10 times lovers were forced to fight each other in anime

10 times lovers were forced to fight each other in anime

Anime is full of love stories, but love isn’t always easy. Not only can love be a battlefield, lovers sometimes find themselves on opposite sides of an actual war. In some stories, the lovers actually start out on the same side, but the villains turn against each other. Usually breaking said control is all it takes for a happy ending, but that’s not always the case.

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Other times, the lovers start out as enemies until love begins to blossom between them. Some stories may even portray both sides sympathetically, with the characters finding themselves in love with someone who happens to be on the opposite team.

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10/10 The power of love eventually helps build up an immunity to this

Fushigi Yuugi

Miaka Yuki and Tamahome in Fushigi Yuugi The Mysterious Play.

Fushigi Yuugi’s Tamahome once receives a memory-altering poison after Nakago manipulates Yui into giving it to him. The potion forces Tamahome to commit horrible deeds, such as harming Miaka and threatening the Emperor on his own.

Miaka eventually challenges Tamahome to kill her, but her love is strong enough to break the spell. Emphasizing the power of Mia’s love, the poison’s influence was meant to be unbreakable. Tamahome even tells a confused Nakago that he will never understand how he overcame the potion. In fact, when Tamahome is poisoned a second time, he is able to overcome it much more effortlessly.

9/10 A vision of what could have been is a parting gift


itachi izumi uchiha to be and eat sweet

When war between NarutoUchiha and Konoha clans seemed inevitable, Sasuke’s brother Itachi feels that the only solution is to wipe out the Uchiha clan. This tragically includes Itachi’s love interest Izumi, one of the first people he took down. In an act of mercy, an illusion allowed Izumi to believe she died after a long life with Itachi.

This is something that no doubt runs in the family. At one point, Sakura considers killing Sasuke as he slowly becomes more of a villain, both for the greater good and to allow him to keep what little honor he still has. In the end, Sakura can’t go through with this. Eventually, Sasuke and Sakura have a daughter, Sarada Uchiha.

8/10 A mentor is revived only to be killed again

Nurse Angel Ririka SOS

nozomu from nurse angel ririka sos

Nurse Angel Ririka SOS‘ Nozomu Kanou first starts out as a mentor to Ririka, helping her transform into the titular nurse angel. Beforehand, Kanou served as Ririka’s beloved senpai. Unfortunately, Kanou is mortally wounded by the villain Keto. Another villain, Buros, later revives Kanou as a minion.

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Kanou is able to imitate his former personality after his revival, but it’s all an act. The evil Kanou even takes advantage of Ririka’s feelings by asking her on a date. After learning the truth, Ririka is committed to killing him again. However, Kanou eventually regains his true self and returns to his homeworld, Queen Earth.

7/10 A series starts with lovers being turned against each other


Inuyasha and Kikyo on a boat

InuyashaThe backstory involves Naraku turning the human-yokai hybrid Inuyasha and the priestess Kikyo against each other. By doing so, Naraku hoped to obtain the Shaken Jewel. Appearing to both Inuyasha and Kikyo while disguised as the other, Naraku attacked them and managed to seriously injure Kikyo. Naraku even used the Kikyo disguise to turn villagers against Inuyasha.

In the end, Kikyo ends up sealing Inuyasha to the Tree of Time. However, Naraku’s plan backfired. Instead of wanting to be healed, Kikyo requested that the Shaken Jewel be cremated with her remains.

6/10 The princess must kill the man she was born to be with

Sailor Moon

sailor-moon-dark-endymion about to kill sailor moon

Sailor Moon often sees Mamoru, the alter-ego of Tuxedo Mask and Usagi’s true love, being brainwashed by the villains into serving them. As Mamoru falls under the Dark Realm’s control, Usagi is ultimately forced to kill the man she was born to be with. In the 1990s anime, Usagi is able to break the spell by showing him her locket, but Mamoru is eventually killed by Queen Beryl.

In the manga, Mamoru is also killed and revived by Galaxia as her minion to humiliate Usagi. At one point, Mamoru orders the other Senshi, who have become similarly corrupted, to attack their former leader.

5/10 True feelings only came out in the last match

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Mikasa kisses Eren's dead head

Attack on TitanEven and Mikasa start with an ambiguous relationship. After her family is killed, Mikasa is taken in by the Yeagers. When Eren helped her escape her parents’ fate, Mikasa became fiercely protective of Eren. At one point, Mikasa claims that she is just family to Eren, and is cut off before she can describe any further feelings.

At a later point, Eren denies having any love for Mikasa, calling her a slave, but he pushes her away to protect her. As the rumble approaches, Mikasa realizes that she may have to take Eren down. Mikasa is even plagued with visions of the life she could have had with Eren. In the end, Mikasa is forced to cut Eren’s head from the spine and give him a kiss.

4/10 A modern day Juliet must fight for her happy ending

wedding peach

Wedding Peach Momoko and Viento are modern day Romeo and Juliet

wedding peach sees Momoko become an angel of love tasked with protecting the world and loving herself from the antagonistic devils, led by Queen Raindevila. Meanwhile, Momoko begins to develop feelings for her classmate, Yosuke. However, it soon emerges that Yosuke is the son of a devil and a human woman and can transform into the wind devil Viento.

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Like Yosuke, Momoko turns out to be the daughter of the angel Celeste. wedding peachits first ending theme actually hints at this development early on. The song is directly titled “Juliet of the 21st Century”, referring to Shakespeare’s famous star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Julie.

3/10 A young boy is tasked with killing the love in his heart

Andersen Monogatari

Andersen Monogatari Kai About Stabbing Gerda

Andersen Monogatari adapts the classic story of The Snow Queen in a two-part episode. In an added twist, when Gerda manages to find her way to the Snow Queen’s castle, the villain gives Kai a sword and orders him to cut out the girl’s frozen heart. According to the Snow Queen, this act will destroy the last piece of love in Kai’s heart.‚Äč

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To sweeten the deal, the Snow Queen also promises Kai her kingdom as a reward. Kai comes upon Garda’s unconscious body, but refuses to kill her. The Snow Queen turns Kai into ice as punishment. However, Gerda’s tears break the spell and the warmth of her love defeats the Snow Queen.

2/10 The thief a young detective is looking for is closer than he thinks

Kaitou Saint Tail

Kaitou Saint Tail and Asuka

Kaitou Saint Tail‘s Meimi can transform into the titular Saint Tail, a mage and art thief rolled into one. Like Robin Hood, Saint Tail steals to help people after learning about people’s problems from a local church. Unfortunately, the authorities don’t take too kindly to the not-quite-magical girl vigilante.

In particular, Meimi’s schoolmate, Daiki Asuka Jr., the son of a detective, wants to expose her. Meimi has feelings for Asuka Jr. and he soon reciprocates. The two even start dating without Asuka Jr. realizes that Meimi is the thief he is looking for.

1/10 Tragic lovers turn out to be something of a generational thing

The Sea Prince & the Fire Child

the sea prince and the fire child who embrace

The Sea Prince and the Fire Child starts with the god of water, Glaucus, and the goddess of fire, Themis, who live united, until they are separated by the envious lord of the winds. This starts the war between water and fire, as well as Glaucus and Themis.

In time, however, Glaucus’ son Prince Sirius and Themis’ daughter Princess Malta meet and soon fall in love. Unfortunately, sunlight is deadly for Sirius and Malta has the same problem with water. In addition, both Sirius and Malta are weighed down by their responsibilities to their clans. The two end up being sacrificed for love, but are sent to a new world where they can recreate their love.

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