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10 Slice-Of-Life Anime that are so bad that they are good

10 Slice-Of-Life Anime that are so bad that they are good

When it comes to anime fans, slice-of-life anime can be a difficult topic. With all the combat robots, magical girls and monsters waiting to be captured, stories of everyday life can be a little boring. Slice-of-life series do not have the fun escapist factor that anime is known for.

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That said, an anime with supernatural or unusual elements can technically still be considered a part of life’s history. In fact, one of the most confusing aspects of the genre is figuring out exactly what makes something a “slice-of-life” anime. But this does not mean that slice-of-anime does not have its fair share of fans. In fact, the everyday nature of some of these series can actually be part of the charm.

10 Hamtaro: The Early Episodes Were Slice-Of-Life With Hamsters

When it comes to life stories, Hamtaro adds a twist of seeing the world through the perspective of hamsters and sometimes the lives of their human owners. Of course, these are hamsters who talk to each other, have a secret club and go on all kinds of adventures – and that is before magical hamsters from a literal candy land appear in the Japan-exclusive later seasons.

Still, from the eye of a small mammal, even the simplest adventures can be eventful. Even in the West, where the show was seen as out of place compared to the more action-oriented award anime viewers were usually exposed to, there are many fans who like the series.

9 Kimagure Orange Road: Even Psychic Forces Take a Beaten Seat for Slice-Of-Life Adventures

IN Kimagure Orange Road, Kyosuke Kasuga seems like a regular high school student, but he and his family have psychic powers that they have to keep secret. After moving to a new city, he finds himself at the center of a love triangle between the mysterious Madoka, who endures an unearned reputation as a criminal, and the tomboyish Hikaru.

Although the series has supernatural elements, it largely takes the back seat to the romantic story and emotional dynamics. Over the years, the series has also been seen as a definite staple in the 1980s anime.

School days seems basically like a simple romantic comedy. Makoto Itou falls in love with a girl named Kotonoha Katsura, but is only able to love her from a distance due to paralyzing shyness. He gets help from his friend Sekai Saionji, but she is actually in love with him, which complicates matters. As the series continues, it delves into darker and at times violent themes.

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It helps School days was based on a visual novel that also aimed to undermine expectations. That said, some fans believe that the anime takes the story down a more irrational route than even the original game. Despite these annoying and depressing themes, there are still many viewers who can not help but see and enjoy.

7 Free !: This series helped to regain interest in sports anime

IN Free!, Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa and Rin were all part of a swimming team, but separated teams after primary school. After they reunite, Haruka becomes the best of Rin in a race, and he tries to reform the swimming team with his previous cohorts and a new recruit, Rei. Some ignore the series because much of the advertising can serve as fan service.

Even among people watching Free!, the series tends to take swimming too seriously or think the story is too anxious. Despite this, it is the audience who feel that the series helped to revitalize the interest in sports anime. There are also viewers who like the beautiful animation – especially the attention to water.

6 Handa-Kun: It combines Slice-Of-Life with a gag comedy

Handa-Kun is a spin-off of Barakamon series, focusing on the calligrapher Sei Handa as a high school student and his belief that everyone hates him. While the parent series is usually seen as a simple slice-of-life series, Handa-Kun is more of a comic variant of the genre.

Some audiences dislike the different tone of the series. Others think that Handa thinks that people hate him for being too malicious or think it is too much dependent on incorrect communication. But it’s not hard to find viewers who think the main character and the action are funny.

5 Azumanga Daioh: For some, it’s The Definitive School Comedy

Azumanga Daioh is a comedy that revolves around six girls in high school, their classmates and their teachers, and the ennui of worldly life. For many, it is the definitive slice-of-life high school series and was an inspiration for later series in the genre.

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This may have struck back at some viewers, like Azumanga Daioh can be seen as just one of many school-based comedies. Some also feel that the jokes have a bad tempo, especially compared to manga. But it’s hard to resist how influential the series is and still find it funny.

4 Atashin’chi: The series looks at the daily lives of a family of four

Atashin’chiimportance My home or My family, focuses on the four members of the Tachibana family: a named mother and father, their daughter Mikan and their son Yuzuhiko. Most episodes focus on a daily aspect of their lives, even something as simple as Yuzuhiko’s classmates who all crave a Hamburg steak can become a story.

Despite the simple plots and cartoon-like designs, Atashin’chithe stories provide an interesting insight into the everyday life of a typical Japanese family. Some aspects may be of particular interest to foreign fans, such as episodes focusing on Japanese holidays and customs.

3 Flying Witch: Even witches can get a Slice-Of-Life series

IN Flying witchMakoto Kowata leaves Yokohama to live with her family in Aomori, but she has a secret: she is studying to become a witch in the middle of the quiet life in Aomori. The series received low ratings when it was first broadcast in Japan, but soon developed critically acclaimed and noticeable fandom, making it the very symbol of a series that deserves a new look.

A specific appeal of Flying witch is that it bases much of its surroundings and backgrounds on real places, such as Hirosaki Castle and Park and the Taisho Roman Tearoom. This series is a relaxed experience that is just nice to watch, even if it is slow.

2 Daily Lives Of High School Boys: It’s A Funny Series About Nothing

Daily life for boys in high school is about Tadakuni, Hidenori Tabata and Yoshitake Tanaka, and their different routines. at a high school for boys. This is a series that is proud that viewers do not have to remember the characters’ names on specific details.

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Tadakuni emphasizes the irrelevance of the details, and goes from being promoted as the main character to slowly being written out of the series. In fact, that’s why his last name is never given. Although it has been defined as an anime about high school boys who do nothing, it is considered one of the funniest series in anime.

1 Sazae-San: Despite the lack of an international entourage, it is considered an iconic anime for a reason

Sazae-san is a popular pop culture in Japan, focusing on the Japanese housewife Sazae Fuguta, her family and daily life in the country. The series is a monolithic phenomenon, as the manga first debuted in the 1940s and the anime has been running since 1969. Although it is certainly popular in itself, the series has its critics. For every fan who thinks it’s a definite example of what anime should be, there are some who think the show is dated.

Similarly, the focus on Japanese life has long been seen as a reason why the series is unclear in other countries. Despite this, there is a reason why this series is one of the longest running screenplays ever. In fact, in Japan, the term “Sazae-san syndrome” was coined to describe the melancholy felt at the end of the weekend. It is a direct reference to the moment a Sazae-san episode ended Sunday night.

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