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10 times love saved the day in Shojo Anime

10 times love saved the day in Shojo Anime

Shojo anime is known for being emotional roller coasters that focus more on character development than history. The conflicts the characters encounter and how they resolve their differences are much more important than where an anime takes place or what is happening around them.

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With such a heavy focus on relationships, love is often the solution to a character’s problems. Whether the love in question is romantic love or family love, it is these feelings that encourage characters to protect and save those they care about most.

10 Tohru kindly rescued the accursed Sohmas (fruit basket)

Tohru Honda is a kind and helpful person who tends to go out of her way to help the people around her. From the moment she meets Kyo and Yuki, her bubbly personality brings a lot of happiness into their lives.

It is because of Tohru’s love for her friends and the rest of the Sohma family that the members of the zodiac are rescued. This is especially true for Kyo, who gains self-confidence through his love for Tohru.

9 Haruhi helped her friends gain confidence (Ouran High School Host Club)

Haruhi Fujioka is a kind person who does everything she can to take care of the people she cares about. The people she first thought of as rich, stupid snobs slowly show her the painful truths of their lives, and it is because of her that the members of the host club learn to stand up for themselves.

This is especially true of Tamaki, who was forced into an arranged marriage despite his budding feelings for Haruhi. The only reason he does not go through the marriage is because Haruhi is chasing him.

8 Kakuro’s friends rescued him from himself (orange)

orange is not just a romance series, but a program about bonds between friends. They each receive a letter from their future self describing the events that led to their friend Kakerus’ suicide. After receiving their respective letters, each of them makes a plan to save Kakeru.

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Naho and Kakeru’s relationship is the focus of the show, and it is because of Naho that Kakeru finds a way to heal. Hiroto, Takako, Azusa and Saku also help by making sure Kakuro knows how important he is to them. Without his friends there to support him, it is likely that Kakeru would still have taken his life.

7 Yona Would Have Died Without A Hook (Yona Of The Dawn)

Yona of dawn is an underrated series that has received a lot of attention in recent years. Like many other popular shojos, it is an inverted harem with a strong female character as the main character. In this series, Yona is forced to leave her home when her father is killed during a riot, and it is thanks to the bodyguard Hak that she survives.

No matter how determined she is to help people, she probably would not have survived without Hak there to protect her. His love and devotion to his home and Yona are the reason she is able to fight to get home again.

6 Usagi believes in herself because of Mamoru and her friends (Sailor Moon)

Usagi and Mamoru may toot at the beginning of the series, but it is clear that they have a connection that extends over a lifetime. When Usagi is most insecure about herself, either Mamoru or Tuxedo Mask is always there to give her a word of encouragement.

While his love for her is most important, the love for Usagi’s friends drives her to go beyond her limits. Without everyone who has calmed down for her success, Usagi would not have been able to continue to fight with such courage and conviction.

5 Zen protected Shirayuki during her journey (Snow White with the red hair)

Shirayuki is just a regular until she meets Prince Zen while trying to escape her homeland. Thanks to some unwanted attention from a local prince, she was left with two choices: become the prince’s concubine or run away. Shirayuki chooses to run.

With Prince Zen’s help, she is able to establish herself as a pharmacist. Although she is far from home, she succeeds in her work. Without Prince Zen there protecting her, she would never have even gotten to his kingdom, so it’s good he fell for her so quickly.

4 Kotaru and Hayato are there for each other (school babysitters)

After losing his parents, Hayato is forced to take on the responsibility of taking care of his little brother Kotaru. Fortunately, they are admitted by the principal of the high school, with the only condition that he must join the babysitting club.

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There may not be romance in this series, but the bond between the brothers is just as important. Hayato does everything he can to make his brother happy, and it is their care for each other that makes it easier to deal with his parents’ death.

3 Catarina is loved by all (My next life as a villain)

Catarina finds herself trapped in her favorite romance game, and must befriend the game’s protagonist to avoid the worst ending. Thanks to her lively personality and kind demeanor, each character becomes incredibly attached to her, and some even fall in love with her.

Even when things go wrong, Catarina’s friends hold on to her because of the bonds they share. It is not her plans that stop her from having a bad ending, but the love her friends have for her.

2 Usui and Misaki become better people together (Maid Sama!)

Thanks to the school’s high number of male students, no other female student has been class president before Misaki. She works hard in her position, especially since she wants to do things better for her fellow students, but everything goes downhill when classmate Usui discovers that she works at a maid’s café.

Misaki and Usui may quarrel with each other, but the secret of the maid’s cafe helps them form an unbreakable bond. Misaki becomes a better person thanks to Usui, and she helps him do the same.

1 Sawako and Shota change each other (Kimi Ni Todoke)

Sawako is an anxious girl who struggles to make friends before meeting her mysterious classmate Shota, who happens to be the most popular boy at school. She admires Shota’s ability to be the center of attention and strives to be as friendly and sympathetic as he is.

Thanks to Sawako and Shota’s friendship and their growing romantic feelings for each other, Sawako is able to get out of her shell and make more friends. They both change each other and become much more authentic and confident people.

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