10 Popular Modern Shonen Anime That Fans Will Forget

10 Popular Modern Shonen Anime That Fans Will Forget

The passage of time can be a cruel thing for many anime titles. Different trends, increased competition and hype culture can reduce a show’s popularity. The ebb and flow of popular anime happens all the time, and seasonal works fall out of favor when the new darling emerges. This doesn’t mean the shows are bad, but they don’t have the staying power of classics.

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This is most obvious with shonen anime. As the most popular and prolific demographic in the medium, shonen anime cycle out constantly. Last year’s most talked about shonen title may become irrelevant in four years. Lasting impact is evident with this demographic. Not every show can be Bleach, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academiaor One Piece. It’s anime that has its time in the spotlight and then slowly bows as the curtains are drawn.

10/10 The time I was reincarnated as a slime will lose its luster

Rimuru Tempest became enraged and emitted magical aura in That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime.

In the late 2010s, the isekai genre caught on with the anime demographic. Showing as Re: Zero and No game, no life gave a lot of momentum to the genre, and set up many modern staples. However, the next wave of isekai anime needed to keep the formula fresh or it would stagnate.

It is there That time I was reincarnated as a slime comes in. The anime has a lighter tone than works as Sword art online, but also includes more RPG elements in the story. This approach makes it a memorable show, but isekai anime has a quick shelf life. A new show is sure to eclipse it in a few years.

9/10 Horimiya’s main couple will not age well

Hori and Miyamura from Horimiya

Horimiya is unequivocally one of the most successful modern romance anime has had. It’s just behind Fruit basket remake when it comes to popularity. However, its benefits are uneven and it will eventually succumb to its own shortcomings.

Miyamura’s growth as a character is lovely to watch, but Hori’s personality only gets more toxic as the show goes on. It gets to the point where viewers may doubt how healthy the relationship actually is. It also doesn’t help that the supporting cast isn’t as interesting, even when screen time is allotted to them.

8/10 Dr. Stone exudes his energy

Senkuu from Dr. Stone

The newest generation of Weekly Shonen Jump anime has established itself as the new normal. Dr. Stone is one of those shows, infusing the shonen spirit into the sciences. The character designs by manga artist Boichi give the show a bold and distinct look, setting it apart from other shonen anime.

However, the fanfare for the series is bound to die down. Although popular, it hasn’t captured the zeitgeist as much as other Weekly Shonen Jump anime like My Hero Academia or Demon Slaughter. If these titles are comparable to what Naruto and Bleach was a decade ago, then Dr. Stone is closer to being Toriko of his generation.

7/10 Fire Force cannot escape the fate of its predecessors

Shinra from Fire Force

Fire strength doesn’t try to be anything more than what it is: a simple and fun show. The fight scenes are flashy, the character designs are cute, and the humor has its moments. Its popularity is not unjustified, but it is difficult to believe that it is sustainable. For all their charm, the characters in the show are not household names.

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The more damning problem is that Fire strength is less remarkable than its predecessor in every way. If an anime like Soul Eaterwhich has better art direction, stronger character writing, punchier design and a more novel premise ultimately fell out of favor, then Fire Force won’t fare any better.

6/10 A quiet voice is already beginning to subside

Shoya from A Silent Voice

Longevity for an anime film is hard to achieve. It’s even harder for films not produced by Studio Ghibli to stand the test of time. The rare exceptions are films with a colossal impact on the medium Your name. While A quiet voice has a compelling story full of regret and growth, the impression on the anime is not strong enough to stick.

Even anime films that were once heralded as genre-defining The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya eventually disappeared. The film had to break out of the mainstream anime circles to guarantee its continued popularity. While A quiet voicethe light still shines brightly, it gets weaker every year.

5/10 To Your Eternity’s sentimentality has limitations

A boy and his dog in To Your Eternity

To your eternity is a show that lives and dies by the strength of tragedies. The opening episode establishes the beats of the story with death as the central theme. Every story involves dying to some degree, which can be very affecting, but also very predictable. Viewers learn to expect character deaths as part of the plot, while the anime expects it to still provide emotional impact.

This dynamic weakens the impression a show can have. The first refreshing atmosphere of To your eternity is the reason why the boom happened, so stagnation of this element will damage the reputation in the long run. The show has moments of strong emotional drama, but it may not be enough to entice viewers in a few years.

4/10 Tokyo Revenger’s ending will catch up with that

Manjirou from Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revenger is why delinquent anime is back. The show and its manga are some of the most popular works in recent years. It combines time travel stories with high school gang fights. It has a wide range of colorful characters with different approaches to being in a gang. Unlike older crime anime, its appeal can reach anime fans from different demographics.

However, the manga has a notoriously bad final stretch of chapters. This will create a ripple effect that will damage the reputation of anime. When the anime adapts the ending, audiences will remember it more for that than the journey.

3/10 Your lie in April will follow the downward trend in sentimental shows

Arima and Kaori from Your Lie in April

Your lie in April is the last show to really capitalize on tragic romances. It establishes the main couple before making one of their deaths inevitable. The stress it evokes in the audience is partly responsible for its lasting memory. Some might find its emotional beats manipulative, especially with how strong the author’s presence is, but it’s effective.

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This is the same road that shows the same Clannad: Aftermathand Angel Beatstook. It leads to a lot of buzz when the show comes out, but it’s a replicable story that will be overshadowed the moment another anime does the same.

2/10 Rent-A-Girlfriend fumbles like a harem anime

rent-a-boyfriend episode 3 season 2 mizuhara flashback with grandma replacing flowers

There was a point then Rent-A-Girlfriend was the most promising harem anime since Bakemonogatari. Kazuya was a pathetic protagonist, but his flaws were nuanced enough to be strangely compelling. All potential love interests had distinct personalities and appeals.

It had a bow that was surprisingly personal and intimate. All the good will the show gained was wasted by the manga’s later arcs. Once they enter the pool area, they never leave and it becomes painful for the fans. Once the anime has adapted this part of the story, the reputation will never recover.

1/10 Komi Can’t Communicate is a frustratingly average romantic comedy

The cast of Komi Can't Communicate-1

There is a long chain of romantic comedy anime that have been boosted to prominence due to the appeal of the female lead. Komi cannot communicate is one of the most obvious modern examples of this trend. Tadano is hardly a character. He’s the generic male romcom lead whose most defining feature is being as average as they come. The whole show is supported by Komi’s presence.

Although the anime is quite popular, all it takes to replace it is another shonen romcom with a cute female lead. Anime like this thrives on the hype that comes with a romcom’s novelty. When the show stops feeling fresh, it will die down.

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