that follows a boy with a sad past who ventures out with a sidekick to improve oneself.

The way Dororo’s story sets up and grows the bond between the main characters is reminiscent of how Ranking of King builds on Princess Bojji and Kage’s relationship. The mission both groups embark on will delight fans with the mishaps they get involved in and how they formulate ways to overcome these obstacles.

While Dororo and Ranking of Kings both deal with their share of mature subjects, Dororo feels more gritty and violent. This is because one of the main characters named Hyakkimaru is on a revenge mission and aims to kill many enemies to get back what they stole from him. Hyakkimaru may adopt more human-like mannerisms and qualities as the series progresses, but he is not a pushover.

Hunter X Hunter (2011)

Similarities – Characters and adventures

When it comes to emotional and action-packed shōnen anime, Hunter X Hunter is one of the coolest ongoing projects to come out of Shōnen Jump. With its likable characters, well-written story arcs, and exciting action scenes, it’s no wonder why fans can’t wait to see what creator Yoshihiro Togashi has in store for them regarding the continuation of the manga.

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On the other hand, Hunter X Hunter’s anime adaptation starts and ends on a satisfying note. Like Ranking of Kings, Hunter X Hunter follows its child protagonist’s quest for experience and maturation. Its child protagonist, Gon Freecss, has similar characteristics to Prince Bojji. He begins his quest with little or no experience, but eventually becomes someone worth recognizing and respecting.

The obstacles Gon faces feel more menacing and grandiose in comparison. You will see Gon being placed in circumstances that will leave damaging effects on his body and mind. While both series have pretty action and animated sequences, Hunter X Hunter’s battles pack more emotion and depth.

If you are looking for a fun adventure anime with better action and emotional moments, check it out.

Vinland Saga

Similarities – Themes

Vinland Saga is an exciting Viking-themed anime about a boy named Thorfinn who is on a mission to assassinate his father’s murderer Askeladd. Deciding to become Askeladd’s apprentice is a difficult choice for him, but Thorfinn is willing to do whatever it takes to hone the skills necessary to make him suffer.

Vinland Saga is more brutal than Ranking of Kings. While Prince Bojji gets some fun fights, none of them feel as serious as the fights Thorfinn endures. At the same time, Vinland Saga offers similar themes regarding parental love and friendship.

Thorfinn’s narrative follows the tropes of a coming-of-age tale like Prince Bojji, although Thorfinn’s journey feels more brutal and dangerous. At the same time, Prince Bojji and Thorfinn achieve fantastic character development in the series. If you’re looking for a more mature and grittier anime with a wonderful adventure atmosphere, check out Vinland Saga.

Wolf child

Similarities – Fantasy and healthy vibes

Have you ever wanted to show someone a movie about the struggles of single parents? Look no further than Wolf Children. This anime carries strong messages and never fails to make you smile and frown. Our story focuses on the romance that blossoms between a human and a werewolf.

When the werewolf meets a tragic death, the human is left with two hybrid children to fend for, which results in them moving out of their capital home and into a dwelling in the countryside. The parents’ children Ame and Yuki show similar traits to Prince Bojji.

All three toddlers have this sense of curiosity that often leads them down the path to disturbing mischief. There is little or no violence in Wolf Children. If you’re expecting Ame and Yuki to fight villagers or hunters as werewolves, you’ll be disappointed. Still, fans looking for a narrative with wholesome and heartbreaking relatable scenarios will enjoy what this anime has to offer.

Kotarou lives alone

Similarities – Characters and atmosphere

Fans looking for more anime with a familial bond will enjoy Kotarou Lives Alone. This anime follows Shin, a gentleman who likes to keep to himself and work on his books. His lifestyle changes when he meets his neighbor, Kotarou.

Kotarou is Shin’s four-year-old neighbor who surprisingly lives all alone in his apartment complex. Shin eventually befriends the toddler, but finds that he is anything but childish. This anime follows Kotarou and Shin’s hilarious antics and their neighbors’ reactions to their peculiar friendship.

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These stories feature characters who must overcome the trauma that haunts their lives and establish relationships with people who will make their lives worthwhile. Despite Ranking of Kings taking place in a fantasy setting, both shows offer a similar relaxing atmosphere.

If you need another ounce of sanity in your anime repertoire, check out Kotarou Lives Alone.

Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu

Similarities – Adventure theme and atmosphere

Fantasy, adventure and a fairytale atmosphere are what bind Princess Tutu and Ranking of Kings together. Princess Tutu is a dramatic retelling with a magical girl theme of the classic fairy tale Ugly Duckling. Like Princess Bojji, this anime’s protagonist Ahiru starts her adventure as a reserved individual.

As the series progresses, she becomes more knowledgeable about the world she explores and an elegant magical girl. While Princess Tutu and Ranking of Kings offer wholesome activities for our main characters to engage in, these shows aren’t afraid to touch on mature subjects.

At the same time, Ahiru and Prince Bojji struggle to live up to other people’s expectations. Viewers will enjoy seeing them fail at multiple tasks, but appreciate them when they complete a mission. Fans will love the magical feeling that engulfs the land Ahiru travels through in this anime.

Spy X Family_Episode Recap & Review_Feature Image

Spy X family

Similarities – Healthy Outcomes and Protagonists

Viewers are asked how it feels to be part of a family in the most humorous and healthy way possible in Spy X Family. Despite the family’s mysterious and treacherous origins, the Forgers display likable traits, characteristics and personalities that make them a joy to follow.

Like Ranking of Kings, this one has a child protagonist with enormous potential. The character in question is Anya Forger, who has the power to read people’s inner thoughts. She uses these powers to help her adoptive father Loid complete several missions without him realizing her gifted abilities.

The chemistry between Anya and her adoptive parents is amazing to watch. Loid and his fake wife Yor have interesting backgrounds and personalities that tie in with their hidden occupations. That said, this anime’s comedy, wholesomeness, and action are on par with what you’ll find in Ranking of Kings. If you’re looking for another anime that balances these three qualities, check out Spy X Family.

You can read our thoughts on Spy x Family in our full season review here!

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show options to watch after you catch up on Ranking of Kings!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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