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10 Slice-Of-Life anime that are already modern classics

10 Slice-Of-Life anime that are already modern classics

The anime industry is heavily involved in all literary and cinematic genres, from thought-provoking science fiction to cruel horror to heartfelt romances and more. Anime also has the genre slice-of-life, which follows ordinary people and their adventures in everyday life.

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This genre is flexible and can be mixed with drama, romance, comedy and maybe a modest dab of sci-fi or fantasy to spice things up. Some slice-of-life anime series are forgettable and mediocre, while other newer titles are already modern classics loved by many fans.

10 Komi Can’t Communicate is a healthy high school Rom-Com

The popular high school anime Komi can not communicate is based on the author Tomohito Oda’s ongoing manga of the same name. It features the shy but serious dander heroine Shoko Komi, a girl determined to overcome her communication disorder and make 100 friends, no matter what.

Komi can not communicate has a compelling premise, but a twisted plot that can whimsically go in all directions to surprise and delight viewers – all the ingredients needed for a perfect slice-of-life series.

9 Horimiya is a grounded high school romance

Slice-of-life anime usually features related teen characters who are high school students, since most intended viewers fit that demographic. The trend continues Horimiyaa charming series with some of anime’s most grounded romances in recent years.

Some romances feel bigger than life, such as those featured in the shojo classic Fruit basketbut Horimiya takes another path. It’s a healthy and believable love story between the secretly nervous but kind Izumi Miyamura and his responsible girlfriend, Kyoko Hori. They have many adventures in school, friendship and romance together.

8 Grand Blue is a beer-wet college romp

Slice-of-life anime does not have shall take place in high school. Some of them actually follow young adults exploring life after high school, and it can be wonderfully refreshing for many anime fans. An example is the rowdy college anime Grand Bluewho plays Iori Kitahara, a freshman.

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Iori just joined the local diving club, but he wants to do more than see exotic fish and corals under the waves. He will also be carried away by the parties, slings and drama of university life, especially when he is surrounded by beautiful young women and wild boys who pour beer in liters at parties.

7 Wotakoi is a wonderful office romance

The Josei demographic also has a few hit titles that can contribute to the “slice-of-life” genre. One of the best is Wotakoi, based on the recently completed manga series of the same name by the author FUJITA. In this office, there is love in the air between four otaku, but they would rather keep these romances secret.

These four lovable nerds came together over their mutual love of manga, anime, games and cosplay, and they try their best to balance all this with a proper working life. It will not be easy, but it will always be worth it for cuddlers Hirotaka Nifuji and his lively new girlfriend, Narumi Momose.

6 After The Rain Is A Thoughtful Romance Drama

At first glance, it may seem very controversial for a 17-year-old waiter to get involved with his middle-aged boss, Mr. Kondo, but After the rain handles this with maturity and finesse. The two are actually more like dear friends, with Akira Tachibana’s infatuation with Mr. Kondo as one-sided. Mr. Kondo is flattered, but he also respects boundaries.

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This slice-of-life anime is also a nice drama, with two people who are secretly wounded inside and have an urgent need to heal their emotional hearts. Akira and Mr. Kondo inspire each other to revive their seemingly lost passions and pursue them again, which eventually separates the rain clouds in their lives.

5 Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Only is just for fun

Monthly girl Nozaki-Kun became a fan-favorite slice-of-life series that features some really crazy, witty humor and some cool characters with gimmicks that make them lovable, and not just clichés or standard characters. The heroine is Chiyo Sakura, who recently became Nozaki’s most faithful shojo-manga assistant.

Chiyo did not manage to win Nozaki’s heart, but they can still be friends, and they have all kinds of colorful adventures together at school. Best of all, their clumsy daily adventures can also serve as inspiration for Nozaki’s manga, titled Let’s fall in love. However, his editor is not always enthusiastic about the manuscripts.

4 The housekeeper’s way is good Yakuza fun

The animation style of Husband at home anime raised some eyebrows, but the story and characters are absolutely fine, and the source manga is also widely available. This is the cozy story of a thug from Yakuza who became a gentle housekeeper, and he does all errands and chores cool.

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The dreaded Tatsu is now a homemaker who is proud of his ability to cook, clean or organize anything, and his favorite thing to do is pamper his hard-working businesswoman, Miku. Their daily adventures together are charming, creative and always have a dash of gangster flair.

3 My Dress-Up Darling explores the wonderful world of cosplay

The mega-hot rom-com series My boyfriend is really a seine series, but that did not stop it from becoming a modern classic. This healthy slice-of-life series plays the shy Wakana Gojo, a puppet maker, and his new genki girlfriend Marin Kitagawa, a cosplay enthusiast.

Gojo and Marin are ready to make some fantastic cosplay together, and they have a lot to teach each other and the audience as well. And of course, these characters enjoy ordinary modern life together at cosplay conventions, at the mall, at each other’s homes and at school as well.

2 Blue Period is about art and passion

Drama series Blue period is like a more serious version of My boyfriend, which is an art-based seine story with a certain less educational value. The hero is Yatora, a middle school student who has just awakened his true passion for painting and sketching. And he is ready to make up for lost time.

Yatora boldly aims for the top: the University of Tokyo’s art department. He now spends his everyday life studying and practicing his craft, and now that’s all he can think about in everyday life. And he will also meet some new friends who will inspire him both about art and life.

1 Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Is A Romantic Battle Of Wits

The hit-rom-com title Kaguya-Sama: Love is war is best known as a romantic battle of wits story, but it also qualifies as slice-of-life in many ways. The relatively everyday school setting is a good start, and many episodes inside Kaguya-Sama involve everyday adventures like sleepovers, gossip, watching fireworks and studying for rehearsals.

All this creates a crazy and funny anime, but of course the controversy over the mind is at the center. Miyuki Shirogane and the wealthy Kaguya Shinomiya are in love, and they are also determined to trick the other into confessing their love first.

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