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10 scariest anime characters that will give you nightmares

10 scariest anime characters that will give you nightmares

Audiences unfamiliar with anime can combine it with other animations that are usually aimed at children. This is possibly due to the public perception that anime is constantly full of adorable characters and flashy live animations.

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Anime confuses both younger and mature audiences, and contains a handful of characters who show questionable twists and turns that can even scare horror movie enthusiasts. In the face of sympathetic heroes with a relentless moral compass, these eerie characters make us squirm in the seats with their disturbing presence while gasping for their unique personality.


Mad Pierrot (‘Cowboy Bebop’)

The bookman who shows up with a smile and leaves with a smile, with not a single one of his goals and witnesses lives on to partake of his evil. That is, up to the audience’s beloved romcowboy – Spike Spiegel.

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Wearing a top hat with an umbrella as his favorite weapon, Mad Pierrot’s character design is reminiscent Penguin from Batman franchise. Despite his vicious killings and threatening presence, the audience could not help but sympathize with the villain as he was a product of an inhuman laboratory experiment, which resulted in his superhuman abilities and deteriorating mental state.

Bengé (‘Vampire Hunter D’)

One of the three mighty bodyguards known as Barbarois. Bengé not only stands out for his depraved sense of humor when he was first introduced in this underrated anime film, but his devilish appearance as a strangely elongated man with pink pearl eyes is the anime’s response to a wandering Kafkaesque nightmare.

Bengé is apt to create illusions that lead his opponents to death, along with his agility in homogenizing his presence in the shadows of other characters. He can even eliminate them by simply attacking their shadows, which initially place the mercenaries, the Marcus brothers, in a fixation.

Caster (‘Fate / Zero’)

The Fate The series is a long-running fantasy-action anime series based on a visual PC novel, in which seven masters of different faiths and seven powerful servants they summon will take part in a Battle Royale known as the Holy Grail War.

In this prequel to Fate / overnight, one of the servants who stands out most for his gruesome mien belongs to none other than Caster. By helping his equally vile and murderous master, Caster often lets his near-death victims catch a glimpse of hope before crushing some of them to extremely gruesome deaths. His infatuation with Saber, whom he perceived as Jeanne d’Arc, his comrade in a previous life, also appears scary.

Iwamoto Kogan (‘Shigurui’)

Consumes fish raw, brutally murders her mistress’ husband before she owns her life, forces the daughter to have intercourse with her new husband in front of the entire Kogan clan … these are just a few on a long list of repulsive acts Iwamoto Kogan has done. done in this samurai action anime.

As grandmaster of the renowned Kogan-Ryuu School, Iwamoto has dementia due to his old age, but occasionally drops out in the fall and winter. As gut-wrenching as his personality is, one could never doubt his status as a formidable swordsman with unsurpassed skills.

Yuno Gasai (‘Future Diary’)

Yuno Gasai is OG yandere, a Japanese archetype that describes a character’s admiration so strongly that it borders on obsession and sometimes leads to fatal consequences. Her first name Yuno literally spells “always after you.”

The female anti-hero of Future diary, Yuno’s love for the leading male character, Yukiteru Amano, is so burning that she will do anything to keep them both alive. She may be shy and feminine around Yukiteru, but cold and calculating when she meets her enemies, especially her ability to find other diary users’ weaknesses quickly.

Men (‘Cat soup’)

In this 30-minute anime film filled with surrealism and black comedy, Cat soup sees a kitten travel to the land of the dead to save his younger sister, who had lost half of her soul. Strange phenomena and freakish images happen throughout the film, and the strangest of them all is the man without a name, but a penchant for sadomasochistic behavior.

The meeting between the kittens and the man takes place as the story of Hans and Gretebut anyone who has been a spectator of this anime will never forget the range of obscure carnage that appears in just 2 minutes of the entire film.

Under the soft and gentle facade lies a man with little empathy for others, especially the family. Shou Tucker is the surprising antagonist of the supernatural action-anime series as he, unlike other great villains, does not possess any alchemical abilities.

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Frustrated by his outdated results in offering groundbreaking research, Shou sacrificed both his wife and daughter, merging them with animals to create talking chimeras in the series. He becomes so misguided that he mocks the main character Edward Elric, and praises his deeds as a step forward in science.

Yoshikage Kira (‘Jojo: Diamond is Unbreakable’)

One of the prominent villains in Jojo franchisees, spectators, are indisputably fooled by Yoshikage Kira’s gentle looks and gentlemanly demeanor.

As soon as Yoshikage is introduced, his paraphilic predilection is conspicuous, competing with his murderous tendencies, where women with beautiful hands are often his preference for victims. Aside from his eerie bias, Yoshikage is entertaining to watch and an intimidating Stand User. His stand, Killer Queen, is well equipped with the ability to wipe out opponents with clearly targeted explosions.

Lil Slugger (‘Paranoia Agent’)

Studio Madhouse has blessed anime fans with countless iconic characters, from Obituary‘s Light Yagami to Hellsing Ultimatewithout Alucard. And who can forget the grinning, baseball cap-wearing youth assailant on skates from the psychological crime drama Paranoia agent.

Called “Lil Slugger”, the confusing character is the cause of a series of hit-and-run events leading to a mass hysteria sweeping across the nation. He is especially aimed at those with social dilemmas and sinful secrets, which are slowly revealed over the series in an iconic Satoshi KonMeeting.

Alien (‘Serial Experiments Lain’)

Undoubtedly one of the best cyberpunk anime series, the groundbreaking anime series offers an insight into the world of the Internet with enchanting images and a labyrinthine tale when it was first released in the 90’s. It has also provided some advanced commentary on the interactive network with a nod to conspiracy theories and destructive real-life communication.

Series experiments are located contributes to many sensational scenes that haunt viewers to this day, well aided by its impeccable sound design and aesthetic vision. Especially in episode 9, when the main character Lain sees a strange figure standing by her doorway. With a large head and thin limbs, the alien shows a cold smile before disappearing into thin air.

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